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- Hope investigates Vivian. Victor is not exactly
  forthright, though the Greek tycoon does admit
  he is more anti-Carly than anti-Viv! Meanwhile,
  he tries to rein in Vivian. He has already warned
  her that he has the evidence against her locked away!
- Phillip realizes Vivian plotted to kill his bride and
  he totally denounces her! She is devastated to have
  lost him.
- Melanie is very afraid whrn she comes to.
- Carly deals with the reality of what would be best for
  her daughter. She then lays her cards on the table and
  identifies herself as Melanie's bio-mom to her.
- Melanie is upset at Carly, but how clear-headed is
  she after surgery ...? Phil visits Melanie and she repeats
  Carly's claim that she is her bio-mother. They discuss.
- Mel wants to know who her real father is once Carly
  tells her the tragic tale of her evil stepfather. Carly does
  not want to say. Wrong answer!
- Vivian finds out that Melanie has woken up! Lawrence's
  apparition presses her to finish the job and avenge his
  murder with another!
- Chloe criticizes Dan for letting Carly see Melanie. He is
  concerned about his beloved Chloe and tries to reassure her.
- Chloe cries on Phillip's shoulder. She does not
  want a therapist but Dan insists! Dan tells her
  he can go to the therapist with her ...
- Elvis tells Sami he thinks Sydney is only a case to Rafe.
  He then goes to the cabin, pleased that the passports have
  arrived. Anna, however, feels he is doing the wrong thing.
- Sami finds Rafe in tears over Sydney. She is moved.
- Brotherly intuition? Will cannot believe that Sydney
  is gone.
- Mia refuses to give up on the idea of reconciling with
  ex-flame Chad. Poor Will. And poor Gaby, cos she will
  not let up with the catty comments!
- Victor and Stefano talk family.
- EJ informs Stefano he is going away.
- Rafe is getting dangerously close. Matter of fact, he
  has a sneaking suspicion Sydney is not repeat not dead!
  Will Stefano warn his son or will he take it upon himself
  to step in?
- EJ realizes Sami and Rafe are still involved when he
  finds them in a compromising position.
- EJ alters his plan. He gets inspired by Anna when she
  mentions the word HERO.
- Carly requests a favor of Bo.
- EJ pretends he got another ransom note and this one
  is a real doozy! This one says that Sydney is alive, the
  kidnapper wants to make a deal. Sami had better  not
  tell Rafe anything ... EJ wants her to keep the secret!
- Viv attempts to kill Mel - again - this time by suffocating her
  but again it doesn't work!
- Bo thinks they will soon have all the evidence they need
  to convict her, now that the cops have Gus! He discusses
  the case with Hope.
- It is official. Bo loves two women and he admits it!
- Carly confesses to Daniel that Melanie is his bio-daughter
  and he is upset he was never told, yet at the same time
  overcome with both joy and concern about having a
  child. He keeps the secret for now, but the big question is
  will Chloe tell Phillip ...!
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