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April 27 - May 1, 2009

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- It's the clash of the almost Titans when Brady and EJ
  are ready to come to blows - until Nicole steps in!
- Raging Victor implies to EJ that he could have Stefano offed!
  He ominously refers to his health ...
- Embittered Brady tells Victor he said goodbye to Nicole.
  The Greek tycoon is pleased.
- Baker decides just to tell Mia that she does not feel close to
  Syd cos they never bonded. Mia brings up a baby she feels
  close to and the doc wonders just who she is ...
- Mia defends Grace's unknown mother to Will.
- Stefano winds up in the hospital, under the care of Doc Lexie.
- Lexie warns Nicole to get used to Stefano and EJ leaving her
  out of important family discussions. Lexie also accuses the
  DiMera men of continuing the war against the Kiriakises and
  warns Stefano it does not honor Tony's memory!
  According to the test results, Stefano is diabetic. This will mean
  more responsibilities are about to be heaped on Master Elvis!
  Stefano decides to see a faraway doctor and makes for the
  airport, though he is tailed!
- Nicole appears to question some of her decisions.
- EJ instructs assassin Masi to hold off on targeting Phillip again
  when he comes back to fulfill his contract!
- Rafe misses his plane.
- Sami finally talks stubborn Rafe into going back home together.
- Sami and the Rafester have another long kiss!
  They will have to deal with an unexpected case of EJ
  Interruptus when the bad boy wonder shows up and puts a
  damper on the mood just when they almost made it to the
  bedroom. He insists that Samantha still loves him and calls Rafe
  her rebound. Rafe throws him out, but he does have his doubts
  about Sami's feelings.
- EJ goes home to the mansion. Later, he is making out with
  Nicole when Sami suddenly pops into his mind!
- EJ learns something about Doc Baker when Stefano
  sends him a file.
- Nicole is more convinced than ever that Baker poses a risk and
  wants him to leave Salem.
- Lucas is asked to keep Sami's baby secret from everyone,
  inluding Chloe - and he agrees! Meanwhile, Chloe and Father
  Matt have a talk.
- Brady assures Chloe he has given up on Nicole for good.
- The medical school to which Max applied turns out to be in
  Chicago. Now what will Chelsea say?!
- Will invites Mia on a date and she accepts. The location
  is the Java Cafe.
- Mia also spends more time with Grace - the only thing
  that seems to make her happy ...
- Will is with Mia when she sees old friend Tad, who refers to
  their past. Will tries to get answers from Miss Mia, but she
  is most evasive!
- Scared Steph begs Phil to flee with her!
- Meanwhile, poor Phil is haunted by nightmares of the attack
  and his behavior is affected.
  Phil refuses to leave with Steph. Mel offers him her support.
- Melanie sees an opening with Phil after all, cos there will
  be trouble in paradise concerning his future with Steph.
- Steph confides in Lexie about her worries concerning Phil.
- Hope is suspicious of Nicole and has some tough questions
  when she shows up at the mansion!
- Will gives Lucas a pep talk.
- Arianna and Rafe catch up on what is new in their
  respective lives. Sami misunderstands their connection.
- Chelsea gets a tragic phone call, that mom Billie has been
  badly hurt in an accident. She prepares to head for London,
  to be at Billie's side, but first she must have an important
  discussion with Max ...
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