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- Sami is moved by EJ's proposal, but tells him she
  cannot accept as long as she loves Rafe. EJ begs her
  to keep the ring, in case she changes her mind.
- One of Salem's conflicted women seeks
  spiritual guidance  ...
- Baker gets a goodbye call from Hope. He writes
  her one last letter, in which he admits he is in
  love with her. He now plans to leave Salem.
- The net is closing in on a felon ...
- Hope wildly threatens Bo with a knife and
  she would kill him if she could!
  Bo has videotaped her and shows her the "other
  side of Hope" when she wakes up. He knew
  right away he was dealing with an alter ego.
  He says he still loves her!
- Dick Baker is soon in in big trouble, too! He is
  arrested for illegal gambling! Will he be able to count
  on his so-called pal this time around ...?!  Nicole is
  there for the doc, ready to bail him out - literally!
  She visits the doc down at the station with the
  promise that she will send someone to pay his bail,
  which will come from her! However, she does not
  want a link between them on paper.
- Brady wants Nicole to be straight with him.
  Of course, she plays along. But the one thing she
  is sincere about is when she says she loves him ...
  They make love, though Brady has found out about
  the 5 million she suddenly has obtained and he knows
  she has been lying! He tells her they are through! In
  addition, he insists she tell the cops how she came
  by the cash grab, and takes her down to the station!
  He has proof, too, with that printout of the Grand
  Cayman bank wire transfer she left lying around.
- Fay ends up being a very helpful lead for Rafe
  as she opens up about her daughter. She tells him of
  Nicole's mysterious package, which she was asked
  to guard with her life! However, she detroyed the letter
  which came with it after reading the first few lines.
  All she has is the destroyed letter pieces and a cd.
  She gives it all to Rafe, who intends to have the
  lab try and put the pieces together! He assures Fay that
  this time he and Nicole are on the same side, as the
  enemy is the DiMeras! Fay suspects her daughter
  has been playing a dangerous game of blackmail.
- Julie holds Bo responsible for Hope's problems
  and she says so!
- Steph laments to Adrienne that Nath still has
  a picture of himself with Mel. In addition, she feels
  Phil is bizarre around her (Steph). Adrienne remarks he
  has been bizarre around her as well, since she ran into
  him at Dan's place, when he claimed he was picking
  something up for Chloe. Steph is suspicious about his real
  reason for being there ...
- Rafe is determined to interrogate Nicole!
- Mel is about to start calling Carly "Mom," unaware
  that she is keeping secrets from papa Dan. Carly secretly
  gets a sample of his DNA, for Chloe's paternity test.
  She sneakily obtains a swab of his cheek, pretending
  she just wants to do gene mapping for Melanie! Chloe
  and Carly then meet up at St. Mary's for the hush
  hush paterniy test. However, Carly soon runs into
  Mel! Moments later, Chloe hears Dan's voice through
  the curtain, as he wrongly assumes the person behind
  said curtain is his patient! Carly diverts his attention ...
- Carly realizes she has reached the point of no return
  with her deception. So, for that matter, does Chloe, who
  is in a hurry to get out of there before disaster strikes,
  which, of course, is exactly what happens!.
- Roman thinks Dick Baker looks mighty familiar ...
- Brady attacks Baker!
- Mel is offered a nursing position at St. Mary's.
- Before Chloe can make her great escape (after the
  paternity test), Daniel spots her at St. Mary's! Oh oh!
- Hope confesses, despite Baker's attempt to stop
  her! The evidence against Hope is too much. Bo wants
  to protect her, but she insists he play by the book so ...
  Bo has no choice but to place Hope under arrest,
  even though he knows her psychosis was caused
  by the sleeping pills!
- Doug, Julie, and Caroline worry about Ciara.
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