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Episode 13,696
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Julie tails Gabi to say she is sorry for racial insensitivity but they bicker about Stefan. She falls to her knees when the girl suggests she drop dead. Julie gasps it is her heart but Gabi calls her a fake, blasts her and walks away, ignoring her pleas …At the hospital Kayla hears how worried Sarah is about what Eric shall find. Meanwhile Jack, Jen and Eric find an alive Dr. Rolf in the Chicago hotel room… Ciara and Ben catch up at the square. Stefan gave him the night off as he has something to say to Kate … At DiMera mansion Kate tries to reason with Stefan who is still not over the fact that she murdered mama Vivian. Tis poetic he will off her with the same weapon. Kate assures him it was an accident. Stefan rages she came clean to him. She claims she was not serious and notes he did not contact the cops. He complains he could not get the proof but he vowed to make her pay … Jack and Jen are amazed Rolf is alive. The DiMera doctor drawls he survived ze explosion as did Mr. Devereaux, who looks well zanks to him. Eric hits his newspaper and hisses what Kristen revealed, that he is also the road to Nicole and Holly. He orders him to reveal their whereabouts … Kate suspects Stefan wants to spook her. Besides there are no bullets. He shoots the floor and she jumps with fright … Ben sits with Ciara at the square. She updates him on Tripp taking off for med school in California. Ben mutters he will not miss him as he tried to keep them apart. She insists nothing ever will and he kisses her, talking tonight. They are both hungry and he would rather avoid Kate. Ciara states JJ and Haley wanted to be alone at the loft. Ben gets an idea …

Sarah sighs to curious coffee drinking Kayla that she and Eric could be over. If he does not find Nicole he will still keep looking. He says he loves her but she knows Nicole is the love and light of his life! She will step aside if she is alive … Rolf replies he knows not where Nicole is nor is he a babysitter. Eric states his case and Jack adds as per Kristen he was a babysitter. Eric threatens to search the premises. Rolf asks someone to come out now. Alas it is not Nicole, it is dangerous demented diva Vivian, who sweetly greets stunned Jack, Jen and Eric. This is not what they were expecting … Ben gets Chinese takeout for himself and Ciara. Feels like old times. Ciara reads a fortune cookie about life being short and eating dessert first. Tis Ben’s turn. He reads about kissing the woman he loves and does just that … Jack recognizes Vivian from the warehouse. Jen sighs she was declared dead. Eric wants an explanation. Rolf drawls it was not Dr. Doolittle. Viv cackles. Jen asks her to tell her story. Viv was unable to move and he injected her with the serum. Jack wonders why she needed any. Cos that cold hearted Kate shot her … Back at DiMera mansion Kate denies setting out to shoot Vivian that fateful night. She was going to expose her unless she gave her control of DiMera. Viv whipped out her gun. They struggled. Stefan recounts how he found them and Kate had done nothing to help her when she was shot. Kate cries she was in shock and urges him to move on. He lowers his gun and she reminds him he has a legacy. Time to be realistic. He and Gabi are no match for Titan but she was working there and knows Victor and his vulnerabilities well. They should therefore work together. He raises his gun again and refuses. Revenge shall be sweet …

Gabi is gone. Julie passes out like a colorful ragdoll … Selfless Sarah wants to step aside for Holly, since Nicole, Holly and Eric would be a family. She has not heard from him in hours … Eric interrupts Vivian’s version of what happened with Kate. Eric suggests Jack keep an eye on the pair and steps away with Jen to search the place for … Viv grumbles to Rolf she remembers those nosy two. Jack asks if she has her memory back. Rolf raises a bushy eyebrow … Star gazing Ben and Ciara are stunned to come across unconscious Julie at the park … Gabi arrives and stands between Stefan and Kate. She urges him not to break the law. He is finally a free man and she loves him. He orders honey out of the way so he can off Kate once and for all. The staff all have the night off and he assumes his wife will lie for him. Gabi confesses Kate helped her when she tried to get rid of Nick’s body once upon a time but he reappeared later! Such a thing could happen again. She implores him not to risk their relationship, their happily ever after … Ciara calls for an ambulance as Ben checks for a pulse. Julie opens her eyes and cries out not to kill her! Ben assures her it is alright …

Viv informs curious Jack she merely remembers Eric and Jen being toooo nosy. Jack explains Rolf’s serum helped Will to remember. He wonders whether Rolf also helped her remember … Jen and Eric emerge with Holly’s blanket. They now know she was here! Eric snaps to start talking. Viv tells them Nicole and Holly escaped … Updo Sarah asks Kayla about Rolf, the biggest never die in Salem history after Stefano, that is …Kayla confirms he is dangerous and gets why Sarah is worried. She suggests she call Eric and walks away … Eric gasps they got away? Jen wonders whether they made it to Salem. Viv wonders whether they were caught by the guards. Rolf reveals Kristen would never allow two Nicoles as that would ruin her plan. He has been unable to reach her. Eric rages at him. Rolf replies Kristen only hired him to wake the dead. Jack asks how intact Vivian’s memory is. She sighs she even remembers her sweet son … Stefan glares daggers at Kate, the gun still aimed at her. Dangerous drums play. Then he puts it down. Kate thanks Gabi. Stefan suggests she not make him mad again. She storms out with a bottle … Gabi laments she could not loooooose him. He says the same and they kiss in bliss …

Ciara insists Ben only wants to save Julie. Ben assures her an ambulance is en route and administers CPR … Jen is amazed Rolf was able to restore Viv’s memory and asks him to do the same for Jack. She and their children need him! Jack is disappointed when he declares the last of the antidote was destroyed in the explosion. Jen offers him a lab at the hospital. Jack offers fully funded research. Rolf wants no oversight. Jack agrees. Rolf is ready to go. Eric, however, decides to stay for any leads on Nicole as the guards who nabbed her might return. The others depart and he asks drinking Viv a few questions. Ring ring! Sarah calling. Eric is still holding Holly’s blanket in his hand … Back at DiMera mansion, Stefan is glad about Gabi but sighs his mom is still deceased. An unknown number calls. Tis mommy dearest! Meantime Gabi remembers her run-in with Julie, convinced she was faking … Julie is rushed into the ER. Ciara runs in with Ben and begs Kayla not to let her die. She will do her best. Ben holds the girl he loves as time seems to stand still …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, September 2, 2019