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Episode 13,698
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Eli complains to Lani cos D.A. Trask gave him a hard time about Kristen’s deal. She should have blamed the mayor. But she was right when she warned of DiMera revenge. Lani gasps Julie is planning their engagement party which will have many people Kristen hates in the same place. Eli sighs he has not spoken with her lately and hopes he was not too hard on her. Lani praises her good heart … Kayla is sorry to say that Julie suffered damage to her heart. Doug innocently asks if she can fix it. There are no guarantees. Hope consoles her father, who is now close to tears … At DiMera mansion Gabi thinks Julie faked her heart attack. Ben updates her on saving her before she died. Stefan sends him off to Chicago to bring Vivian back. When he goes Gabi gasps what has she done … In Chicago the big goon stops Eric with his gun, refuses to reveal his second boss and deduces he would want him dead. Vivian watches the sinister scene as it unfolds … Eli likes that Julie likes Lani the love of his life, both strong women. They kiss and decide to head home for a romantic … until she sees Ciara’s text. Eli hears Julie has been hospitalized. They are on their way … Hope softly asks Ciara for some water for Doug. Ciara looks in her bag and gets a call from Ben. She laments it does not look good. Ben is sorry and wants to give Stefan’s job to another. She replies just family is here for now. He is here if she needs him. They exchange I love yous … Inside DiMera mansion Gabi complains about diva Julie and insists she assumed she was faking. Stefan is on her side but seems to have his doubts. She gets testy so he gives her a hug and calls her the perfect girl. For him. She could use a kiss and he is happy to oblige as violins play. Now she wants another but still feels bad. He offers her a drink. Gabi decides to find out how Julie is doing … Doug argues Julie’s checkups have all been good. Kayla sounds more dire by the Salem second. Doug cannot believe his soul mate might be slipping away …

Eric offers the goon more money. He refuses. Vivian screams to stop. Eric assumes she is his boss. Wrong but she hates the sight of blood and she has PTSD from the Kate drama. She wants to go read in the next room, quotes Blanche from A Streetcar Named Desire but is stopped by the goon who leers he will off her first …Gabi cannot get any information from the hospital especially when she uses Nick’s name as she used to be married to him … Lani and Eli arrive at the hospital. Doug goes to be at Julie’s side. Eli and Hope have a word with Kayla. Hope wants the whole truth. Medication will not help as Julie’s heart is not strong enough. Hope realizes she needs a new heart. Eli talks transplant list. Kayla woefully whispers it is impossible … Doug sits by Julie’s side and apologizes for missing the messages and coming late. Julie assures him it is alright. He lists all the loved ones who came and gets in bed beside her. She weeps she is afraid. He believes her bossy self will be home soon. Ciara weeps as she watches. The classic couple exchange I love yous and Doug steps out so she does not see him cry. Lani sits at her side as Ciara and Doug depart. She thanks her for accepting her into her clan and offering the engagement party. She is also sorry they gave her a hard time about Gabi and … Julie gasps that girl left her to die … Back at DiMera mansion Stefan assures Gabi that Julie will be alright. She insists on going to see for herself. He insists on accompanying her. Bad idea …

Viv stares down the goon. YOU CAN’T KILL ME. DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM ... She is the mother of Stefan DiMera, son of the great Stefano. Stefan is coming soon and he had better not harm a single hair on her head. The goon decides to off them right here right now … Ben heroically leaps in and they struggle. BANG. One dead goon slumps to the floor. Eric soap stares. Vivian blinks … Lani listens as Julie laments Gabi laughed and left her. Lani suggests she sleep and leaves as Doug returns with Ciara … Hope assumes a donor might take a while. Kayla explains one must be under seventy to get on the long list. Hope cries then she will not make it. Sympathetic Kayla hugs her. Eli is horrified … Lani runs into Gabi and Stefan outside the room. Lani lets her have it for what she did … Kayla cannot confirm whether Julie has weeks or just days left. Hope does not want her to know. She adds dad Doug would not be able to handle it either … Doug retells the tale of when he faked his death to Julie to win her back as Julie drifts in and out. Ciara is a supportive listener … Gabi denies doing anything wrong. Lani lectures her. Stefan argues she thought she was faking. Gabi argues as soon as she heard she came down here. Lani reminds her she did not mind driving Abigail out of her mind and accuses her of wanting Julie gone so when the opportunity arose …

Eric gets upset that the only man who might have known Nicole and Holly’s whereabouts is stone cold dead. Viv found the goon a tad tedious. Ben apologizes. Viv suggests the serial killer has nothing to be sorry for. One must make one’s own fun in sleepy Salem. Eric snaps to shut up. She warns the bad guy’s boss will show up. Ben doubts Kristen would come to a crime scene. Eric explains there is a second boss. He now gets the goon’s phone but as luck would have it tis locked … Julie remembers Doug’s story well and teases him for his tricks. Still she married him twice. He smiles then they lived happily ever after. Here comes Hope with a heartfelt hug. Eli tenderly takes Julie’s hand and she thanks him for what he told her earlier. She is still tough and will not be taken from the clan. She gets tired and gazes at Doug … Gabi denies threatening Julie. Lani deduces if Julie dies then she is to blame. Stefan disagrees and ushers Gabi away in a hurry …

Back at DiMera mansion Gabi babbles she is not a bad person and drinks up. Stefan thinks Lani was sanctimonious. She laments Salemites might start seeing her in a bad light with Lani’s gossip. He teases they already do. She gets testy so he assures her he believes her … Julie wants to head home. Hope tells her she cannot tonight. The Salem patient is sleepy. Ciara goes to call everyone to let them know she is alright. Lani returns to Eli’s side as Hope hugs Doug … Outside the room Ciara runs into Kayla, who praises Ben for what he did. Ciara smiles he saved Julie’s life … Ben calls Stefan and assures him his mom is alright. He has a couple of things to clear up, cannot speak such details on the phone and ends the call. Viv wants to help Eric unlock the goon’s phone. Ben watches. She uses the goon’s bloodied finger to tap and they are in with his print. She says it is open - in French. Eric takes a closer look and whispers to Nicole he is on his way …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, September 4, 2019