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Episode 13,691
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club Sonny and Will credit Susan with catching Kristen. Sonny is grateful he got Will back last time she brought chaos to Salem. Will sighs but she unleashed a crazy chain of events … Outside Anna gasps Tony could not have killed anyone. He admits he did cost a man his life … At the dark park Eric apologizes to Sarah for acting emotional about Nicole and insists they tell Maggie together. She gets he is grieving Nicole … At the station Lani calls smug Xander sleazy. Eli is not impressed by him either. Xander suggests they get Kristen behind bars. Lani lets him know they already have her. The smile fades from his face … Brady calls Kristen a liar when she laughs she offed no one. She offers to spill all … Xander nervously asks how much Kristen confessed. Lani notes she did not confess to any deaths. Eli suggests another immunity deal. Xander excuses himself in a hurry. Lani gets upset about what happened to Holly and Eli hugs her … Sarah and Eric arrive at the Kiriakis mansion where glam Maggie asks all about the surprise party. Eric admits Kristen crashed it. The redhead blinks in bewilderment … Brady blames Kristen for what happened to Nicole, Holly and Ted. She explains t’was Tony who shot Ted … Anna weeps she thought Tony was a better man. He smoothly explains it was an accident Kristen held over his head, as well as her threats to his beloved Anna. He had to protect her and prays she understands …

Susan wants a drink. Sonny gives her a double shot. She gargles. Sonny suddenly realizes it was really Kristen who came to their door before. Will and Sonny do the Mexican mask and gun in the purse math. They were dealing with Kristen DiMera … Maggie realizes she really saw devil Kristen in a red dress but what was her angle? Sarah explains she was after DiMera … Tony confirms he would have done anything to keep his precious Anna alive. She throws her arms around him and admits he is her forever. He sighs but he will be accused also as Kristen’s accomplice. Anna feels they are free of Kristen. He hopes so. She suggests they go to the station but Tony is a man of the world. He argues the Salem. PD might not believe him … Kristen admits to Brady she moved Ted’s body to protect Tony after he shot him. She shares that it was Stefan’s dumb luck that led to his set up. Brady gets her to agree to cooperate with the cops cos she wants a chance with him … Anna argues Tony was being blackmailed by Kristen and refuses to risk losing him again. He gushes she is all that is good, bright and light. She feels the truth shall set him free …

Will and Sonny laugh they were confused when the real Susan came to their door just after the fake one. She reminds them she cares only for Roger. Sonny updates her on Kristen going after Brady. Sue fumes she made her and Mary Moira look like floozies … In her official statement to Lani and Eli, Kristen admits she set it up to make Ted’s death seem like a robbery. Now they will seek out Tony for his statement but warn Kristen she is still going to be investigated for Holly … Brady gets another moment alone with Kristen and tells her to look him in the eye and admit she also offed little Holly … Maggie hears the story about Kristen. Sarah and Eric also want her to know Kristen had an accomplice. Xander walks in and Sarah states there he is … Maggie rages at Xander, who claims Kristen would not let him out of her hooks. She blasts him for letting her believe she hallucinated Kristen. He regrets … Eric snaps he only regrets getting caught. Sarah screams he broke Eric’s heart. Eric gasps what he did to Holly was even worse than what he did to Nicole … Susan keeps drinking. Will and Sonny wish they had figured out that Kristen’s account was paying Xander sooner … Back at the station Lani wonders why Kristen would clear Stefan but not brother Tony. Eli suspects she is trying to tell the truth to prove her never-ending love for Brady … Brady denies ever loving Kristen. She counters he knew deep down she was not really Nicole when they made love …

Eli and Lani want a word with Tony, who arrives with Anna on his arm. Lani asks if he shot Ted cos Kristen said so. Alas he did. However his sister must have said it was an accident. Lani notes she did not. Eli notes she said he was aiding and abetting her. Anna updates him on Kristen’s threat – to off her if he did not keep his silence … Will and Sonny decide Susan has drunk enough … Brady denies wanting Kristen when he believed she was Nicole. She dares him to admit he felt their love and claims she knows he still wants her. Brady looks bothered … Maggie has a meltdown as Eric confronts Xander for kidnapping and killing Holly with Kristen. Xander insists he did no such thing as he loved little Holly. Sarah screams he drove her off a cliff as Maggie whimpers at the wickedness … Tony recounts how he wrestled the gun from Ted and it accidentally went off. He could not come forward when Stefan was arrested as Kristen threatened to kill the woman he loves. Anna adds he is innocent. Eli politely thanks him for cooperating. Perhaps Trask will make an immunity deal as she did with Xander. He steps away with Lani to see her … Tony and Anna are appalled Kristen failed to mention Ted was an accident. She smiles but they will begin their future when they leave the station. He smiles and kisses her …

Will believes Tony must have been blackmailed by Kristen as he is no bad guy. Sonny notes he is still a DiMera. Will thanks Susan his hero for saving Marlena … Maggie breaks down holding Holly’s picture as Sarah holds her. Sarah screams at Xander to get out. He insists he never harmed Holly and swears on his mother’s grave as Eric glares at him … Brady is disgusted Kristen harmed a child. She counters she is no monster … Susan sways on her feet. Sonny praises her for letting Kristen have it. Will calls her fearless. She cackles when he calls her a hero. She now asks them to get her a cab to the airport so she can go home to Roger …Tony wants to marry Anna again. She gushes they will have a great wedding and long honeymoon. Here come Eli and Lani with bad news about Trask’s decision. He apologizes for arresting Tony for Ted’s murder and slaps the cuffs on him …Xander argues Kristen would have offed him had he not helped her and announces Holly is alive … Brady gasps Holly lives? Kristen insists tis true. He orders her to reveal her whereabouts. She is with her mother. That means Nicole. Brady soap stares ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, August 26, 2019