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Episode 13,695
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jolly Julie dances alone at the club. Eli and Lani smile at the scene. She exclaims she is free at last… At DiMera mansion Gabi hopes Kate is out on her fanny as Stefan finishes a call with Shin … Kate taunts prisoner Kristen cos she runs DiMera now. “You lose, beech!” … Jen comes to see JJ bearing a big idea. Rolf could be alive like the rest of them! JJ suggests they speak with Kristen. Jen declares she is making a deal with the D.A. … Eric updates Sarah on Jack siding with them. The D.A. must make the deal with Kristen. Then they find Holly … Sarah adds and Nicole. She knows what that means … Julie gushes Chloe is gone at last so she is free at last! Eli looks serious …Stefan informs Gabi that Shin thinks Kate can bring stability but they are still on payroll. Stylish Gabi gushes as a team they are still unstoppable against Kate … Kristen quips not to get too comfy. Kate taunts she is headed for the slammer. Kristen decides now they are enemies. Jack enters to speak to Kristen alone. Kate wishes her the worst and departs. Jack now informs Kristen she got her deal. He suavely sits and asks her to answer an important question. When did she last see Dr. Rolf? When the warehouse blew up. He calmly inquires whether the mad scientist survived. Kristen coos she holds the key to helping the mayor get his memory back …

Eli gives Julie a talk about quoting Dr. King in a somewhat humorous way. She states she marched and protested back in the day. He notes some would be offended by her quotes. She thinks he thinks she is racist … Gabi boasts she is Gabi Chic and Kate is an outsider. Stefan confirms it is the major money maker, admires her spirit and they kiss. She gushes it is going to be sweet when they bring her down. They kiss again, about to head to bed. Enter catty Kate … Jack wants to know Rolf’s whereabouts. Kristen quips he is babysitting Nicole and Holly. Jack needs an address. She demands her freedom first. And she knows Jack needs her to get his life back … Sarah assures Eric she supports his search for the love of his life for if he does not find her he will always wonder. Eric the tormented hero tries to change the subject but she anticipates a broken heart anyway and suggests they call it quits … Julie gets defensive. Eli suggests she be less racially insensitive towards Latina Gabi as well. She snaps she shoved her down the stairs. Eli urges her to be more careful with her words. She cries she speaks her mind and loves Eli and Lani. They love her back. She admits it hurts but she will try to do better. Now to discuss the engagement party! Eli sighs they are not having it here. Julie’s face falls …

Back at DiMera mansion Kate and Gabi hurl insults. Kate calls herself the boss. Stefan sides with Gabi and adds Kate killed his mother. He then orders her out. She announces she is moving in … Back at the loft JJ updates Jen on Tripp heading to California for med school. He is happy for him. Jen explains Eve was to blame for all the bad decisions Jack made. JJ notes he is not a man of integrity. Jen still believes he used to be. JJ warns her what if he regains his memory and stays the same as now … Jack wants Kristen to sign a paper. She reads and refuses to accept his deal … Julie wonders what the problem is. Lani admits she is a little superstitious. Eli agrees. John and Marlena’s anniversary party went to hell and then there was … Julie offers to clean the place of bad karma with smudging … Back at DiMera mansion Kate gets herself a drink, smoothly states Shin came to her, and tells new team Stefan and Gabi to help her make DiMera a success. Stefan refuses. Kate now officially apologizes for lying about Stefan to the cops but Kristen threatened her kids. She warns him crazy cupcake Kristen still wants the company so unless he supports her he could wind up working for that one …

Kristen is mad that Jack wants her to wait at the station until Nicole and Holly are found. If he wants Rolf he has to release her right now … Sarah knows Nicole is the love of Eric’s life. He claims he cares about Sarah and admits he feels numb right now. She is happy if Nicole is alive for Holly but a part of her wishes Nicole was not alive. She weeps for being a bad person. Eric holds her … Julie lists the names of many who brought negativity to the club. Lani explains smudging, which originated with the Native Americans, to Eli. Julie cannot wait to get a cleansing kit and apologizes for saying “black magic.” Eli assures her that is alright and his happy grandmother goes. Eli hopes he did not hurt her. Lani praises him for being honest. She knows Julie appreciated it … Jen patiently points out JJ had an idealized vision of papa Jack. He is a good meeeeean with an ambitious side but he always tried to be better. JJ wonders whether she has high hopes for his memory. She does but it might not end well. JJ promises she will never lose him. Mother and son embrace …

Kristen does not want to be double crossed. Mayor Jack reasons she could run off without giving them a real address. Kristen counters she wants DiMera and will not run. Jack patiently points out her track record is not good enough for an act of good faith so what’s it gonna be … Jen and JJ are soon surprised by a visit from excited Jack. Kristen gave a Chicago address so he is on his way to find Nicole, Holly and Rolf. JJ asks alone? Indeed as the Salem PD does not have Nashville jurisdiction and that was the location of the warehouse. Jen insists on coming with. They bicker, talk a mile a minute, and take off together just like the old days. Overwhelmed JJ watches … Eric calls Sarah a good person. He now gets the call. Jen and Jack are Chicago bound as Kristen gave an address. Heartbroken Sarah wishes him luck and strangely says bye. When he leaves she breaks down … Back at the station Eli is miles away in thought and laments to Lani he was too hard on Julie … Gabi bumps Julie at the square. Julie asks for a word. Gabi walks away. Julie scurries after her … Jen puts her ear to room 504 in Chicago, Jack and Eric right behind her. She knows someone is in there but refuses when Jack suggests she stand away from the door. Eric agrees with Jack but as they decide who will open the door, Jen takes action. Eric and Jack are right behind her. They soap stare in unison and she gasps at the sight inside … Kate triumphantly tells Stefano’s portrait she will bring the house of DiMera back to its glory days. Stefan arrives and explains he had Harold unpack her things. He then gets out a gun that was found in her bag. This belonged to his mother! He aims it at her and threatens to kill her … Julie stops Gabi at the park and starts to apologize for calling her racist names in the past. They argue. Gabi suggests she drop dead. Julie goes silent, holds her hand over her heart and falls to her knees. Gabi does not seem to realize what is really happening...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, August 30, 2019