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Episode 13,701
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady tries to stop Victor from strangling Ben as Xander stands by with a worried face … At the hospital Ciara expects Ben back with food soon and updates JJ on the phone on Julie not yet knowing she needs a heart transplant. Here comes Gabi with flowers. Ciara thinks she gives no damn … At the station Rafe hears from Lani that Gabi left Julie for dead … Stefan has food for Vivian but mother is not in her luxury hotel room. He curses fearing she is up to something … Vivian cackles and tells Kate’s grave she cannot come back now …Eric informs Nicole when he believed she was lost he became close to another woman in his grief. Maggie’s daughter Sarah … In her Kiriakis mansion bedroom Sarah is stunned to read her test results. She is having a baby! She considers calling Eric … Nicole is surprised to hear nice girl Sarah and Rex broke up … Brady blasts Xander for just standing by. He gasps he has got feelings and is mo than muscle. Brady kicks him out. Ben gasps Victor wanted to keep him away from Ciara but he will never succeed … Ciara is suspicious of Gabi since there was no love lost between her and Julie … Eric is interrupted by a call from Sarah. He gushes he has good news. He is with Nicole and Holly. She acts happy. He assures her they will talk soon. After the call she gasps how to tell him. Here comes Xander the black knight in a suit. He wonders wot she has to tell … She smiles Eric told her Nicole and Holly are safe. He can see the sadness in her eyes plus she is a little pale. He brought a bucket. She admits she got a blood test … Eric kisses Nicole, who feels sorry for Sarah breaking up with Rex. He whispers they will not reconcile cos she loves him now …

Rafe believes Julie was confused cos Gabi would not have walked away. Lani explains Gabi’s story of assuming she was faking. Rafe accepts it but Lani disagrees and warns he better do something about his loose cannon sister … Gabi gives Ciara the flowers and starts to walk away. Ciara stops her, apologizes, and sadly updates her on Julie not getting on the new heart list. All seems lost. Ciara wishes they had gotten to her sooner as it might have helped. Gabi solemnly states she will keep her in her prayers … Brady reminds Victor he was supposed to let him deal with the Ciara situation but denies to Ben he was involved in this. Ben’s phone rings. He assumes it is Ciara and asks to answer it. Victor the great and powerful orders Brady not to untie him … Stefan is anxious about his awol mama and leaves Ben a voicemail. Here comes Vivian with her long red scarf. She thanks him for the groceries. He demands to know where she was cos her hands are covered with dirt and leaves. She fibs she was foraging but he has his doubts. He reminds her of their plan to remove Kate from DiMera. Vivian smiles like a loon. Easier said than done … Brady unties Ben as Victor grumbles he will contact the cops. Brady asks if he could forget the incident for Ciara’s sake. Ben refuses and takes off to tell his beloved about her bad grandfather …

Sarah stammers she has a stomach bug is all. Xander offers soup or ginger ale and soda crackers. She gasps no and then stops him from going … Nicole gets why Sarah fell for Eric is easy to love. He murmurs had he known Nicole would return to him … She asks if he fell for Sarah as well. He confesses he did and she softly sighs… Rafe walks into DiMera mansion and finds Gabi with a drink. She denies leaving Julie to perish and assumes he doubts her … Sarah thanks Xander for his help. He covers her with a blanket and leaves her to rest. He is determined to make her follow docta’s orders … Eric admits he knew not he would see Nicole again. She understands. However she is here, alive, and wants to make him happy. He gushes he loves her. She asks if he also loves Sarah. He insists she is his one and only. Nicole kisses him when he calls her the love of his life. He thinks Sarah will understand. She was happy to hear her and Holly were alive. She now knows they have no future together … Sarah touches her tummy, feeling torn … Ben joins Ciara at the hospital and she hugs him. He had a run-in with Victor. She believes he wanted him to break up with her. He admits he was more than verbally insistent. He puts down the food. Ciara is sorry and offers to make it up to him. They kiss in bliss. Then she updates him on Brady’s Titan job offer. When he hears how excited she is to be in the family biz, he decides to support the future executive and makes no mention of her grandfather’s bad behavior …

Gabi is indignant. Rafe believes her but wonders given all her revenge. She admits she does love Stefan for real even if it means tolerating that witch … Rafe wonders which witch. Gabi replies Kate, who has moved into the mansion … Stefan suggests they get Kate incriminating herself on tape. Madam Vivian coos she no longer poses a problem. She shot and buried the dead ex DiMera wife in Salem Cemetery … Eric does not believe in keeping secrets and sincerely kisses Nicole … Sarah weeps Eric wants to be with Nicole and tosses her test results in the trash. Then she cries on her pillow … Ciara comes to see Victor, who assumes it is about Ben. She is ready to accept his offer but she will not give up Ben. He chuckles what a guy when he hears she has his support and agrees he is off limits. She gushes he is not gonna regret it … Brady approaches Ben outside the living room and hopes he did not bring the cops. Ben sarcastically states he did not tell her her softy grandpa almost offed him. He warns Brady he wants to make Ciara happy but they had better not try and come between them … Eric cannot wait to make love. Nicole feels the same way but Holly is asleep and this house … He promises when they return home ... Xander sets down a rose and tray for Sarah and tucks in his sleeping beauty. Then he takes a look at her test results in the trash … Gabi confronts Lani for lying. Lani counters she is cruel and evil. Gabi goes DiMera on her and issues her a warning … Stefan is stunned. Viv believes an eye for an eye. Stefan talks witnesses as it was broad daylight. She continues to cackle about her fait accompli and claims she killed Kate. No way shall she rise again … Kate’s blue fingernails emerge from the soil in the Salem Cemetery as she starts to claw her way back …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, September 9, 2019