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- Family and friends react to Phillip and Melanie's
  sudden engagement! 
- Viv and Kate compete to plan the best wedding for Phillip!
- Kate warns Mel to be loyal to her son - or else!
- Hope wants Justin to draw up official separation papers
  so she can get out of her marriage. He refuses, then admits
  he has feelings for her! In addition, Justin is convinced Hope
  still wants Bo and all they need is time. She decides he is right
  and heads home to enlighten Bo, but things do not go as
  she had planned ...
- Phil informs Steph he is off the market. She offers her congrats,
  seeming to have moved on with Nath.
- Nathan tells Mel she may be taking things too fast with Phil.
  She denies it.
- Popular Gaby decides to stay in town. Chad is pleased!
- Mia makes friends with Gaby but she has ulterior motives!
  Maggie agrees to help both girls become candy stripers.
- Mia declares her mean mother is dead to her from now on!
- Nath decides he wants to talk to Mel, but Phil wants them
  to elope in Vegas. And so the fists fly!
- After they brawl over the fair Mel, Phil and
  Nath must cool down in the slammer!
- Vivian knows Carly has a secret child - and she wants
  to find that child first! She tells her new partner in crime,
  Victor ...  She is certain Lawrence was not the father! Here
  is what goes down. Gus gets the goods on Carly for Viv - that
  she gave birth to a child at a Swiss hospital, father unknown!
  Bo is informed that someone was snooping around Carly's
  records so she is terrified that Viv will find her child and
  practically collapses in Bo's arms.
- EJ warns Troy he would choose Ari over him any day!
  Troy has lost his phone. Ari gets her hands on it and updates
  boss Roman ...
- Chloe asks Brady about his dating a drug dealer! Brady insists
  Victor was not telling the truth about Ari!
- Sami finds the ransom note. EJ implores her not to tell Rafe!
- Troy dangerously plots.
- As DaysCafe broke last November 12 on the
spoilers page
  Hope sees Bo and Carly kissing.
- Confrontation between Viv and Carly!
- Hope overhears Vivian talking about destroying Carly with
  her secret.
- Carly confides in Dan about her husband from hell.
- Hope and Justin join forces to find out what Viv knows ...
  They break into Viv's room, in search of answers and come
  across an unusual Chinese box, but are then discovered (They
  create a distraction by kissing, and sure look convincing)
  Victor and Vivan get an eyeful!
- Chloe and Dan have a romantic New Year's eve.
- Rafe and Sami also have New Year's plans.
- EJ wants a secret meeting with Sami.

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