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- Nicole is finally found at the hospital, with no Sydney in
  sight! She claims to know not where the baby is when Elvis
  confronts her. He does not believe her. EJ gets kicked out of
  Nicole's room! Sami disagrees with his wise guy approach.
- Arianna makes a plea to Brady on the phone, about their
  relationship, which he doesn't even hear!
- Mel pushes Ari to reclaim her man Brady!
- Rafe has an intense exchange with Stefano. EJ also sees
  Stefano at the hospital and suspects he took Sydney. The
  phoenix denies the accusation and repeats his offer of help ...
- Stefano calls home and tells Kate they will pay for wanting
  to keep him away from his granddaughter!
- Arianna joins Brady in Cleveland.
- Both Rafe and EJ promise to get Sydney back.
- Sami is increasingly desperate the more time goes by.
- Nicole finds the strength to bolt from the hospital to find Syd,
  and gets caught trying to leave town, by none other than Rafe.
  Brady defends her to Rafe. Of course, she ends up in jail.
- Roman compliments Rafe on his FBI brainpower.
- EJ implores Fay to do the right thing and lead him to
  his daughta. She is informed of Nicole's crimes by the cops.
- Carly realizes her situation is not as cut and
  dry as she had hoped, especially when Melanie
  asks her NOT to live at Maggie's! So she returns to Bo's
  place, which upsets Hope. Hope informs Justin that she
  intends to snoop around until she cracks the case of
  Carly's secret! Justin thinks he should warn them ...
- Hope sees Mia at Java Cafe and the teen admits she
  does not trust Carly!
- Justin wants an explanation from Bo after he interrupts
  the commiss and Carly!
- Carly admits how she really feels!
- Justin tells Carly he is convinced she wants Bo and she,
  in turn, has got something to say to Justin!
- On another front, Viv enlists Victor's help in her
  Carly vendetta and taunts Kate bigtime! Meow!
  Victor wants Carly out of Bo's house and life!
- Carly worries that her daughter could indeed be in danger
  from Viv. Bo tells Vivian to leave Carly alone!
- EJ has a dire warning for Stefano - he could be banned
  from his own mansion!
- Hope finds out from Victor that Vivian is moving into the
  mansion. And Phillip is very unpleasantly surprised by it!
- Dan and Chloe try to play matchmaker.
- Nathan gravitates toward Stephanie ,,,
- Someone uncovers an inconvenient truth about Dan!
- Mia wants to help find Syd. Will is touched. Lucas makes
  an effort with the teen and tells her how sorry he is.Miss Mia
  agrees to go to a dance with Will ...
- Sami and EJ are not interested in assistance from Stefano,
  and EJ comes up with his own scheme!
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