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April 13-17, 2009

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- Sister Agnes is unable to convince Rafe to stay in Salem.
- Bo's latest vision of Roman and Hope holds a clue!
- Chelsea realizes Max wishes to apply to medical school.
- Max meets a dishy new waitress at the pub, called Arianna.
  She is reportedly connected to Rafe..
- The 3 Salemites who want to stop the wedding are
Brady, Sami, and Mia.
- Will tells Mia about Nicole's major issues and seedy past.
  Mia is horrified she gave her baby to a former porn star!
- Nicole exposes Rafe to EJ, who has become very DiMera!
  She thus proves her loyalty to Stefano and Elvis ...
- Maid Mary IDs Rafe as the cable guy, too!
- EJ then blames Sami for Rafe's break-in at DiMera mansion,
  for he is convinced she put Mr. FBI up to it in the first place!
- She is unable to deny it and explains she was worried
  about Johnny being in that house with the likes of Stefano.
  EJ then shuts the door on Sami and apologizes to Nicole
  for ever doubting her!
- Nicole, aka the bride from hell, gets ready for her wedding
  at the Horton cabin. Mad Mama Mia storms on over. She
  wants answers from Nicole about all those lies - and she
  wants her baby back now! Nicole warns Mia she does not
  have a hope in hell of getting Sydney away from her! She also
  claims she can be jailed! Mia backs off and leaves.
- After some advice from the ever hopeful romantic Mel, Brady
  also ventures to Horton cabin. The poor guy uses the L word
  (Love) with Nicole! She, however, will not give up on her dream
  of marrying EJ, despite Brady's valiant attempt to talk her out of
  it. She thinks she is better suited to a dastardly DiMera.
- She continues to get ready but then Nicole's bracelet from Chloe
  suddenly falls apart! A sign of things to come ...?
- Brady and Mel kiss down by the water, but he is not really into it.
- Sami tells Lucas the truth about Grace once and for all!
  She also plans to tell EJ he fathered Grace - before his wedding!
  Sami then gets delayed by a flat tire, and gets some help
  from Max ...
- To add to Nicole's wedding jitters, Dr. Baker shows up
  at the church, playing nice. Chloe warns Nicole that Brady has
  also slipped into the church. Nicole isnít that worried about it
  and the ceremony gets underway, with Father Matt presiding.
- Here comes the bride, until ...Wedding crasher Mia emerges and
  tries to stop the wedding!
- Bo's funky vision will finally be explained - tis Hope and
  Roman on a stakeout of a dangerous drug dealer at a motel
  har har! Macho man Bo shows up and breaks down a door!
- Professional problems loom for Kate and her company.
  FIRE! Yet the show must go on! Kate wants Chloe to interview
  Dan for Hearth and Home, but then the studio catches on fire so
  they will have to to tape at Chez Rouge instead (courtesy of the
  ever helpful Maggie)
- Yikes! Stefano has hired another hitman, with a wild plan!
  The phoenix orders the assassin to off Phil during EJ and
  Nicole's wedding while he is present, so he won't be an
  official suspect!
- Mia is perplexed that she does not feel much when she
  sees Sydney, unlike how she bonded with Grace.
- Phil lets his guard down. Here's what happens. Steph lures
  Phil to a hotel room under false pretenses so she can seduce him.
  The silly goose also unwittingly makes it that much easier for the
  assassin to find him, so he seeks his prey at the hotel!
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