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- Dan recommends old pal Carly to the hospital board.
- Bo warns Stefano not to leave town as he is the only
  suspect in the disappearance of Sydney.
- Bo tells Justin to butt out of his life!
- Hope tries to uncover what Vivian knows. She makes nice!
- Chloe visits Nicole in prison. She is still beside herself
  with worry about how and where Sydney is!
- Brady refuses to visit Nicole in the slammer.
- Brady and Ari kiss.
- Hope is close to uncovering a shocking secret!
- The link between Sami and EJ grows, as he conspires,
  she listens. She agrees to his plan of duping Stefano by
  wearing a wire. The phoenix overreacts and is arrested!
- Chad and Mia rely on one another for emotional support.
- Nicole remembers her bus station assailant was female.
  She tells Roman.
- The viewers will know who snatched Sydney. Anna DiMera!
- Rafe pays Nicole a visit, in an attempt to get more
  information from her. She does not remember everything.
  Will he get the hot lead he needs ...? The leopard boots
  of the mystery woman (Anna) are a start!
- While Stefano is in prison, the FBI search around his home,
  offices, etc., as per Roman. Stefano, still behind bars, asks
  Kate to tell EJ he will pay for his treachery!
- Carly is hired and starts work at the hospital.
- Phil is caught more and more between his two mothers!
  Viv and Kate bare their claws again! It depresses him and
  Victor worries what he might do next ...
- Vivian proceeds with her plan to drive Carly off the deep end!
- Carly will be in for a shock!
- Phil and Mel are to have an official date. They kiss
  and she agrees to officially NOT celebrate Christmas
  with him! (a different kind of celebrating)
- Meanwhile, Nath and Steph arrange to meet up
  at the Horton/Brady Christmas,
- Rafe decorates the townhouse and continues his romance
  with Sami! He also presents her with a family ring.
  Gaby, however, worries he might get burned ...
- Brady has a disagreement with Victor and points the
  finger at him for being the previous kingpin. He admits he was!
- Ari seems to fall out of favor with her drug boss
  Troy, who warns EJ she will be a problem!  Ari
  pushes to meet the big boss.Troy summons her to the
  pier, where EJ pretends to happen along and orders
  Troy to get lost, claiming he thought the fellow
  was intimidating Ari. Elvis then tries to get her to
  open up about what leads Rafe has ...
- Sami promises Will they will find Sydney.
- Brady wants Ari to steer clear of  dangerous EJ!
- Anna falls and hits her head!
- Kinsey tries to be nice to Mia.
- Chad and Gaby meet.
- Mia decides to try and live her life.
- EJ pays Nicole a visit in jail!
- Rafe keeps both Abe and Roman updated on his
  efforts with the FBI. And the key footprints match
  the boots Nicole described!
- Rafe pumps Stefano for information after giving
  him truth serum. He gets a nagging feeling - and so
  he should, cos, as already reported on the
  page, the phoenix is innocent. Now what ...?!
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