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Episode 13,694
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Redeye Chloe comes into the club. Brady asks about her NYC audition. She pours coffee and asks about the party … Jen is at the pub pouring over her story about the undead DiMera siblings. Hope arrives with coffee and a whole chocolate cake. She wishes she had realized what was happening with dead Ted and Kristen. The coffee flows. Hope wonders whether she could have saved Ted … At the hospital Jack rages on the phone to Adrienne about her coverage not showing he put both bad DiMeras behind bars. Kayla scoffs. He asks for her assistance … JJ and Haley are ready to head to mama Melinda’s place to stay temporarily. Tripp arrives and stops them … Melinda says no when Eric explains Kristen wants to trade info on Holly and Nicole in return for immunity … At the Kiriakis mansion Sarah sadly listens to Eric’s message apologizing for needing time now that Nicole is alive. Here comes Xander who deduces she did not spend the night with Eric. He is sorry she got dumped so she slaps him and snaps like hell … Brady ends the tale of Kristen the Nicole imposter and insists to Chloe tis true. Chloe gasps they slept together! Brady bears more big news. As per Kristen little Holly lives and Nicole too. The songbird is stunned. He explains Eric is working to find where they are … Melinda warns Eric not to have false hope and lists Kristen’s crimes. However, he fears Nicole and Holly have been locked in a DiMera dungeon. She refuses to be Kristen’s sucker and cuts the conversation short … Sarah screams that slap was for Xander’s lies. Besides Eric did not drop her. She is just giving him time to deal with … Xander warns there will be nothing standing between Eric and Nicole now. She pouts just her …

Tripp announces he has decided to depart … Kayla hears that Eve is suing Jack and quips others should sue him. He secretly seeks a copy of the footage of Eve stealing Rolf’s diary. Kayla wants to cut a deal. She will help if Jack is nicer to Jen. She deserves more respect … Hope puts down her fork and alludes to Ted as a noble victim. Jen reminds her he was involved for money. Hope knows and eats cake, then laments he did love her. Jen is silent …Chloe is disgusted by Kristen’s deception. Brady felt something was off. Chloe calls her a user. He mutters she claimed he wanted her deep down. Chloe wonders whether he does … Updo Sarah suggests Xander stop with the fake sympathy and tell them where Holly and Nicole are. He insists Kristen did not share that with him. Sarah calls him names. He sweetly swears he would tell her if he knew. She screams he even made Maggie drink again but for some strange reason she thinks he cares. Xander does care about mother and daughta … Eric reminds Trask that she went above the law for her own daughter and many risked jail for her, starting with JJ but Trask is testy about taking risks and decides they are done …

Tripp is off to medical school in California. JJ and Haley congratulate him. He wishes them both the best and apologizes. Haley knows he wanted to help. JJ assures him no hard feelings. Tripp is happy about his new start and leaves to say goodbye to Kayla … Jack disagrees that Jennifer is perfect. Kayla reminds him how rotten Eve was, whereas Jen is a good woman. She suspects he is scared. He calls her condescending. She agrees to get him his footage and urges him to consider what she said … Hope keeps eating the chocolate cake by herself and asks Jen about Jack. Jen is still disheartened that Eve destroyed Rolf’s diary. She gasps. Now that they know Rolf is probably alive they could find the mad scientist to get Jack his memories back. Her blue eyes shine with hope … Tripp comes to tell Dr. Kayla he is returning to his medical studies. She is his inspiration. She smiles and suggests she pulled some strings to get him in … Haley loves this return to happiness as JJ holds and kisses her. Knock knock! Tis mama Melinda Trask. She has the keys and wants to make Haley her fav dumplings. Her face falls when she hears they will not be moving in after all … Back at the station Jack suggests Eric stop bugging him as he supports his D.A.’s decision. Eric argues Nicole would return to him if she could. He reminds Jack he escaped the warehouse by the grace of God. How about Nicole’s chance? He snaps the spineless mayor should step up …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Xander claims he had no choice with Kristen … Sarah screams he took Kristen’s money and assumes he wants more. He calmly replies he knows not where Holly and Nicole are but Sarah does not believe him … Brady reflects on wanting to believe Nicole forgave him for everything. He is sorry Chloe blamed herself for Holly when she was alive all along. Chloe wants Holly and Nicole found. She now gets an unexpected call … The opera singer is invited to New York for the next opera season. Brady is thrilled but Chloe hesitates … Kayla knows Tripp will be a dedicated doctor. However, she hopes he is not going away because of … JJ and Haley have decided to stay at the loft. Melinda puts on her frozen face, claims work has been busy and leaves. Haley shuts the door. JJ could see she was a little disappointed and finds it sweet she wanted to spend time with Haley … Xander assures Sarah she can say what she feels with him … Jen approaches as Eric urges Jack to make Kristen an offer so she cooperates. Jack says no again and again. Jen warns him his own future depends on it …

Brady encourages Chloe to follow her opera dream. He notes if Nicole is alive, Holly only needs her mom. He promises they will find her and Chloe can be part of her life. But she deserves her opera career … Jen reasons the road to Nicole and Holly could also be the road to Rolf. Kristen could know where he is! Eric agrees. Jen argues only Rolf can help Jack get his memory back. Then he might remember his kids. Jack considers … JJ and Haley sit on the sofa and he sighs he wishes he was in a better place with his dad. She kisses him and makes him feel better … Catty Melinda approaches Hope at the park and hands her a letter from Ted. She had to read it as commiss but it was not connected to the case … Chloe and Brady hug goodbye … Tripp assures Kayla he has long wanted to return to med school. Kayla gushes Steve is going to be proud and hugs the good son … Eerie music plays as Hope sits alone with Ted’s last letter to her … Sarah is mad at Xander and torn about the truth. He apologizes for making matters worse. She breaks down because she does not feel like a good person for feeling it would be easier if Nicole was not alive. Could she and Xander be two of a kind? He gazes down at her … Jen talks truth. Jack decides to speak to his D.A. Eric senses a deal. Jen senses the return of her real husband, Nicole and Holly. Eric vows to find Nicole if it is the last thing he does ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, August 29, 2019