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NEW: Though Vivian thinks Carly's daughter is Mia,
  Carly believes her bio-daughter is Melanie!
  Vic is not so sure Viv is right so she gets ready
  with a tracking device.
  Bo is shocked to hear Mel and Phil are engaged.
  Their marriage would see her living under the same
  roof as Vivian! Carly pays Mel a visit to suggest she
  not rush into the marriage. Mel is annoyed.
  Bo serves Viv with a restraining order to stay away
  from Carly. Victor realizes Carly and Bo are having
  an affair and rages at Viv to destroy her!

- Doug and Julie offer Maggie their support.
- Mel puts her foot in her mouth, unaware Mickey has died.
- Phillip is suspicious of Vivian and tells her so! She insists
  she wants him to be happy and gives him an old piece of
  her jewelry for Mel to wear at their wedding ...
- Viv then informs Victor that as per the recently restored lab
  report, Carly had a DAUGHTER!
- Maggie suggests Mel go ahead and get hitched in Vegas.
- Arianna gives Mel her blessing and something blue.
- Nathan can't help himself! He steals a kiss from Mel.
  He then pulls away. Mel plays it cool.
- Steph is worried about Mel not marrying Phil right away!
- Brady convinces Ari that he loves her and they agree to
  try again, focusing on their relationship more than uncovering
  the drug boss' identity.
- Sami and Rafe keep secrets.
- Doubledate alert! Dan the man and Chloe, with Brady and Ari.
- Mia and Maggie grow closer.
- Sami defends EJ to Rafe. She believes she can trust Elvis.
- Suspicious Rafe snoops around the DiMera mansion!
- Anna starts to get cold feet and is anxious to get the
  whole sordid business of getting the ransom over with ...
- Elvis warns her to simply follow his orders and it will
  be over soon, he will have his daughta with him ...
- Stefano discovers EJ has been re-routing some of the
  DiMera fortune and he is mad! He confronts him.
- EJ informs Sami he has received another ransom message.
  Sami believes him and says nothing to Rafe.
- Meanwhile, EJ manages to amass the ransom money,
  but Rafe spies him and Sami when they try to deliver
  it, as instructed. What a mess ...!
- Brady saves Arianna again, and this time it's dramatic!
  He stops the masked gunman at the pub!
- Will wonders if he acted in haste with Mia. Rafe thinks so.
  Will reconciles with her.
- Meanwhile, Gaby has a change of heart about Chad.
  Mia, however, is still jealous ..
- Victor finds out that Bo and Carly had a fling. What
  will he do with the info ...? Truth is, Bo was just living
  for the moment at the time, though he is now torn
  between two lovers.
- Papa Doug advises Hope to give her marriage to
  Bo another chance. She thinks she is ready to come home -
  until she realizes he slept with Carly!
- Bo tries to reach Carly, to warn her that Hope knows
  about their affair. Too late!
- Hope and Carly have a showdown and Hope calls Carly
  a HO! Enter Bo. Who will he side with ...?
- Nathan pursues Steph while dreaming of Mel,
  but he insists to Steph he is over Mel!
  Meanwhile, Phil and Mel set a wedding date, after
  Mel decides the time is not right for an elopement.
- Mickey's funeral is held.
- Lucas tells Maggie he is sorry and he is there for her.
- Doug helps take care of Mick's work related matters.
- Melissa Horton (Nathan's mom) is in town for the funeral.
- Carly is very worried about her daughter, as Mickey and
  Maggie mean a lot to her.
- Bo and Carly discuss Mel - and she overhears!
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