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Saturday November 14, 2015
Hollywood, California

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

The few members of the press invited to conduct Day of Days interviews were arriving at Samba on Citywalk in Hollywood, California. Burly security men stood outside, where fans were gathering. The big outdoor screen nearby indicated that this day belonged to Days of Our Lives. There was a certain energy in the air and the sun was shining brightly in the morning California sky. I entered and was greeted by the NBC gang, who gave me my press credentials. An illuminated NBC peacock had been strategically placed since NBC would also be conducting interviews of their stars. The stars were already trickling in with perfect makeup and the press was setting up. The table to my right was occupied by a well known soap opera magazine, while the table to my left consisted of a perky female reporter for a women's website and a cameraman. The soap magazine is using a recorder, the women's website is setting up to film, and I have the three things I need - my iphone, my ipad, and red lipstick. We exchange greetings and I sit down with my group - me, myself and I, under the DaysCafe sign. Moments later "Mama Hooch," "ScarrryCheri" and the rep for Diva of Dool approach my table and ask me if I am DaysCafe. They heard a rumor she would be coming. I smile yes I am and they tell me they read my daily tweets, find them so funny. We giggle and ScarrryCheri snaps our picture together. Mama Hooch - the leader of Thaao Penghlis' infamous "hoochies" excitedly tells me that Thaao Penghlis - aka Andre - is here. That is excellent news, as is the fact that he is staying on the show. We chat like old friends and then return to our respective tables.

Susan Seaforth Hayes - aka Julie - stops by to talk to the soap magazine about the Smithsonian. She looks like a vision in pale blue. Her suited husband Bill - aka Doug - is at her side. All of a sudden I find myself facing a lively Meredith Scott Lynn, who sits at my table. The official interviews have begun. I tell her how hilarious Anne Milbauer is and she thanks me with a smile. Her curly hair is amazing and oh so real. I wonder whether a love story is in the works. Alas no as Anne is considered a character who is there to cause trouble for others. I question her on her comedic background. Training and years of sitcom appearances. I get back to the love story idea. Who would she want Anne to be paired with? She doesn't miss a beat. Brady because then she could be in a triangle with Brady and Theresa. I agree it would be awesome and suggest she could get pregnant. She laughs not at Anne's age but I disagree. Now we discuss her other passion - an educational publishing company of which she is both CEO and president. Write Brain books. She declares Deidre Hall has just published a children's book with her company that is coming out soon. Little Big Bear. I am impressed. The NBC people who are watching indicate it is time to wrap it up, keep things moving. Meredith thanks me for letting her know that the twitter gang finds her hilarious and slides to the next table. I soon find myself facing Aloma Wright - aka Maxine. I tell her the nurse's station has become rather boring without her character's comments and she smiles as long as there is the nurse's station, there is the possibility of a return. We discuss the Abe almost love story as well ... Greg Vaughan - aka Eric - happens by and pulls off his hat. I notice he has not been paired with Arianne Zucker - aka Nicole. Greg is very down to earth and is paired with Peggy MCcay, who has been with the show for decades as matriarch Caroline Brady. Greg is such a gentleman. I remember the last time I interviewed Peggy, how she told the tale of the two Romans looking too different. Her spunk is legendary ... The interviews continue ... I can only include some of the things that were said. When one is not recording, actors tend to open up more ... The sequence on the colorful list we were given changes the way things do in Hollywood so I go with the flow ...

Christopher Sean is wearing a white sweater that matches his beautiful white smile. I share the worry of some fans that the gay storylines are being dropped. People are hoping for a romance for his character Paul. He nods in understanding and tells me as much as he can. "It's very EXCITING to think who the next prospect (for Paul) will be." Then he smiles again and I smile too. He tells me how honored he feels to be part of John Black's family and I note how smoothly he stepped into his role from day one. Christopher is a strong believer in actor's training. I ask if he has any advice for future actors. Christopher pauses and then suggests one should invest in oneself through training and accept the fact that at first one might fail, but later the success will come. He takes acting very seriously and it shows in his flawless performances ... Time to keep moving ... Veteran Salem cop and commissioner Josh Taylor - aka Roman Brady - approaches my table with Casey Moss, whom I have dubbed Jump Street JJ. They sit down like a couple of cops and I ask Josh how they can make the cop scenes seem so real. Do they get real police training? Josh notes he is an actor and downplays the difficulty. Both he and Casey are involved in gritty police work on the show. They are enthusiastic, especially about the dialogue. Josh has high praise for co-executive producer Albert Alarr's direct approach. Sounds like some cool cop stories are coming up ... Pssst. Casey is still romantically involved with True O'Brien, who played the role of Paige. His face softens when he speaks about her ... I tell him he looks like a young Elvis Presley and he grins he gets that comment a lot ...

Lauren Koslow sits at my table and I remember the last time I saw her - in 2009. She looks just as gorgeous now as she did then. I ask how she thinks Kate would have reacted to Clyde had she known what kind of man he really was. She explains for Kate how he treated Jordan would have been a game changer. Nowadays Kate has exciting things in the works. She will have a complex new romance and will be revisiting her dark side. She says so with a sly smile and I see shades of Kate. Then she becomes Lauren again, the beautiful actress who wins over everyone with her warmth and style. I ask for beauty tips and she tells me I am doing well without them. It makes my day ... The NBC gang keep things moving ... I glance down at my notes and glance up again, only to find myself face to face with Galen Gering and his dark soulful eyes. I ask him whether Rafe will be involved in a romance soon. He gives me a maybe, adding it is inevitable since it is a soap opera. He suggests it could be great but complicated and I am even more intrigued. We discuss his character's working relationship with Hope as well ... Time to keep moving ... Eric Martsolf sits down with a smile. I compliment him on his comedic comments on the state of water in Toronto when the cast came to town and am amazed it was pure improv on his part. I now ask the handsome soap star about his character. Eric Martsolf, with a great family, career, and Daytime Emmy to his name, leads a charmed life. Does he believe Brady too could have a charmed life ...?

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