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- Anna convinces EJ to let her remain as Sydney's nanny.
  He admits he just wants to have his kids to himself and
  make Samantha miserable.
- Sami and Rafe make love!
- Brady presents Ari with something special that was from
  Isabella - a necklace -  but don't count Nicole out of his life
  next month!
- Dan tries to arrange for Chloe to see Ally as she misses her.
  Lucas says no way and suggests Dan give her their own kid!
- Chloe informs Dan she is pregnant.Happy times,
  but alas not for long.
- Steph interupts an almost Mel and Nathan moment!
- Kate warns both Victor and Carly that Vivian acted
  strangely about Melanie's gift. Only Officer Hope, back
  with the Salem P.D., seems to listen!
- Hope learns that Melanie is Carly's daughter and thus realizes
  the danger Vivian still poses. In fact, both Hope and Carly are
  soon in trouble. Where is Bo? On a stakeout, not to be
  reached! Here's what goes down ...
  Carly realizes Vivian knows about her daughter but cannot
  reach Melanie in time to warn her cos Mel's phone is broken!
  Gus kidnaps Carly from the hospital after she falls and hits
  her head on the Kiriakis doorstep!
- Hope tries to reach Bo. No luck. She runs into Victor at the
  pub and he assures her Vivian is no threat. When she sees
  a receipt the Greek tycoon drops, she realizes he exchanged
  Vivian's gift to Melanie!
- Viv taunts Carly that she will show her Mel's demise
  via the internet! Carly is held hostage by Gus in a basement.
  Here comes Hope. Carly manages to escape ...!
- Vivian pushes Mel to go on with the wedding and wants to
  get her intoxicated so she has to stay at the mansion the night
- Melanie opens the tampered tiara gift, but Victor has
  also tampered with it so the poisonous tip is no
  longer there! The tiara has been neutralized! Nevertheless, when
  Mel has it on, she appears to collapse, but she is just feeling
  dizzy, that's all. Her bridesmaids, Ari and Steph, had  been
  generous with the champagne ...
- Lucas tells Phillip that he suspects Mel cares for Nathan, but it
  matters not, for the wedding goes on!
- Maggie gets cold feet about going to the wedding.
  Nathan decides to crash it but then doesn't.
- Kate and Stefano make plans together. She agrees to let him
  TAKE CARE OF VIVIAN! They attend the wedding together.
- Torn, Mel pours out her heart to Nathan in a letter and wants
  to know how he feels about her. She asks Stephanie to deliver
  it to him. Steph reads it and decides some things are better
  left unsaid! She also lets Mel know that Nath does not
  want to think about her (which is kinda true). Mel accepts
  his decision. And so the wedding proceeds ...
- Viv learns her plan was ruined by Victor. Foiled again!
- Mayor Abe is there to pronounce the bride and groom
  man and wife ...
- Phillip sticks up for Chloe against papa Victor!
- EJ finds out Sami and Rafe are back together, despite
  his earlier belief that Samantha had put him in the past.
  Now he is REALLY mad!
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