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A few Days Christmas Spoilers -click  here!

- EJ angrily interrupts Arianna and Brady, much to Brady's
  dismay. EJ accuses Ari of knowing more than she admits
  but then apologizes and comes up with an idea ...
- Lexie snubs Stefano for Christmas!
- The Carvers spend quality family time together.
- Nath and Steph share a kiss, and Mel sees!
- Melanie updates Phillip on their status. She says YES
   to his charming proposal of happily ever after while
   they spend Christmas at a quaintly decorated inn!
- Kate is suspected and wrongly accused when the boots
  lead to her and she proves she returned and never wore them.
- Stefano stands by his queen!
- After an odd phone call, Anna changes her angle.
- Stefano reaches out to Elvis.
- Alice (unseen on the phone) asks Hope to have the Horton
  Christmas at her and Bo's place.
- Both Will and Chad press Mia about the dance.
  She does go with Will. However ...
- The dance does not go as Will had hoped. Mia
  is upset by the sight of Chad dancing with the new
  gal in town! Mia gets jealous he is with Gaby and boy
  is Chad interested in that Hernandez girl!
- Julie wants Bo and Hope to get back together and
  she lets Hope know! Can she play matchmaker? She tries!
- Bo tells Doug and Julie he is not optimistic about his and
  Hope's prospects. He later goes for a walk.
- Brady visits Nicole and agrees to continue searching for Syd.
- EJ and Sami issue a joint public plea for the safe
  return of Sydney.
- Nicole gets a funny feeling about the aductress' voice ...
  Angered by the incompetence of the public defender, Brady
  helps her get a new lawyer and offers to cover costs.
- Nicole informs Brady she still loves EJ.
- Justin is depressed and lonely but puts on a brave face
  for the holidays.
- Roman calls Anna and invites her to the Horton Christmas
  but she claims she would rather be alone with the spirit
  of Tony ...
- Hope and Sami have a heart-to-heart and discuss Syd.
- Nicole tells Sami more about the mystery woman.
- Arianna is disheartened by Brady's loyalty toward Nicole.
- Victor lets it slip to Daniel that Arianna is a drug dealer ...
- Ari's cover is blown! EJ realizes she must be in cahoots
  with the cops!
- Carly admits to Bo she is falling in love with him again!
- Carly and Bo look very intimate. Enter Hope ...!
- On Christmas Eve, a vigil is held for Sydney, where Rafe
  gets a new hot lead!
- Family and friends decorate the Horton tree.
- Dan and Chloe's happiness continues, but Viv is none too
  pleased to see her!
- Nath and Steph attend the hospital Christmas gathering for kids.
- Christmas Day: Maggie pays tribute to Tom Horton.
- Phil daclares to the Kiriakis clan that he is marrying Mel!
- Nathan is stunned when Mel shows up for work with
  a ring on her finger!
- Sydney's abductress plays a game of cat and mouse!
  And she sends a note to EJ by week's end ...

Christmas spoilers - here!
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