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Episode 13,697
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Stefan gets a stunning call from mommy dearest Vivian. She coos even the other side could not keep her from her darling son …Phone Eric updates Sarah on Jen and Jack returning to Salem with Rolf, the fact that Holly and Nicole escaped and left behind the baby blanket. They are aliiiiiiive … Ben hugs Ciara at the hospital and assures her Julie will be alright. She praises him for keeping her alive and cries … Gabi drinks up and flashes back to Julie’s fake heart attack, the fact that she did not fall for it … Ben calls Kayla super doc. Ciara gasps she has to call Hope. Voice mail … Doug is happy to see his princess at the club. Hope is charging her phone. He admits he has not heard from Julie who went shopping hours ago … Kayla checks the Salem patient. Her pulse is weak … Tea drinking Hope reminds Doug that Julie loves a good sale so no need to worry …Kayla urges Julie to fight. The sleeping diva remembers how cold Gabi was and then beeeeeeeeeep … Gabi wonders why Julie was overacting … Phone Stefan states he saw when Kayla declared Viv dead. She gushes she got injected with life from Dr. Rolf. He asks where she was all this time. She alludes to Kristen keeping her here and how hellish the company was in the accommodation … Sarah pretends to be pleased and asks if Eric knows where Nicole and Holly might be. He ends the call as she gushes she loves him. Then he turns to face the bearded goon now aiming a gun at his handsome head …

As a piano plays at the club, Doug hopes Kristen is locked up a long time. He then notices Hope is distracted. She shows him the yellow envelope addressed to her that Trask gave her. She would rather not read the letter from Ted the liar. Curious Doug offers to read it aloud …Ciara gets Doug’s full voice mail and then gasps to curious Sarah that Julie seems to have had a heart attack … Eric claims he is a cop trying to find Nicole. The goon demands his badge. Eric admits he is not the law and leers to tell him where Holly and Nicole are. He knows they were here before and got away. The goon snaps to stop talking or else. Eric breathes to tell him where they are. Only being shot will stop him. The goon grumbles he might do just that … Smiling Stefan will join Viv as soon as possible. They exchange I love yous and he returns to Gabi. He blurts out Vivian lives. Gabi has a bad reaction …

Flatlined Julie gets zapped by Dr. Kayla as the patient remembers how Gabi left her. Kayla tries again … The goon shoves Eric in Viv’s room and asks where Rolf went. Viv smiles he left. The goon gets tense. Eric explains his boss Kristen was apprehended so there is no reason not to reveal Nicole’s whereabouts … Sarah scurries off to help Kayla, who revives Julie. Sleeping Julie remembers Gabi’s harsh words, how she walked away. Her eyes fly open. Sarah enters. Kayla greets her. Julie gasps that girl left her … Stefan reels from Gabi’s reaction. She complains Viv the liar schemed against Gabi Chic. Stefan smiles he fell for someone similar and reminds her she is his mom. He is sure she regrets the harm she caused. Gabi believes once a witch always a witch … Hope hands dapper Doug the letter. He reads aloud … Ted understood why Hope left as he lied. He feared if she knew the real him she would not have been impressed. Since he has nothing to lose he shall now be honest … Doug stops and Hope wonders what he does not want to say. She takes back the letter, reads it and weeps. He lied about losing a child like her! Ted also lied to Kate that his French wife died but she was alive and done with him. He wishes he could confess to her face though he does not deserve it. However the truth is he loves her …

The goon is still tight lipped cos he would never go against Kristen DiMera. Eric insists Kristen was the one who gave them this address. She cut a deal with the cops and will be free when he finds Nicole and Holly safe and sound. He warns the DiMera would retaliate if her goon did not cooperate … Stefan wants Gabi to get to know his mother. He asks her to forgive her as she forgave him. Gabi melts and will try. He kisses her. She wants to go upstairs. Alas he must head to Chicago to get her. Gabi gushes Kate will be furious. Stefan solemnly notes she cannot know … Sarah and Kayla wonder who left Julie but she falls back asleep. Kayla hopes the echocardiogram will reveal the real cause … Stefan suggests he and Gabi use Vivian being alive to their advantage against Kate. Gabi asks him to send Ben to get her. He agrees. She babbles about Julie’s fake heart attack … Ben has an energy bar and water for grateful Ciara, who is still in a state about her grandmother. She cries the fortune cookies did not say anything like this would happen. He assures her he is here and kisses her head. Here comes Sarah, who states Julie is stable. They are taking her for tests. Sarah does not say more. Ciara fears the worst. Ben is now summoned by Stefan. Ciara will be fine with her snacks and suggests he go so Gabi does not have an excuse to fire him. He tenderly tells her if she needs anything … She whispers she will call. They exchange I love yous and he goes. Ciara now calls and leaves Hope another anxious message …

Back at the calm club, Hope pouts she knew Ted was not perfect. Doug can see she is still upset. She woefully wonders whether she will ever be in love again the way she was with Bo! Doug thinks if you are really lucky your love lasts forever. He smiles she seems to be a hopeless romantic like him. She thinks he and Julie and lucky in love, loves her daddy and hugs him … Kayla asks Sarah about Eric. She called and he confirmed Holly and Nicole live. They escaped but all he has so far is Holly’s blanket … Eric asks the goon for more but he alludes to answering to a higher power than even Kristen and it is not Rolf. Both men turn and stare at Vivian, who innocently holds her much needed martini ... Back at DiMera mansion Stefan orders Ben to pick up a woman quietly in Chicago. Ben has a bad feeling. Stefan states it is his mother who wants to return. She cheated the other side … Viv claims she is not yet over Rolf’s memory serum and is not in charge. Eric demands the goon him the name of the mastermind … Sarah is heartbroken about Eric and Nicole becoming a happy family with Holly and decides to focus on helping Julie … Hope looks at her phone and gasps Julie. The smile fades from Doug’s face … Alone again Sarah leaves Eric a message that he is on her mind and she hopes all is well ... The goon refuses to reveal his real boss. Eric decides to go find Nicole himself. The goon announces his search for Nicole ends right here. Eric slowly turns around … Gabi protests as Ben puts away his gun. Stefan calls it a precaution. Meanwhile he will remain under the radar. Ben states Ciara is at the hospital tonight since Julie had a heart attack. Gabi freezes … Hope and Doug join Ciara. Doug asks how his Julie is! Kayla emerges with unfortunate news for the family ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, September 3, 2019