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August 3-7, 2009

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- Sami is shocked and upset when she receives news of
  Chloe's predicament. But she says Chloe brought this on herself!
  Rafe reminds Sami that Dr. Jonas tried to save Grace and seemed
  a caring doctor. Sami retorts that love can make people do crazy
- Dan is desperate for Lucas to keep Kate away from Chloe. He
  also implores Lucas to send Lexie to see him, so he can give her
  his theories on how to save Chloe. Lucas states he sees Dan
  and Chloe as the villains! He angrily informs Dan that he and
  Chloe found the scarf of another woman in his apartment and
  accuses him of being a sexual predator!
- Vic accuses Kate of trying to kill Chloe because Daniel wanted a
  younger woman, but then agrees to let her stay at the mansion
  when she plays the Philip card! However, he warns Kate that if
  something else comes up in the Chloe poisoning investigation, he
  will NOT defend her!
- Nicole tells Brady she would believe Kate tried to poison Chloe,
  and he starts to wonder, especially when Vic admits she has
  been making mistakes lately ...
- Officer Hope interrogates Kate.
- Stefano is proud of his plan to neutralize Rafe by having
  Meredith contact Sami to warn her that he is dangerous. Though
  unaware of the details, Nicole wants him to stop. The phoenix  
  angrily warns Nicole she must never look back now, for what she
  did was more treacherous than anything Samantha has done to EJ!
- Meredith reluctantly agrees to do Stefano's bidding.
- Stefano insists Meredith must warn someone about Rafe!
  Thus, before Meredith leaves town, she writes a letter to Sami ...
- As a result of the chaotic confusion that ensues, Rafe will
  decide to leave the woman he loves!
- Once again, EJ wants to know why Nicole is behaving so
  oddly ...
- Carlo is shot on the job! The Kiriakis clan must deal with
  Carlo's shooting death and the fallout, on personal as well as
  professional levels! Carlo is/was the Kiriakis henchman who dealt
  a lot with Philip. Phil is terribly troubled by Carlo's death and
  his own dangerous life. He was the one who made the 911 call
  from his cell, to try and save his man. Carlo has left behind one
  upset widow, by the way.
- Steph tries to make Phil feel better ...
  Not surprisingly, Phil will have to talk to the cops, cos Bo
  wants answers!
- Chad and Kinsey scheme to cause trouble for Will and Mia.
- Mia fesses up to Will that she has slept with Chad before.
- Dan has a bad feeling that Chloe will be lost to him forever!
- Crazy with jealousy? Turns out Kate still has the hots for Daniel.
  Even she seems surprised about it! Obsessed Kate tells sleeping
  Chloe that now neither of them will have Daniel!
- Melanie's interest in Nathan seems to wind down when she
  gives him the brush-off ...
- Nathan and Steph go out.
- Lucas wants to talk to mommy dearest Kate!
- And what in the world is Arianna doing with drugs?!
- Lucas re-evaluates his feelings for Chloe.
- EJ makes a unilateral decision when he gets Grace a new
  headstone - and this one bears the DiMera name! Nicole
  is gonna have to break the news to Sami ...
- Chloe gets worse ...
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