Posted October 11, 2021

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S.O.S From Sami!

To whoever the hell it may concern,
If you read this message it means my mission to smuggle out my
heavenly stationary was a success. I slipped it into Kristen's
deep pockets before she went on her working holiday to steal some
jewels. She said sometimes she needs to go out and soap sin so she
has a reason to come back here and find herself again. Personally
I think she is smuggling artefacts from those secret catacombs
underneath the convent, but that's another story for another time.
Fortunately my message must have fallen out. To get to the point ...

I need your help!

- EJ DiMera, my powerful peeved husband, had me snatched from
Salem and brought to this convent in Rome. Of that I am certain.
I was standing outside Rafe's red door, then everything went black.
When I woke up I was locked in a secret room in this place of rules
that is reserved for novice nuns who have lost their way. No doubt
darling hubby arranged for me to languish in here until he has moved
on with my worst slut*y enemy. Sister Mary Moira is the one who
brings me meals and reports to Kristen. The convent must be making
a killing from EJ’s endless donations!
- Of course creepy Kristen stole my phone. God only knows where it
ended up. Please call the number at the end of this message and tell
my dad what happened. He will know what to do. Oh. And also inform
him that I will be bringing some real holy water home to Salem after
he arranges my rescue. Something tells me they are going to need
all the holy water they can get ...

Sister Sami

P.S. Tell my clueless kids they are all fired!

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