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Episode 13,689
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady greets Abe at the festive club. It will be a night to remember … Eli sighs to Lani he has yet to hear from Trask on Xander. He worries whomever kidnapped Kate and Ted could still be among them. Meanwhile outside the club Hope tells Kate she knows she lied about Stefan. She also knows Nicole was involved … Back in Nicole’s room Tony is appalled Kristen wants him to commit murda and wants to take off for the party … John is more than surprised to see Susan at his door. She whispers she is here for the anniversary party. He wonders who invited her he the host did not. Sue stops smiling … Anna admires her ring at the pub gushing about her engagement to Roman, who reminds her it is to get back Tony … Kristen cackles declares being Nicole is more fun than being that dingbat Susan … Susan informs John that Brady invited her. He reasons Marlena is in the next room and warns her to keep his surprise a secret. Marlena emerges in an elegant cream colored pantsuit. She greets Susan in surprise … At the Kiriakis mansion suited Will informs suited Sonny that Gabi did not call Ari to say goodnight. Sonny is surprised. He adds he has being digging into whomever was paying Xander from the account in Kristen DiMera’s name. Will notes a live Kristen would be a Brady stalking Kristen so she is probably not alive …

Marlena asks Susan how she is. Well and she winks Marlena looks like she is heading to a party. Marlena declares they are going out to dinner, just the two of them. John goes to get dressed. Marlena suggests Sue say nothing about her surprise to John and adds she is supposed to be at Doug’s Place … Kate admits to Hope she is afraid but refuses to talk. Hope gets a text and replies no matter. Xander is meeting with the D.A. as they speak. He is giving the name of the big boss. Tight lipped Kate hopes her nightmare is almost over … Suited Eric admires glam sweet Sarah and steals a kiss. He insists Nicole is not the one that he wants and they head to the party … The guests are at the club awaiting the guests of honor. Abe wants a word with Brady, who updates him on why Nicole wed Tony. T’was a biz decision. He boasts he and Nicole are back together as a couple ... Tony advises Kristen to behave. She gushes she just got Brady back so no worries. However, when Tony goes to change his suit she gets her gun just in case. Dangerous music plays …

Tacky Susan calls John and Marlena Elvis and Pricilla when he emerges in his suit. Marlena sends her off to see Sonny and Will. John whispers to head to Doug’s Place and gets rid of her. Then he gushes sweetheart is gorgeous and kisses her like he means it …At the club Brady is floored as Sonny explains his investigation into the Kristen/Xander money trail. Brady worries a live Kristen would ruin his relationship with Nicole … Eli and Lani discuss the D.A.’s Xander meeting with Hope while they wait with bated breath. Lani laments Kate knows more than she is saying … Recently arrived Tony tells Brady and Nicole not to make him look like a fool in front of the town. Here come Roman and Anna, who loudly flashes her engagement ring. Ro hauls her off needing a drink. Tony looks testy … Sarah walks in on Eric’s arm. They waltz over to Brady. Eric declares a truce for tonight. Brady gets a text. The guests of honor are here. Susan comes in first. Brady is less than thrilled to see her. Kate soap stares and wonders whether she is really Kristen … John lets Marlena know how lucky he feels and they emotionally kiss before walking into … SURPRIIIISE! Brady lets the bewildered pair know they had the same idea. John grins tis proof they were meant to be. Marlena gushes she already knew that and he roguishly romantically kisses her. The guests applaud. Time to get the party started … Kate hisses at Susan and accuses her of wanting to kill her. She tries to pull off her disguise. Susan screams like a banshee. John, Sonny and Will stop her. Kate claims Sue had something stuck in her teeth … John now approaches Brady and Nicole. He assures Nicole he only wants his son happy. Brady checks on the food. Fake Nicole assures him she will do right by Brady. John looks more suspicious by the Salem second …

Susan is surprised to meet Tony DiMera, the Andre lookalike and updates Sonny and Will on seeing her own lookalike Sister Mary Moira recently … Roman assures Marlena his engagement to Anna is a ruse to make Tony jealous. Anna admits it might not be working… Tony softly notes the nun was really Kristen, who claims she will have to shut Susan up … John stands with Marlena, torn he has not been able to warn Brady about Nicole’s involvement in Ted’s murder. Here comes Abe, admitting Nicole now seems to be a different person. John observes like a hawk … Susan denies to Brady she tried to kiss him cos her heart belongs to Roger. Nicole hauls her to the ladies room …Sarah approaches Tony, asking about Rolf. Tony patiently points out the man was insane. Sarah saw his sci fi mask renderings. John drawls did it work? She knows not … Brady announces the time has come for the first dance. John slow dances with his queen of the day and night as Tony and Anna exchange longing glances. She walks out …

Nicole/Kristen has Susan alone and pulls a gun on her … The guests enjoy champagne. Kate assumes Maggie did not attend due to the alcohol and says so to John and Marlena. She repeats to suspicious John that slap happy Maggie even thought she saw Kristen DiMera in a red dress opening Nicole’s door … Eli gets the call he was waiting for … Tony joins Anna outside in the moonlight and suggests she stop with the games. She weeps he was the love of her life and it has been hard so he can go to hell. He grabs her in a passionate kiss … Eli explains to Hope and Lani that as per Xander his boss was one Kristen DiMera … Nicole tries to get Brady to leave with her for a word. He wants to stay for John and Marlena’s toast. He can see she is nervous … Anna swoons. Tony apologizes. However he cannot leave Nicole now. She storms off … John thanks the guests, explaining one year ago today he almost lost the love of his life. He raises his glass to Marlena, marveling how lucky he is. They kiss and the blonde gets emotional about the last 33 years with the man she loves. Theirs is a tale of adventure … Hope mutters to John that Kristen is Xander’s boss … Marlena continues her speech about her soulmate …Hope and John quietly wonder who Kristen could be and how she could go undetected among them. The ISA expert puts together all the clues in his magnificent mind. Marlena toasts her dearest love. They kiss. Nicole starts to leave with Brady but John stops her. He confronts her for kidnapping Kate and killing Ted. Brady insists Nicole would not … John grabs her by the face and rips off the mask. Shock and awe. Brady gasps oh God. Kristen the she devil growls as John holds up her Nicole mask. GOTCHA!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, August 22, 2019