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- Mia gets a Valentine present from Will. A pretty necklace.
- Kate gets Stefano to drop the plan to "take care" of Vivian.
  She does not want Phillip to trace anything negative to her.
- Things get wild at the Kiriakis reception when Carly shows up
  packing heat! She finds Vivian ready to kill Mel by pushing
  her off the rooftop so she fires  the gun - but Mel gets in the way
  in the last minute and is shot instead. Carly cries out that she is
  her mother, in the presence of Lexie, Phillip, Maggie, and Brady!
- Victor confronts Viv about her poisonous plot. If Melanie dies,
  she is in big trouble, he warns!
- Kate and Lucas cannot help but notice how nervous Vivian is.
  Kate vows if she hurts Phillip, she will pay!
- Bo rushes unconscious Hope to hospital. He gets her to wake
  up but she was too weak to explain what Vivian was up to.
- Hope makes a groggy mistake. She thinks Justin is Bo and
  tells him she loves him.
- Mel is taken to the hospital. Dan operates and gets rid of
  the bullet. She flatlines, then stabilizes, still asleep. Phillip
  stays at her side, as does Maggie. Brady visits her as well.
- Carly and Vivian are arrested but Viv is released as there
  is not presently any evidence against her. Bo gets in touch
  with someone in Switzerland.
- Hope is convinced Bo really does love Carly. He gets her
  out on bail but advises Carly she must stay away from
  her daughter ...
- Carly visits her in her room, after begging Dr. Dan to let
  her in. Mel starts to wake up ...
- Anna is creeped out by EJ's rage. She fears he wants to
  kill Sami. He says he wants only to punish her.
- Anna has a meeting with Rafe, who knows she knows more
  than she is letting on! He prods her for answers. EJ has
  warned her to stick to the script ...
- Vivian plays innocent to Phillip. Will he believe her?
  Not if Bo, Hope, or Kate can get through to him!
  Kate also has a sneaking suspicion that Victor played
  a role in the drama. He denies it.
- Justin tells Phillip that Carly told the truth. Vivian wanted
  to kill Melanie and Victor knew about it, which was why
  he switched the toxic comb.
- By week's end, Phillip demands Vivian come clean!
- EJ and Sami have a heart-to-heart about Sydney.
- EJ tells little Johnny a big secret! In the next few weeks, he
  might be hearing some terrible things about his sister, yet
  those things will not be true!
- The next phase of a dastardly plan proceeds! EJ drops Syd's
  clothes in the river so she is presumed dead. The clothes are
  found. And so Rafe must tell Sami of the shocking discovery
  that will soon drive a distance between them. Sami tells Rafe
  off for not listening to her that the kidnapping woman would
  get rid of Sydney unless they paid her! She calls Lucas to
  console her. FBI Rafe wants the whole river searched.
- Elvis informs Anna he will be vanishing with Johnny
  and Sydney.
- Steph assures Nathan he could be the one for her but only
  if he feels the same way. He insists he does.
- Stephanie and Nathan consummate their relationship on
  their romantic holiday. Nevertheless, he dreams she is Mel!
- Stephanie gets rid of the evidence so Nathan will never read
  the letter! She tears it up after telling Nath it was something
  given her by Mel, whom he does not want to discuss. No
  one will know what was in it now, so she thinks ...
- Nath does not check his messages and is unaware that Mel
  was shot.
- Chloe has a tragic loss. As DaysCafe already reported
  a month ago, her pregnancy is not destined to be. When
  she has her doctor's appointment, there is no baby ...
  A very concerned Dan arranges for her to see a therapist,
  but she cancels the appointment. Arianna overhears.
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