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Episode 13,686
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Maggie is surprised Sarah is waiting at the mansion when she returns from a Horton center meeting. The glam redhead asks how things are. Sarah gushes she got together with Eric … Eric impatiently tries to avoid Brady when he appears at his door asking for a word or two … Sonny excitedly shows Will Xander’s case of secrets. He suspects it will lead to the truth … At the club Kate reminds Shin the board was bad to her before. He reminds her hubby Andre was partly to blame. Still Kate is done with suffering … Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Gabi is aghast that Nicole is nothing but a Kristen, who now tries to intimidate her … Sonny admits to Will that Xander left his room attended so voila. Will is grateful and notes they could solve the whole kidnapping case and Ted’s murder but how to open … Brady sighs when Eric snaps he let Nicole marry Tony. Such madness! Brady points out she was just making a play for DiMera. Eric is even more floored … Gabi reasons Kristen has been the crazy version of Nicole and calls her disgusting. How could she bury Holly and blame Eric! Kristen scoffs she wanted him to stay away. Gabi also feels for Brady. Kristen gushes they got closer. Gabi rages Brady really hates her. Delusional Kristen talks deep love. Gabi warns he will reject her. Crazy cupcake Kristen boasts she won and will rid herself of the final obstacle – meaning Gabi …

Updo Sarah admits Eric had a hard time letting Nicole go but he knows she is not the same woman he once loved. Maggie is over the moon her daughter found her way to Eric the good … Eric is stunned Brady supported Nicole going after DiMera and marrying Tony in name only. He suspects he thinks he has a chance. Brady boasts they are already a couple again … Sonny tries to use the lock picking kit Paul left behind to open Xander’s case of treasures. Success! Sonny admires a bag of diamonds and wonders whether an ancient trinket is cursed. Will sees Sarah’s pic and they find a small bankbook with numbers. Will knows not how to access the account. Sonny grins he can get it done … Kate sarcastically suggests slick suit Shin have Nicole and Gabi run the company together. Alas the two Mrs. DiMeras are already at odds. He smoothly asks for her help … Gabi warns Kristen she does not scare her. The wig is not bad but marrying her own bro was nuts. She is heading for the slammer. Kristen grabs her hand when she gets out her phone and hisses not to try it …

Victor presents Maggie with a gift chip to mark her ten weeks without a drink … Back at the club Kate sips her martini and muses Victor hired her. She feels loyal. Shin reminds her Victor would rather have his grandson Titan CEO … Eric asks if Brady is sleeping with Nicole. He is and insists the marriage to Tony is in name only. Eric rages he took advantage of Nicole. Brady argues she made moves. Eric almost hits him but Sarah intervenes … Sonny gets his intel and updates Will on Xander’s secret account in the Caymans. Will gets in online and they see recent account activity. Repeated transfers from Italy. Tis an account number and Will wonders if it was Stefan … Gabi tries to text but Kristen hits her on the head and she goes down … Poodle princess Sarah demands an explanation. Brady boasts Eric got mad he is sleeping with Nicole and quips Eric stole his brother’s woman. Sarah hisses Eric respects the woman she is. Brady apologizes. Eric rages on. Brady bellows why does he even care cos Nicole does not wanna be with him … Shin doubts Kate likes answering to Victor’s grandson. She claims she gets respect. Shin warns she will never be in with the Kiriakis clan whereas she belongs with the DiMeras. In addition they could use her inside information on Titan … Victor smiles Maggie’s milestone means more than today’s stock prices. He regrets having Kate around caused conflict. She smiles she overreacted and is sorry. He calls Kate an employee whereas Maggie is his wonderful wife. They both feel lucky and he invites her out to dinner. They exchange emotional I love yous … Sonny’s IT contact texts shocking information. The account that was paying Xander belonged to a foreign shell company set up by Kristen DiMera …

Back at DiMera mansion Kristen is about to finish Gabi off with the statue when Stefan suddenly stops her. They struggle and he snatches it away, shocked she is alive. He demands to know what she did to Gabi. She growls she did what he should have when she stole the company. They struggle, she falls and he rushes to revive his beloved … Brady sighs he wants to be civil and hands Eric the invite to John and Marlena’s almost surprise celebration. Eric coldly accepts it. Brady warns he will attend with Nicole and walks out. Eric glares. Sarah gives him a look … Sonny and Will wonder how Kristen’s account could have made such recent transfers. Sonny suspects Stefan might be using the account or Xander is helping himself but before he and Will can continue, he gets a text from Ari’s day camp. They cannot reach Gabi and the girl forgot her swimsuit. Sonny states he will head to Gabi’s place to pick up an extra, kisses Will to keep trying to get more information and goes … Stefan is unable to revive Gabi and is about to call for help until … whack! Kristen strikes again and Stefan falls to the floor beside his beloved.

Brady calls “Nicole” and leaves a voice mail. He updated Eric on their relationship and it did not go well … Eric thanks Sarah for the glass of water. She sighs it seems to upset him that Brady is with Nicole. Eric claims he is concerned about her. Sarah listens in silence. He stammers she is not like the same person. Sarah acts sympathetic but reminds him she ended her marriage for him. Does Nicole still hold the key to his heart …? Eric reasons Brady was so bad to her … Sarah storms out so he can do some soul searching … Kate has her martini and her biz phone at the club. Victor arrives with Maggie who gets them a table as he approaches, asking if she was with Shin, whom he saw outside. Kate acts loyal, gets a text and excuses herself to a meeting after muttering about Gabi. The Greek tycoon glowers … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will has an announcement to make to Brady concerning Kristen … Kristen promises Stefan’s portrait she did not off his bastard for now and is about to move Gabi when … Ding dong! Sonny Kiriakis calling in person and he does not give up! Kristen considers her next move ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, August 19, 2019