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Episode 13,687
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stylish Marlena calls Chloe about the surprise for John and their dinner for two. He comes out and clears his throat. She wonders. He heard she has a secret … At the square server Tripp apologizes to Kayla again for getting sedatives for Haley. Kayla is happy to hear Haley is well and is sympathetic since he cares for the sweet girl. Tripp sighs she does not feel the same way… JJ gets Haley home to the loft, worried though she feels fine … At the Kiriakis mansion Will updates baffled Brady about Kristen making payments to Xander … Kristen cannot ignore Sonny the persistent knocker. Meanwhile down in the wine cellar Stefan starts to stir. Upstairs Sonny calls out for Gabi so crafty Kristen shuts the double living room doors … Will points out to Brady that Kristen’s secret account is still paying Xander … When Stefan opens his eyes in the wine cellar he sees sleeping beauty Gabi … Sonny senses someone is home and tries the unlocked front door … Kayla praises Tripp for helping Haley. He laments was too late when he fell for her … John was not trying to catch Marlena, who admits she hates keeping secrets from him. He did hear the word secret so she offers to explain … When Sonny walks in he sees Nicole cos Kristen got her face on in time and claims she was working with Gabi. He is flabbergasted Gabi did not fire her. Nicole suggests he go get the swimsuit for Ari. Sonny wants to know where Gabi is cos she would know where it is …

Down in the wine cellar Stefan thanks God when Gabi wakes up. She blames Kristen and wonders whether it was a dream. Stefan confirms she saw Kristen and that wicked woman locked them down here … Brady and Will discuss the possibilities, the third one being that Kristen walks the earth … JJ fusses over Haley who assures him she is fine. Her mild anxiety prescription is working. He woefully wonders why she confided in Tripp instead of him … Kayla worries about Tripp living at the loft with happy couple JJ and Haley … Will asks Brady if he believes. Brady states Maggie did say she saw her. What if she was right … Will‘s phone rings cos he has plans with Sonny. Brady hands him the John and Marlena anniversary party invites so they will attend. Will chuckles when he hears about John and Marlena both trying to surprise one another. The only difference in the guest lists is that Marlena invited Susan. Brady hopes she will not come … Marlena states her secret was that she went to speak to Nicole cos Chloe was concerned. She was not quite herself and has also been seeing Brady. John suspiciously asks her take on the situation. Marlena thinks she seems unstable. She could be capable of almost anything. John appreciates the assessment and announces he too has been hiding something …

Nicole claims Gabi was summoned to a last minute meeting. Sonny gets suspicious when he hears Gabi’s phone ring. She never forgets her phone anywhere! Nicole suggests he go get the swimsuit. He heads upstairs … Stefan believes Kristen is back to get DiMera away from himself and Gabi. She was about to strike her and they struggled. He got knocked out. Gabi remembers what went down and now drops a beech of a bombshell. Nicole has not been herself cos she is really Kristen … John admits he already knew Brady was back with Nicole. He also knows her marriage to Tony is in name only. He drawls he and Detective Hope have been investigating the Ted and Kate case. All roads now lead to Nicole, which looks bad for Brady … Brady asks Will to do interference if strange Susan attends. Will teases him … Stefan has difficulty digesting what Gabi is saying. Gabi explains. Kristen has been running around with a Nicole mask. She pulled it off! Stefan raises his eyebrows. She reasons she came back for Brady. Nicole is not this nutty. But Kristen DiMera sure is …

Kristen paces and complains to Stefano’s portrait. He has no answer … Tripp suggests he switch rooms with Haley and JJ. He is busy with work and study and will not be around a lot. Kayla wants him to be happy too … Haley reminds JJ he was having problems with Jack and she did not want to be a weak damsel in distress. JJ knows she is strong. They vow to be there for one another. And no more secrets. They pinky swear, exchange I love yous and romantically kiss. Tripp walks in and pauses … Will assures Brady that Suzy loves her Elvis Roger. Besides he is not her type. Brady remembers her strange kiss. Here comes Sonny with a story about Nicole acting stranger at DiMera mansion. Brady is stunned when he hears she claimed she had a work meeting with Gabi, who was nowhere … Stefan reveals to Gabi what Ciara and Ben overheard under Nicole’s bed when she spoke with Kate. Kate was referring to a higher power that was pulling the strings. It must be Kristen! She came back as Nicole for the DiMera power and her obsession, Brady …

Brady calls “Nicole,” notes Sonny said she was at the mansion and arranges to see her in a few … JJ and Haley stop kissing. Tripp welcomes Haley home and apologizes to JJ again. He was just trying to help. Haley assures him she is alright. He thanks God. JJ stays silent and Haley insists he is sorry for grabbing Tripp … John explains Kate seems to fear the person responsible for the abductions and believes that person killed Ted. Marlena assumes the person was working with Nicole. John has some leads. It seems Nicole is scared. He suggests doc stay away from her … Nicole kisses Brady at her suite door. He stops with a sigh and she wonders what is the matter … Stefan sighs he was about to have a contractor come down and make sure no one could ever get locked in the wine cellar again. However he wed Gabi and she kicked him out. She wonders why he still claims to hate her but he just saved her life … JJ appreciates all Tripp did for Haley. However, the time has come to move out … John wants doc to focus on tonight their original wedding anniversary, admits he made no fancy plans and suggests dinner at Doug’s Place with wine and appetizers. She giggles she had the same thing in mind. They hug. It will be the perfect table for two … Sonny and Will marvel over Marlena and John secretly surprising each other. Sonny now shares with curious Will that Gabi forgot her phone at DiMera mansion but still has not gotten it. He cannot reach her … Gabi asks Stefan why he saved her after all she did to him … Nicole asks what is wrong with Brady. He spoke with Sonny and Will and now cannot help but wonder about Kristen. Nicole notes it is not the first time he had her on his mind. He blurts out she might be alive …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, August 20, 2019