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April 20-24, 2009

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- Brady gets beaten up down at the pier so Melanie takes him
  to the pub. This causes a slight delay for Sami, who still
  wants to get to the church on time! Brady chooses to keep
  the fact that he was beat up by a DiMera thug a secret.
- Originally not realizing that Grace has a real fever,
  Sami regroups and heads for the church on foot, to bring
  down the curtain on EJ's wedding! There has been just one
  delay after another! Meanwhile, Mia is already there, with
  her own plan in store. Mia wants Nicole's wedding to stop,
  but Doc Baker intervenes. He takes the teen aside and warns
  her about the dangerous DiMeras, so she changes her mind.
  Down at Jave Cafe, Baker shows Mia all the things that have
  been written about those dangerous DiMeras online, says he
  was duped about them too, yet felt he had to go to the wedding
  to somehow defend his position. He advises the mad teen to
  accept the fact that she gave up her baby. The only way for Syd
  to be safe, he explains, is for her to remain a DiMera!
- The bad luck, by the way, is official. It will definitely be
  wedding interruptus for Nicole when Sami soon arrives!
  And yet ... Sami changes her mind about telling EJ that
  Grace is his as soon as she hears at the church that Phillip
  Kiriakis was shot! She thinks EJ did it!
  EJ gets mad at her and throws a strange accusation her way,
  but they then come to an agreement, which, of course, does
  not see either of them being up front. Matter of fact, Sami 
  plays along with EJ's accusation that she had planned to stop
  the wedding out of jealousy, to cover up her real reason for
  being there.
- As she waits with him at the hospital, Mel asks Brady if he
  thinks Sami still loves EJ. He does not think so.
- A threat has been carried out - or has it?!
- Phillip gets shot by Stefano's hired gun at the hotel, but he is
  destined to survive! Steph, who almost becomes a target herself,
  is at his side. Dr. Dan later works his magic, though it is touch
  and go and Phil flatlines before being revived. Speaking of the
  assassin, he gets away. Feels like old times!
- When love and hate collide? Stefano gets smacked by Kate!
- Kate's kids mean everything to her. She quietly vows that if
  her son Phil may live, then she will turn over a new leaf by
  leaving Chloe alone - at least for now!
- Chloe and Daniel, meanwhile, are still drawn to each other/
- Victor is consumed with thoughts of revenge - and the Greek
  tycoon is not one for idle threats. He morphs back into his old
  Mafioso self! Brady promises he is on the Kiriakis side in
  the mob war.
- Someone is tailing the phoenix ...
- EJ and Stefano play innocent as far as Phil's shooting is
  concerned but Commissioner Bo gets tough with Stefano!
- Sami asks Roman to track down Rafe and he does! She intends
  to tell him how she feels once and for all!
- After the weird wedding, Nicole and EJ head home to the
  mansion for their private reception. Evil squared? EJ and
  Nicole admit they do and will have certain secrets from each
  another but are happy nonetheless, and have a wedding night.
- Nicole is uneasy about some of the family's "employees."
- She also overhears something ominous! A message from EJ
  to Stefano, which makes her realize she is now
married to
  the murderous mob!

- EJ decides that, due to the imminent mob war, all DiMeras
  should either stick close to home or be with bodyguards, so
  Nicole can pretty much kiss her independence goodbye!
- The day after the wedding, Mia demands to see her baby,
  Nicole agrees to meet her, but Mia does not feel a bond with
  Sydney when she holds her.  Baker later starts to tell Mia why
  she does not feel close to that baby ...
- EJ and Brady's enemydom (new word alert teehee!) is declared.
- After eating out, Stefano does not feel well.
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