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Episode 13,692
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club Sonny laughs the airport driver will be serenaded by Susan. Will is amused but the mood gets serious when Sonny gets a text from the sitter who did not hear from Gabi … Stefan yells at the locked wine cellar door. Gabi suggests he settle down. He wants to discuss what went down between them. She pretends she knows not what he means … At the station Tony has unfairly been booked. Lani is waiting for his holding cell. Anna assures her darling she will raise his bond but Lani warns Trask is calling him a flight risk … At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie, Sarah and Eric angrily question Xander when he insists tis true that Nicole’s daughta did not die … Brady is astounded as Kristen announces Holly is with her mother. He saw Nicole lose her life! Kristen claims she saved her … Maggie senses Xander speaks the truth and weeps Holly lives. Eric demands to be taken to her. Xander only knows Kristen insisted she was in good hands … Kristen recounts how Eric and Brady ran to rescue Nicole. She watched Brady hit Eric on the head to remove him from the inferno. He asks how she got Nicole out. She pulled her through an open vent before the building collapsed. Nicole was grateful but worried about Holly. Kristen made her an offer – her baby in exchange for her life, though she really is referring to her identity …

Xander hopes Maggie and Sarah can see his sincerity. Eric rages what monster might have Holly now … Kristen assures Brady she reunited Nicole with her daughter. Brady blasts her for demanding her identity. He wonders whether Nicole was willing to make the deal. Kristen muses she may have been tied to a chair. Brady coldly eyes her and asks why he should believe her … Will is unable to reach Gabi by phone. Sonny argues she might be busy with biz. When he mentions her leaving her phone behind when he saw Nicole at the mansion Will exclaims that was Kristen … Gabi claims to loathe Stefan … Anna cries beside dapper cuffed Tony that he might be locked away from her. Tony suddenly remembers Kristen said she locked Stefan and Gabi in the DiMera wine cellar and gets concerned. Anna exclaims he can make a deal with the difficult D.A. He is touched by her hope. She offers to call his lawyer to begin the negotiations. Alas he knows not if the two hostages are even alive. They have been in that hellhole without food or wata …

Stefan is bored of Gabi’s anger. He hated her as well but he could see her passionate genius and fell hard. Gabi is surprised. He gasps they might not make it out and he does care for her …Sonny updates Will on how Nicole was acting strangely and wishes he had seen through it. Will deduces Gabi might not have left DiMera mansion at all as Kristen claimed … Kristen coos she would do anything to be with Brady … Eric continues to rage at Xander. Sarah asks for a moment alone … Xander appeals to Maggie. He acted in good faith when he said Holly was alive … Eric whispers to Sarah he does not necessarily believe Xander but why would he lie? If Holly is alive he will make good on his promise to Nicole and will find her. Sarah wants to be by his side and they embrace … Brady tries to blow off Kristen the liar, who claims he is only lying to himself cos when she touched him … He snaps to stop. Kristen continues. She was always Kristen when they were in bed. She tells him to trust her again. He dares her to trust him first … Anna insists they wait until they can use the info to get Tony freed. He gasps he has to know if the hostages are alright. Anna reminds him he did not want Stefan to run the family biz but now seems ready to risk his freedom and their future for Vivian Alamain’s bastard. Tony pauses …Gabi acts like it was only an affair. Stefan boasts he opened his heart even when he knew she was out to break it … Will has left a message for Rafe, who seems to be on a stakeout. Man of action Sonny does not want to wait and suggests they head to DiMera mansion. Wil notes they would not be let in and suggests they start with Kristen, who is at the station. They are on their way …

Brady has a hard time believing Kristen unless she tells him where Nicole is now. He alludes to her having a slight chance with him if she trusts him … Eric decides to depart for a confrontation with Kristen. Maggie and Sarah think that is a bad idea. Maggie suggests they send someone Kristen would be willing to speak to instead. All eyes are upon Xander. This is his big chance to prove he is a changed man. Maggie asks him to go to Kristen and find out where Holly is. Sarah urges him to do it for Holly, for her mom, for her. Xander starts to melt … Kristen suspects if she gives Brady Nicole’s location he will turn his back on her. She therefore demands a new deal – immunity for everything … Gabi confesses she did want to destroy Stefan. However, along the way she fell for him. He smiles and she wishes he would stop. She babbles about Brady’s warning and admits she fell in love. Stefan is about to kiss her when glamorous Anna DiMera waltzes in with water for both. They are grateful to see her but she smiles it will take a little longer and locks them back in. They bang on the door … At the station Tony hears Will and Sonny gasping to Lani that Gabi is missing and might need help. Timing is everything …

Xander cannot say no to Sarah and lets her know this is for her. Eric accompanies him to make sure he does as promised … Brady tells Kristen he cannot help her cos new D.A. Trask is anti-DiMera. She quips make the call cos she would be bringing a mom and daughter back from the dead … Gabi cannot believe they were left and warns Stefan his water bottle could be poisoned. Stefan, however, is a believer and would rather not be rescued fast. The passionate pair pucker up … Tony kisses Anna on the cheek. She assures him Stefan and Gabi will be alright for another 24 hours. She wants to secure his freedom with the information. He sighs sorry to dahling for tis too late. He had to tell Will and Sonny where they were. It was the right thing to do … Will and Sonny open the wine cellar door, greeted by the sight of Stefan and Gabi smooching … Anna hyperventilates Tony will not have any leverage now. He has decided to be a good man always, one to make her proud. She kisses him. Lani lets him know the holding cell is ready. Anna assures him they will beat this charge but when he is led away, she breaks down … Brady believes Kristen sounds like she is threatening Holly and Nicole unless she gets a deal … Maggie holds Holly’s picture and weeps as Sarah agrees they have to bring her home. She must be scared … Brady emerges and runs into Eric and Xander. Eric heard Holly was alive. Brady now informs his brother that as per Kristen Nicole is also alive. Eric’s eyes fill with emotion. Nicole is the love of his life ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, August 27, 2019