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Episode 13,700
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate is horrified. Vivian gushes she is no ghost thanks to Dr. Rolf and she remembers what she did! Kate calls it an accident. Viv believes otherwise and leers she will shoot her … Ciara reminds Brady her boyfriend works for DiMera, aka the Titan competition … Victor holds his newspaper and grumbles Xander better not mess up. Here comes Sarah. Victor talks food and she gets a bit green. Another sign she could be preggers, as Xander suggested … Eric sees the last officer off and gets back to Nicole at the cabin. They hug as the sunlight streams in. He calls her beautiful. She cries she cannot believe her love is really here. He notes no one would keep him away and they romantically kiss … Sarah claims she might have a bug. Victor tells her to take care of herself so Maggie does not worry. Sarah touches her tummy … Nicole is upset about Kristen masquerading as her. Eric assures her she was apprehended and it is over. He murmurs when that warehouse collapsed so did his heart. What kept him going was his promise to keep Holly safe. He now wonders where she is and the little sweetheart emerges. Mommy smiles. Eric now has a happy reunion with the little girl. He wants to take her and mommy home …

At the hospital Sarah is about to draw her own blood. Here comes curious Kayla … Kate warns cackling Viv she cannot get away with shooting her in broad daylight. She wants to make her an offer she will not refuse … Brady tells Ciara he wants only the best and brightest for Titan regardless of whom she dates. She knows Vic might have a different view. Brady praises her for her strength, loyalty and independence … Xander roughly wakes up Ben, who is now tied to a chair at the Kiriakis mansion. King Victor glares from his own armchair. He growls time to talk … about his granddaughter … Sarah fibs she missed her annual checkup. Kayla offers to draw her blood …Sweet Holly goes to get her new doll and others toys from her room. Nicole loves how gentle Eric is with her. He is impressed she protected her from what was happening and explains he wanted her to be safe. He assumed she wanted to let Chloe raise her. Then Kristen made it look like she was lost. They hold hands and discuss how the DiMera denounced him and made a play for Brady … Brady is all biz about the executive training program but Ciara questions the timing cos she might not be ready. Brady knows she has a social life … She suspects this is an attempt to get her away from boyfriend Ben. Brady admits not all of them want to see her with the psycho. She quips he dated psycho Kristen DiMera …

Ben jokes if Vic wanted a meeting all he had to do was ask. Xander quips this was more fun. Vic wants to talk. Ben assures him he cares about Ciara. She saved him and made him a better man. Victor growls maybe but he is never going to be good enough so he is ordering him to break up with his beloved granddaughter … Kate admits she was angry and wrong to turn down Vivian’s offer of an alliance. She now makes her the same offer since she is DiMera CEO. They can run the company together. Vivian is all ears … Nicole sighs to surprised Eric that Kristen told her what she was up to … Sarah thanks Kayla who asks about Eric. Still no word on his search for Holly and Nicole. She insists on dropping her blood sample at the lab but then blurts out she might be pregnant … Eric and Nicole discuss Kristen using Holly against them. Eric is upset to hear she even threatened her. He sensed she was not the women he loved! Brady had to face the terrible truth … Brady explains he could not save Kristen and likens it to Ciara wanting to save Ben. She warns him not to badmouth her guy who means so much. Brady warns her some people do not change. When he insists he and Kristen were over ages ago, she reminds him he was with her last week. He argues he believed she was Nicole. Ciara suspects he knew all along it was Kristen under the mask. Brady denies it and blames the ruthless DiMeras …

Ben refuses to walk away from the girl he loves. Vic growls he is not reformed and refers to Clyde and Jordan. Ben exclaims he would never harm Ciara! Xander gets his tie ready. Victor repeats to break up with her or Xander will break his neck. What’s it gonna be. Ben laughs. Xander shouts to shut his face. Ben argues Victor is too smart to trust the weasel thug and warns he will blackmail him. He tells gramps to untie him before he regrets it. Xander squeezes the tie around his neck. Ben starts to turn red … Sarah stammers about missing her period and what Xander said. The timing would means if she is with child it belongs to Eric, who is now searching for the love of his life! Kayla gently suggests she might just be stressed and takes the sample. No one else will know. Sarah sighs this is the last thing Eric would need now … Nicole has checked on sleeping Holly. She cannot get over what Kristen did. He is just sorry he did not see it sooner. Nicole is now stunned to hear she got to her goal of sleeping with Brady … Ciara can see in Brady’s blue eyes that he still cares for Kristen and dares him to look her in the eye and deny it. He talks Titan offer. She fumes to forget it if he wants her to break up with Ben the man she loves …

Victor calls off Xander and gives Ben a chance to change his mind. He gasps he is not giving up Ciara until the day he dies. Victor coldly replies then today is that day. He glances at Xander who gets the necktie back around the young man’s neck … Eric insists he would have known Kristen was not really Nicole had he gotten close. She knows he loves her. He wants to bring her and Holly home. Maggie cannot wait to see Holly and neither can … He admits he has to tell her something … Supportive Kayla hands Sarah her fast tracked test results…Brady states he only wants Ciara on his Titan team. She does not need to leave her honey. She gushes she will give it thought and then boasts Ben saved Julie’s life just like he saved hers … Victor taunts the necktie killer but Xander suddenly stops. He mutters he promised Sarah he was a changed man. He cannot kill anyone now. Victor snatches the tie and growls he will do it himself … Kate and Vivian stop at the cemetery after Kate states her case. Viv gets out her gun and orders her closer to an open grave. Kate begs not to bury her alive but Viv does not intend to. Bang! Kate falls in. Vivian shovels dirt on her … Ciara leaves Ben a message wondering where breakfast is and adds he will not believe what her family is up to … Victor starts to strangle Ben himself. Brady walks in and exclaims what the hell … Eric confesses to Nicole when he believed she was gone for good he got close to … Sarah reads her test results alone and realizes she is having a baby …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, September 6, 2019