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Episode 13,690
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


The champagne and heartfelt statements flow at the club … Replay of John the super sleuth ripping off Kristen’s Nicole mask after kissing Marlena. All stare in soap horror at the sight. Kristen growls like a wolverine. Brady gasps in disgust. Tony quietly considers. Anna is appalled he wed his sister. Eric notes she was never his Nicole. Kristen tries to run and is stopped. John and Marlena wait for her to explain. Hope and John warn Xander turned against her. Kate accuses her of kidnapping her and Ted and threatening her. She really believed she was Nicole. John accuses her of scheming to get Brady and states some of her words even sounded like Kristen not Nicole. Sarah is amazed the sci-fi mask Rolf sketched was actually real. Kristen hisses John is smart but she duped them all including Eric. Sarah holds him back. Hurt Brady demands an explanation. Obsessed Kristen whispers it was all for him. He recoils. Tony admits to Anna he agreed to help her but tis tangled … Eric turns and gasps to Sarah he is not alright when she asks. Kristen argues her case to Brady about saving Stefano’s company and getting back the love of her life with a little help from Rolf. Brady feels like a boyfriend betrayed. She cries she only wanted to be with him. Brady blasts her for stealing Nicole’s identity. Eli stands nearby ready to arrest her. Kristen hisses it would not have been easy even for real Nicole to reconcile with Brady. Eric asks if she means cos of him …

Kristen taunts Eric the so-called love of Nicole’s life. Sarah and Marlena urge him to ignore her. Kristen asks Brady to try and understand but he is disgusted beyond belief. She taunts Eric she used Holly as her excuse to reject him. Sarah is appalled she used the child’s death in her scheme. Kristen reminds Eric that he gave Holly to Chloe though Nicole wanted him to look after her. She laughs when Holly died Nicole could keep her distance from them. Sarah snaps she almost ruined mama Maggie. Kristen turns to John. Eric wonders what if Holly had lived. Hope accuses the DiMera of orchestrating the child’s demise. Kristen quips Hope is no commissioner. However, Eli is and he agrees with Hope. Brady does not believe the woman would harm a child. She thanks him and smiles Eric sent Holly to her grave just like Dan. Eric lunges. In the mayhem Kristen manages to get her gun and holds it against Marlena, who has become her hostage once again …

John stands between crazy cupcake Kristen and the crowd. She stops Will from approaching and taunts John maybe he will lose his beloved Marlena. He asks her to release her. No! She declares she and doc have had this date from the beginning. Hope starts to speak about her being the mystery woman who killed Ted. Kate also assumes it was her. Kristen cackles about Kate attacking Susan. Will wonders what Kristen did to her. Will and Sonny soap stare with worry. Marlena starts to warn her she better not have done anything but Kristen cuts her short. John asks her to let her go. But Kristen loves having her hands on the woman she wants to destroy. John offers himself instead. No deal. Brady steps up and decides to play the hero. If she lets Marlena go, then he is all hers. Kristen considers. Alas she doubts he would walk off into the sunset with her. Brady begs her and reminds her he left Eve for her. She does not trust him. Tony watches without a word. Kristen cries she wanted to come clean and wanted him to remember she was the woman he loved. She was hoping for a happily ever after. However, the commiss will not let it happen. Brady suggests they work something out. She knows Brady would betray her and heads for the door with her human shield. Whack! Susan hits her on the head with a tray and Kristen goes down! John praises her for the good job. She smiles she will let no one hurt her friend Marlena … John hugs his baby and assures her it is over, she is alright …

The police take over as Marlena, John and Brady praise Susan. Brady and John are here if ever she needs anything. John steps away to speak with Brady for a second. Brady hates being a sucker but is relieved Marlena is alright. John praises him for his courage. Brady heads to the station to demand answers from the beech that has been carted off … Abe sighs to Hope he is relieved Theo is not in Salem and wonders about the real Nicole … Roman wants to talk to Eric about what this all means regarding Nicole. Eric gasps he cannot talk now and leaves with Sarah, who promises Roman she will not leave him alone … Roman realizes Kate is stressed. They hug and she sighs in relief it is over …Tony notices the sweet moment and tells Anna. She reminds him he was going to explain … Lani and Eli have Kristen cuffed to a table at the station. They suggest she start writing her statement and reminds her she is a wanted fugitive. She demands an attorney. They leave and she growls like a lion, struggling with her cuffs, flipping her mane …

Sue finds her purse on the floor of the club office and tells the story of Kristen trying her up. Will and Sonny were worried! She explains the Nicole mask started to come off, then she was bound and gagged. She tied her way out with her infamous teeth! Will and Sonny are speechless. Marlena hugs her and wonders how to thank her as John watches … Roman and Kate have a much needed drink. Abe acknowledges Kate went through hell. Kate gasps Kristen threatened to kill her kids. Hope understands one must protect one’s family … Outside Anna is appalled Tony actually wed his sister. He notes it was in name only and the DiMera legacy was at stake. Anna adds she offed people. He laments she was not the only one …

Eric is strangely silent at the park with Sarah. He hangs his head. She is here. He knows. Eric is reeling from what Kristen did to Holly. But the hateful woman he believed was Nicole was not her. Sarah knows he loved Holly and the real Nicole with all his hopeful heart. Eric laments he lost his Nicole in the explosion. She can never come back … Brady asks Lani and Eli to let him see Kristen while they wait for her holding cell. He can convince her to cooperate. Eli urges him to be careful … Brady saunters into Kristen’s room and stares her down. He demands she confess for all those she killed. She cackles and counters she killed no one but does Brady believe her?!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, August 23, 2019