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Episode 13,699
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Victor brings up Kate with baffled Brady. The Greek grumbles her last Titan act was to try to take away his job … At DiMera mansion Kate grills Gabi about the mysterious business Stefan is away attending to … Ben opens the door and Viv throws her arms around stunned Stefan … Eric calls sleepy Sarah with an update. He has a hot lead… Vivian cackles and Stefan shares her joy. He swears Ben to secrecy and lets him leave the hotel room. Mommy dearest questions his decision to send a serial killer for her. Stefan insists he changed. She gasps he even offed a henchman but now wants to return home. Stefan is sorry to say that Kate moved in so she cannot come back there. Viv almost faints when she hears Kate is DiMera CEO … Glam Kate pulls rank. Gabi gets mad. Kate demands to know what Stefan is doing. Gabi sent him for a massage. Kate screams about last night … Eric murmurs the goon’s boss must have Holly and Nicole based on cryptic texts but he must remain under the radar. He plans to send a text pretending to be the goon. Sarah worries. He asks her to tell the family Julie is in his prayers. She hopes he finds Nicole. After the call suited Xander appears and sarcastically praises her lying ability. Sarah blanches …

Victor blasts Brady’s judgment but admits he could not betray him with Kate. Brady is grateful. Victor wants his assurance it is over with Kristen aka Nicole. Brady detests the dame who duped him. Victor is upset about the men of the family. Ciara was his last hope but she is now in love with that serial killer. The buck stops here. Ominous music plays … Ciara hates the hospital coffee. Here comes Ben. She thanks God and they embrace like Romeo and Juliet … Viv wants to fly to Hong Kong to speak to simpleton Shin. Stefan stops her and announces the real Gabi is his wife. Viv sits down and hyperventilates …Gabi gets a drink for herself and Kate, who thanks her for calming her down. She believes Gabi is going to get rid of Stefan anyway as per her revenge plan. Gabi refuses … Sarah gets out of bed and orders Xander out. He reminds her what she said last night. She reasons Holly is her niece and she and Eric deserve to be a happy family. He warns she would be left out in the cold … Eric texts the mysterious Robert to bring Nicole back cos the coast is clear. Then he waits and waits …

Kate hates the fact that Gabi fell for Stefan for real. Gabi feels like a fool. Kate can relate to falling for a monster. Gabi insists he is no monster. Kate argues Vivian and Stefano are major monsters. The girl is fortunate Stefano is nowhere to be found and Vivian is dead as a doornail … Stefan offers tea but Viv drinks straight from her flask. She fumes her killer is in charge of DiMera and her son is legally bound to that money grubbing tramp. Stefan calls her his soulmate. Viv needs another drink to digest. He compares his relationship with Gabi to hers with Yvan. She complains about Kate and he vows not to let her stick around long. Viv remembers that Kate shot her on purpose. Stefan adds she confessed as much to him. He admits he almost offed her but then Gabi intervened. Viv counters she could be in cahoots with Kate. Stefan disagrees and uses the R word. Revenge. Viv likes the sound of that … The mysterious Robert texts he found a better place so he will not return. Eric offers to bring Holly’s things to the new address and waits with bated breath … Sarah reminds Xander that Nicole is the love of Eric’s life and she wants him happy. Xander wants to spend the rest of his life making HER happy. She made him a better man. He would love and cherish her and her spirit that makes her beautiful. Sarah is overwhelmed. He tenderly takes her hands and starts to kiss her. Sarah gets sick. Literally …

Ben holds Ciara as she sadly updates him on Julie needing a new heart. She swears him to secrecy since Julie and Doug do not know how dire it is. Ben wonders when she will get the transplant. Alas her age makes it hard. Ciara praises Ben her hero for saving Julie with CPR and adds her family owes him. Ben acts humble. She gushes now they all know what a good man he is … Brady senses Victor has high hopes for smart Ciara. The Greek growls she went down a rabbit hole meeting that dangerous Ben, son of the hillbilly from hell. He must be removed from her life and Brady must help. Brady nods in understanding … Stefan suggests he and wicked Vivian ruin Kate’s credibility to the board but it will take time. Viv cannot wait … Powerful Kate assures Gabi she would be a good mentor to her and suggests she speak to Stefan, make him see the light. Besides Vivian is not coming back so why waste his energy … Viv is grateful that Stefan came for her. However, she believes a preemptive strike against Kate would be advisable. Everyone in Chicago must know her son sent Ben for her. He takes away her flask and gives her back her gun for protection. She tells her gun she missed her and grins. Stefan will be in touch and urges her to lie low for now. Viv kisses her gun and laughs like a loon … Eric looks at the phone and picks up his gun. At long last he knows where Nicole is …

Sarah is sorry for being so nauseous. Xander teases she could be preggers. Sarah the cautious doc doubts it. Could be stress. He apologizes for making a move. Sarah thanks him for his concern and he goes. Then she gets to thinking … Ben wants to get Ciara and the whole family breakfast and coffee from the pub. She calls him amazing and they kiss …Brady is crystal clear on Victor’s orders and goes. Suited Xander appears and Vic calls him a scoundrel. However he needs his help with a family matter. Xander agrees to help and asks wot he wants him to do … Gun drawn, Eric gingerly enters a cabin with covered furniture. But when his back is turned another goon holds a gun on him and growls he will make him pay. He warns he will never see Nicole or her kid again. Eric hits the gun out of his hand with a martial arts move. The goon advances … Ciara updates Brady on Julie. He explains he came for info on Vic but they both decided tis time to bring her into the family biz … Steely eyed Victor promises Bo’s picture he will protect his little girl. Meanwhile Xander grabs Ben outside the pub, gets him in a chokehold, and makes him lose consciousness … Stefan comes back to Gabi with an update on Viv being her old self and wanting to return to the mansion. Gabi gasps about Kate. Stefan knows they need a plan Kate will never see coming … At the park Kate gasps in horror at Vivian, who hisses a cat has nine lives but a beech has only one. She aims her gun … Sarah clears her work calendar and checks another calendar on her phone. She gasps Xander might be right … Eric rages and pounds the goon to the ground. He calls out NICOOOOOLE. She appears and they lock eyes. He marvels IT'S REALLY YOU! She smiles yes and then they embrace at long last. She assures him she is alright as they weep and tenderly touch one another’s faces. Then he kisses her.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, September 5, 2019