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- Nicole and Chloe catch up. Nicole senses everyone
  has seen the last of Anna DiMera!
- Will spies Sami and EJ in an embrace and gets upset.
  He accuses Sami of being duped and used by the DiMera.
  After they argue, he marches over to complain to Kate
  that he misses Lucas, who is in China. Kate invites him
  to live at DiMera mansion! He goes home to pack.
- Nicole wants a job at Titan. Brady tells her no can do.
- Brady and Arianna make plans and he
  to share everything with her, but will he really?
  He is also displeased with Nicole trying to involve
  herself in his life. She is convinced he still cares,
  especially after his offer of a loan, which she refuses,
  then accepts.
- Sami continues to enjoy EJ's company. He assures
  her Will is just being a typical Brady teen. He prepares
  her breakfast. Will later sees the dishes.
- Bo has a romantic dinner with Carly.
- Bo goes to L.A. Kimberly requires a bone marrow transplant.
  She has leukemia and Bo wishes to be the donor. He is a match!
- Rafe has a confrontation with the D.A. when he finds
  out he dropped all charges against Benny. The next day
  D.A. Woods ends up in the hospital and reports Rafe to Officer
  Hope as the guy who beat him up, cos he thinks the assailant
  sounded like Rafe! Abe confirms to Hope that Rafe did indeed
  lose his cool with the D.A. earlier. Hope summons the FBI agent
  to the station to explain himself. He has no concrete alibi ...
- Sami finds out about his predicament and lies to help Rafe.
  She claims he was with her. He says no he wasn't!
- Kate hopes Lexie can speak to EJ and reconcile
  their family. Easier said than done!
- EJ discusses his feelings for Sami more with Lexie. He
  is cautiously optimistic about his future with Sami at his
  side, though he refuses to give fatha another chance. Kate
  wishes he would reconsider and warns a war with Stefano
  would be a war he loses!
- Stefano gets the lowdown from Anna after he finds her.
  She cooperates cos she is literally scared to death!
  The phoenix at first does not believe her story, but
  then realizes she is telling the truth when she plays
  an old message of EJ talking about Sydney when she
  was supposed to be missing. He lets Anna leave with
  her money.
- Someone is about to regret their actions! EJ will be sorry
  he chose Anna as his partner in crime, for Stefano has
  her videotaped confession, implicating EJ! After playing games,
  Stefano has him exactly where he wants him and tells him so!
- EJ could just KILL his fatha! The heir apparent grabs a letter  
  opener and gets ready ...
Moments later, Sami interruptus!
  Sami is acting like EJ is her new bff!
- Chloe makes an effort with Dan's daughter Mel by asking her
  and Phil over for lunch, catered by Chez Rouge.
- Insecure Chloe gets a pep talk from Phillip. Dan needs her!
  He also offers her a job on Titan TV, but she feels being
  Dan's wife will be a full time job.
- Dr Dan gives Carly advice in a tough surgery for his patient.
  Mel observes and says they are a great team.
- Mel is drawn to her parents in a childish kind of way.
- Phil and Chloe later see something neither feels comfortable
  about - a very happy family looking scene with Dan, Carly
  and Mel sitting together at the hospital!
- Hope is disappointed to find out Bo left town from Maggie,
  who found out from Carly.
- Just as Bo predicted, Vivian attempts to verbally
  torment Carly yet again! Carly gives her a verbal
  tongue lashing and Mel is impressed. Carly is soon
  impressed by Mel when she hears she wants to return
  to nursing school.
- Chloe must deal with Carly as a new roommate, for
  Dan's sake, so she puts on a brave face. Dan was the
  one who invited Carly to move in with them, to protect
  her from Vivian, who still seems to be on the warpath!
- Chad visits his D.A. dad at the hospital. Chad does not think
  Rafe was the assailant, however. He also talks to Gaby.
  And his conservative mom meets her, then says she looks
  forward to getting to know her better. Unlike the D.A. dad,
  who thinks he should have left his son in boarding school,
  his mom wants to make him happy.
- But Mrs. Woods wants Chad  to steer clear of Will, as
  well as all things DiMera!
- Madeline (Mrs. Woods) and Kate appear to recognize
  each other, in a mysterious kind of way.
- Mayor Abe warns the pushy D.A. not to push him to
  arrest Rafe, a decorated FBI agent, when there is no
  evidence against him. He is also mad the D.A. let Benny
  go and implies he could ruin his career.
- Roman warns Sami that DiMeras don't ever change!
- Things are looking up for Nath and Steph. He sees her
  on a date with a guy he thinks is bad news and gets rid
  of him. He then asks Steph to go to a concert with him
  and she agrees.
- Chloe confides in Father Matt.
- Viv finds out that Chloe considers Carly an enemy!
  Dare she hope for a new ally ...?!
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