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August 24-28, 2009

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- Bo decides to offer the 5 million dollars as a REWARD for
  help in finding Ciara and those responsible for her abduction!
  He makes the announcement on a live broadcast. Hope fumes.
- Meanwhile, at the cabin, Ciara has HEARD some of Dean's
  movements and more!
- Stefano intends to meddle in the matter of a genetic test!
  He assures Nicole he can control the outcome of Sydney's
  hospital tests! Moments later, Baker calls Nicole from the
  tropics and threatens to tell Sami what really happened at the
  clinic unless she sends him more cash! He needs two hundred
  thousand! Nicole tells Stefano, who ominously promises to deal
  with him and keep their secret safe ...
- After the tests, Elvis is pleased that Nicole is in good health and
  becomes less nervous about Sydney winding up like Grace. EJ
  wants to take Nicole on a honeymoon to the Caribbean and she
  says no way! She suggests Paris. He agrees.
- Baker leaves a threatening message on Nicole's cell.
- Rafe starts to unravel what happened on the mysterious
  night that Grace was born. He theorizes Nicole may have shown
  up at the clinic when she learned Sami was giving birth, because
  she planned to do something about Grace, which she is still
  covering up! Maybe she knew EJ was the father of Sami's baby!
- Rafe warns Sami not to trust her new pal Nicole and she asks
  him to stay away from her! Lucas later also questions Sami
  blindly trusting her old nemesis.
- EJ wants to discuss Rafe with Sami. She cannot help but
  wonder if he somehow broke them up and he says he did not,
  though he still feels Rafe was a poor choice for her!
- Rafe presses Nicole for answers about just what Baker
  means to her after he drops by the mansion to see her. He is
  sure the doc is somewhere in the Caribbean! He manages to
  get her phone when she's not looking and finds he called
  her from the Dominican Republic ...!
- Chadman plays the hero to Miss Mia when he stops her
  from making a fatal mistake! He doesn't let her get in
  drunk Kinsey's car! Of course, Kinsey has a car crash and
  if Mia had been in the passenger's seat, she would not likely
  have survived ... Kinsey just gets mild whiplash.
- Little Theo's clue leads to the kidnappers and saves Ciara.
  Theo communicates to Roman that Ciara's kidnapper's
  TATTOO was an angel. When he gets word of the lead, Dean
  decides the plan is off, vows to make Hope sorry, and advises
  Brenda and Kyle to wait for him to return with their stuff. The
  cops discover the man with the tattoo is Kyle, a registered sex
  offender. They have his motel address, where they find a map
  of the nearby woods, with three points encircled  ...
- Brenda ie shot by Dean! He does the deed moments before
  Bo and Hope get there. Dean shoots himself, too, and kills
  Kyle, who dies just before he can say he was working
  for him!
- Ciara says something that surprises Hope.
- Bo and Roman sense they have not caught the mastermind.
- Baker phones Sami and she freaks out. She tells him Grace
  is dead and then wonders if he is hiding something.
- Sami wants to know why Rafe is snooping around!
- Phil and Steph decide to have a drink together for
  that heart-to-heart talk. They will give love another chance.
- Daniel plays Kate! Will she fall for it? She still has the
  hots for the doc!
-  Felisha Terrell (Arianna) will last be seen on August 25
  (after which the more seasoned Lindsay Hartley will continue
   the role, as previously reported). Lindsay will be in the
   role by week's end.
- Meanwhile, Brady gets suspicious when he finds Arianna
  with Troy! She thinks fast.
- Craig comes to see comatose daughter Chloe. Will Lucas tell
  him everything ...?
- Brady becomes an accomplice in Daniel's plan! They intend
  to secretly give Chloe the risky treatment.
- Nicole misses a significant phone call, but Rafe doesn't really!
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