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August 10-14, 2009

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- Sami laments to Nicole that Rafe has left her! Nicole tells her
  to give him the benefit of the doubt over Meredith. Sami informs
  Nicole that, unlike her, she cannot turn a blind eye to everything.
- Abe and Lexie drop off a gift for Sydney.
- Rafe and EJ have a heated confrontation! Afterwards, however,
  Elvis realizes Rafe was strangely distracted.
- Rafe informs sister Ari that he intends to leave Salem!
  Ari voices her disagreement! She then pays Sami a visit and
  is visibly shaken by Meredith's letter. Sami senses she knows
  something, but what?
- Sami decides to give Rafe a chance to explain himself.
- Rafe visits Grace's grave to say goodbye. He laments he
  is unable to tell her mother all.
- Ari and Rafe discuss the possibility of telling Sami everything.
  Rafe reminds Ari that neither of them can tell Sami the truth
  about Emily. Ari blames herself for what happened!
- Stefano warns Nicole to stop feeling sorry for Samantha or she
  will be the one who loses it all! They argue.
- Victor promises to do what he can to prove Dan's innocence.
  However, he refuses to help Dan prove Kate's guilt and informs
  him he will simply help him clear himself. Dan realizes he will not
  officially go after Kate, as it would hurt Phil were he to help
  expose his mother as a would-be murderess.
- After Sami updates Lucas on Rafe's past and lets him read
  Meredith's letter, Lucas tells her it is possible that Rafe may have
  killed his fiancee. Sami points out Meredith could have an agenda.
  Lucas warns her not to be blinded by love like he was and also
  calls Chloe a lying b*tch!
- Rafe finally comes back. Sami implores him to tell her that
  Meredith's letter was false. Rafe exclaims he can never tell
  her the whole truth about Emily!
- Johnny has a persistent cough.
- Lexie talks to EJ about his feelings for Sami and he is open.
- Rafe officially moves out and Will tells EJ ...
- Mel gets miffed when she agrees to go out with Nathan, and
  Steph appears on their date! Is he a player ...? Stay tuned.
- The DA demands Bo and Hope be taken off the Jonas case
  and so they are! That doesn't stop Bo from ordering another
  check of the fingerprints on the vial from Dan's apartment!
- Daniel is determined to visit Chloe now that Vic has gotten
  him out of jail. He makes for the hospital. The doc tells Lexie
  his new idea on how Chloe can be saved - with the same poison!
- The ambitious new D.A. wil have made clear his aim - to go
  full speed ahead against Daniel, whom he believes is guilty!
- And here comes loyal counsel Justin Kiriakis, to defend him,
  at Victor's request! Legal eagle Justin does his client justice!
  Kate is enraged and confronts Victor. Victor lets her know that
  if Justin catches her, she has no one to blame but herself!
  Meanwhile, Daniel is hauled back into the station when the
  D.A. wants him charged with violating the terms of his bail,
  and Justin proves he didn't. J warns the D.A. he always wins
  and the D.A. warns him this isn't over yet!
  Daniel tells new lawyer Justin that Kate set him up.
- Hope realizes things are not good between Justin and Adrienne.
- Will amd Mia kiss in the park until Chad interupts them.
- Will finds out Chad will be attending Salem High and does
  not like the fact that Mia did not tell him. She lies she did not
  think it was important. Meanwhile, Chadman vows to uncover
  her secret - and he knows it has nothing to do with drugs!
  Kinsey is beside him all the way.
- Nicole hears from Dr. Baker in paradise and he wants a cash grab!
  She hopes Stefano will help ... Baker wants a hundred thousand
  bucks from Nicole, and Rafe overhears part of their conversation,
  including when she says "How much?"!!! The phoenix agrees
  to pay the devious doc but dangerously says that is ALL he
  will ever get!
- Lucas tells off Maggie. He is livid that she lied to him for so long!
  She was the one person who knew about Chloe and Daniel from
  the start. Lucas FIRES Maggie as his AA sponsor! He is then
  mad to hear from mama Kate - who also made him feel like a
  fool - that Victor paid millions to get Dan out on bail. On the
  other hand, Kate gleefully tells Lucas that if Chloe dies, the D.A
  will charge Daniel with a capital offense, so he would either be
  imprisoned for life - or executed!
- Kate secretly vows to herself that if Daniel does not get the
  chair, she will finish the job herself! She also continues to
  have daydreams about kissing him wildly.
- Kate starts to panic that Chloe might actually wake up!
- Phil is caught off guard by Victor's attitude toward loyal
  man Carlo, who was killed on the job. Brrr!
- Ari and Brady go swimming together.
- Old FBI related secrets continue to complicate Rafe's life ...
- Bo's vision appears to come true! Ciara goes missing when
  a stranger lures her away from the carnival with candy.
  Commissioner Bo comes across her teddy bear in the woods ...
  The clock is ticking!
- Stefano is up to something again!
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