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Episode 13,693
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Ben fills Ciara in on the latest Salem scandal. They start to worry about Stefan and Gabi’s whereabouts cos of the Kristen case. Here they come … Victor has a visit with Kate. He blasts her for lying to his face about Shin and getting cozy with the competition … On their comfy couch John and Marlena talk Kristen, what it means to Brady and Eric. Marlena is sorry for Eric that Nicole did not survive … At the Kiriakis mansion Sarah questions Eric going with Xander. Maggie can see she is stressed … Kristen mutters she will never give up on Brady … Outside the room Eric calls Kristen a liar but Brady really believes Holly is with Nicole. He reveals their deal – Nicole got Holly and Kristen got Nicole’s identity. Xander stares in silence … Ben and Ciara are stunned to hear Gabi and Stefan were stuck in the wine cellar. Gabi gets mad at Ben, who explains they were about to start searching and only just found out ... Gabi fires him regardless … Sarah admits she is emotional and assumes it is worse for Eric. She prays Holly is found and the nightmare ends. She wishes she could spare Eric of the sorrow. Maggie smiles she loves him much. She does and knows Nicole was the love of his life … Maggie gives her pretty daughter a pep talk … Brady gives Eric the details of Kristen’s deal. Eric finds it hard to believe Nicole was dead and now alive. Brady argues Nicole would have accepted the offer from Kristen. Eric rages Kristen is a killer. Brady notes she would not harm a child and explains she is after immunity for more information. Eric demands to see her. She smirks when he walks in with a death stare …

Victor growls about Kate and Shin. She tries to lie but it is no use. He tipped the bartender. She admits she was approached by Shin to become CEO of DiMera. But did she defect? … John fears Kristen could still have Brady in her sphere of influence … Kristen coos hellooooooo. Eric calls her latest a new low and accuses her of lying that Nicole is alive. She tries to excuse herself. Eric warns her Brady still hates her. She suggests they celebrate and swears on her love for Brady that Nicole is alive so how about being nicer so he can contact her … Ciara argues Ben is the best security head. Gabi snaps they were locked in the wine cellar. Stefan argues Ben is not to blame and he is indeed the best. He teases being locked together was a good thing. Gabi rehires Ben, who assures Mr. and Mrs. DiMera they will not regret it. Once alone, they kiss. She decides to check on sleeping daughter Arianna … Kate insists to Vic that she turned down Shin. He scoffs at her claim of loyalty. She declares she kept her distance from DiMera cos of Kristen but she could accept now – unless Victor agrees to replace Brady with her as head of Titan …

Back at the station Brady is peeved by Xander’s presence. Xander had no idea Holly was with Nicole. Brady snaps he has been scummy with Eric due to jealousy. Xander claims he is happy Nicole survived and suggests Brady be happy about it as well. But still Brady is not smiling … Sarah informs Maggie she will be there for Eric as they finally move forward without Nicole in the picture. She wants him to be happy. If only she knew …

Kristen taunts Eric to talk to the D.A. cos she needs immunity. Get her a deal or never see Nicole again. Eric explodes and grabs her in a chokehold raging to reveal where Nicole is. Kristen screams to wake the undead. A cop and Brady race in and pull him off. Brady yells at his brother to leave her alone … Maggie sighs it was true she saw Kristen in that red dress at Nicole’s door. But now she is sober and Vic even gave her a ten week pin. They are back on track … Kate coldly insists she would be a better CEO than Brady and his drama. She deserves it. Victor soap stares … Xander finally gets his moment alone with Kristen, who tells off the traitor. He replies he knows how to help her get immunity with a show of good faith …Ciara and Ben walk at the park. She hopes Gabi will let them stay at their sweet gatehouse. Ben believes Stefan will convince her to let them keep their place. Ciara loves the sound of that. Their place. He romantically admits he has wanted this bliss since the day he found her. T’was an act of fate. And then he kisses her … Stefan ends a call with Shin. Gabi returns from checking on Ari and insists she is still CEO. He reminds her he was wrongly accused and the board will want to get things back to normal. Will that pose a problem?

Kate argues as Andre’s widow she could step in at DiMera within seconds. The perfumed powerhouse notes Victor must make the best biz decision. But he knows better and glares at her extended hand … John drawls he and doc should enjoy the remaining moments of their anniversary. It does not get any more beautiful. He promises without Kristen in the picture it will be smooth sailing. And then he kisses her … Kristen whispers Xander can go to hell. He insists she owes him. She hisses she owes him nothing … Brady will call the D.A. and arrange a meeting. He urges Eric to go home and rest. He will call him as soon as he hears anything. Eric departs. Brady lets out a long sigh. He knows there are no guarantees … Exhausted Eric comes back to his apartment as Kristen’s claim Nicole is alive alive alive rings in his ears … Gabi got used to giving orders not taking them. She teases Stefan he liked her being on top and he kisses her … Eric summons unsuspecting Sarah to come over and talk. Maggie gets a bad feeling … Xander murmurs Kristen must give before she gets. She hisses she will get Brady, DiMera and revenge on him! A police guard arrives to escort her away as Brady leaves a message for Melinda Trask. Kristen pauses and thanks Brady for saving her life … Ben holds Ciara and romantically praises her even for the way she stood up for him. He gushes he is a lucky guy and knows his real home is with her. He has never been so happy and loves her. She loves him back and they kiss in bliss … Marlena snuggles with John on the sofa and purrs this is the perfect after party. He gushes he will get the strawberries and whipped cream. Happy Anniversary doc … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor puts down his drink and admits to Maggie he met with Kate. She is leaving Titan cos he refused to replace Brady with her. The redhead hugs him … Kate sneers how sweet as Gabi and Stefan kiss. He is furious at her. She warns they will have to work with her from now on since she is new DiMera CEO … Kristen coos she knows Brady can feel their connection. He declares she disgusts him. She warns she will always be in his blood as she is carted off. Brady looks horrified … Sarah arrives assuming it is about Holly. Eric takes her hands and explains Kristen said Nicole is alive. She wonders whether he believes. The tormented hero intends to find out for himself …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, August 28, 2019