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Episode 13,688
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In the wine cellar Gabi dares Stefan to confess he cares …After a happy hug with John, Marlena steps away to make sure her calendar is clear. He calls Chloe at the club whispering doc will be surprised … Dapper Tony runs into Anna at the square and smiles. He hopes she will attend the John and Marlena party tonight. She taunts she is attending with Roman her fiancé … Eric approaches Roman at the pub. Rex texted his father about finding a place in Chicago. Eric feels terrible. Roman sighs Sarah and Rex were not mean to be. He praises Eric for admitting his feelings. About that … Sarah drops by the club to leave her gift. She will not be coming with Eric. Chloe wonders whether their fight was about Nicole … Fake Nicole feigns surprise when Brady concludes she might know if Kristen is alive … Stefan changes the subject and pounds on the door. Princess Gabi deduces brother Rafe will find them and demands an answer. He claims he is a good guy, hence the rescue. He would have helped a dog … While he works at the pub Eric admits to Roman he went berserk on Brady when he heard he was with Nicole. Sarah assumed it was cos he still cares for her … Nicole innocently wonders what Brady means so he updates her on Kristen’s payments to Xander even after she was presumed dead. Did she see her at the warehouse? She deduces he might be hoping and decides to tell him …

John is writing at his desk when Marlena returns gushing her calendar is clear. He admits he was working on the Nicole project so she reminds him he has Hope and they have tonight. He grins and agrees. He is all hers. Marlena pauses. He senses something. She believes Brady has the right to know that Nicole might be alive … Nicole is interrupted when Tony comes back from shopping. Brady is heading to the club party for John and Marlena. She quips it sounds ridiculous when he adds John and Marlena are both trying to surprise one another but Tony the romantic calls it lovely. She turns and hopes he is escorting her. He warns Marlena might not want to see her. Brady believes Marlena will be fine but maybe not Eric … Anna enters the club and announces to Roman and Eric she just saw suave handsome Tony who is still wed to Nicole. Eric reasons it is not real. Anna thinks they are different people now. Eric agrees. She tells him to do as her and move on. Roman sighs … Sarah starts to tell Chloe that Eric discovered Brady and Nicole were … Chloe assumes he reacted. Sarah sadly states he seems to care for Nicole. Sarah’s feelings for Eric came between her and Rex but now she is facing the fact that Eric might not love her enough …

Stefan teases Gabi about what Rafe said about her grudge, regrets and more. When he uses the F word – feelings – that she has for him, she freezes … Chloe suggests both Sarah and Eric overreacted. The dust will settle. Sarah is still not sure she will be attending tonight, thanks her for the talk and takes her leave … John too is torn but they have no proof against Nicole. Marlena argues Brady should be on his guard. John drawls he would tip off Nicole. That means they must be the ones to keep him out of harm’s way … Nicole assures Brady she will not let Eric make a scene, sweetly kisses him, and sends him on his way. Tony warns her to tread with caution. Knock knock! Fed up Tony excuses himself to the bathroom to check his emails. Tis Eric, who naturally came to see Nicole … At the pub pretty Anna shows the beautiful engraved bowl she will give John and Marlena. Roman acts impressed. She gushes she got him a gift, pulls out a diamond ring and suggests he place it on his fiancée’s finger … Gabi lists all the things Stefan did against her and denies he ever had her heart. However she knows he came to the house for one reason only – her … Nicole warns Eric he is wasting his time. He just came to see how he felt. After all she was the love of his life and he asked God for another chance. His feelings for her never died. She taunts Tony her husband is here and her boyfriend his brother just left. Eric decides that is a clear answer and excuses himself …

As they hold hands, Marlena assures John he will feel when tis the right time to tell Brady … John has a surprise he thinks he should now share with the woman he loves … At the club Chloe informs Brady she is feeling stressed today as she has an operatic audition in New York. He is impressed. They talk party, Sarah having conflict with Eric and the fact that Brady is now with Nicole … Eric comes home to sorry babbling Sarah and insists he should apologize … In the wine cellar Stefan warns Gabi they might never get out alive. She decides it would do them both good to be honest … John shows Marlena the top of their wedding cake that he saved a year ago. She marvels he saved it when it was uncertain she would survive being shot. He had faith and he was right. Groom now feeds his bride the frosting. He breathes would she like more and she smiles nothing would make her happier. They share a sweet kiss … Eric explains to Sarah he went to see Nicole and felt nothing! That means Sarah is the only woman for him if she will have him … Tony returns to Nicole, who complains Eric came by but she blew him off. About that party …Tony feels tis time to end their fake marriage before Anna marries Roman. Kristen disagrees cos the board is still behind Gabi. Besides Gabi saw her mask fall off. She knocked her out but then Stefan showed up. Tony laments it was all for nothing but Kristen has an idea … Stefan and Gabi hiss they hate each other. She warns he will never get his company back. He sarcastically gives her the shirt off his back. She snaps she does not want it. He grabs her and growls what does she want …

Back at the pub Roman would rather not put a ring on Anna’s finger. She insists their engagement be believable to make Tony jealous and puts the ring on herself. Alas it gets stuck. She asks him to help. He warns he will not head to the altar. She coos she loves her perfect ring … Tony snaps they are sunk. Nicole lets him know she locked Stefan and Gabi in the wine cellar. Now what? She has no plan just yet. Tony gets exasperated. She picks up her gun and taunts he should off them the way he did Ted … Stefan gasps Gabi knows where this is going and they head to the bed … Eric states he loves Sarah, who states she loves him and they kiss …Brady is relieved when Chloe informs him Susan did not RSVP. She was not even on John’s list so she could spoil the surprise if she saw him … Marlena goes to change. John loves her just the way she is. Knock knock. He opens the door. Tis Susan, who squeals surpriiiiiiiiiise!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, August 21, 2019