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Episode 13,685
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Tony is astounded Anna and Roman are engaged so she kisses her fiancé … Gabi approaches Detective Rafe asking if he found anything to clear Stefan. He lowers his voice since that was off the record and wonders whether she changed her mind. He gets summoned to evidence. Gabi sneaks a peak at a Ted case file … Xander claims he will blow away Hope and John with his big reveal … In Nicole’s room Kate explains Ted told her how she knocked him out and dragged him to the DiMera wine cellar. Ben and Ciara listen from under the bed. Nicole calls it a lie. Kate reminds her she also saw her open the wine cellar door and shut it. She suspects either she or her boss was responsible for hitting her on the head … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Xander wants full immunity. Hope asks if he is admitting he lied. Xander speaks in circles. John gets impatient … Rafe snatches back the file and lectures Gabi for reading confidential cop files. She asks about the identity of the mystery woman … Kate wants to team up with Nicole against you know who. Nicole takes a call from Shin, who fumes she is late and she had better make a compelling argument why he should replace Gabi with her … Stefan appears and warns him not to trust Nicole … Nicole decides to depart but Kate is not done yet …

Anna gushes her Roman is a love machine. Tony insists he has her heart. She claims she was about to put his ashes to rest and move on with Ro. They have a daughter together and he invited her over for New Year’s Eve. Roman does not deny it. She praises honey for his loyalty, states they got serious and asks him to confirm. Roman replies they were together but broke up. Tony asks Anna about her game. She explains they got back after their breakup which happened cos she was still pining after Tony. Tony reminds her of their recent discussion and dares her to look him in the eye. He laughs her love is in the eyes. She snaps he needs to want her more than the legacy he left behind. Roman is now her first choice. Tony asks whether he will really wed her … Gabi read the info in the file and suspects the woman who took the necklace offed Ted. She must be found! Rafe sighs he is trying … When he hears Hope and John cannot offer him immunity, Xander warns they will have blood on their hands as the killer could kill again. They must help him with the D.A. so that the dastardly person is stopped …

Stefan tells Shin he believes Nicole is responsible for Ted’s death and he was set up. He is working on the proof part … Nicole muses Kate made a mistake. Kate urges her not to tell … Nicole leers she knows where her loyalties are and leaves. Kate gasps who can help her now. Ben and Ciara stand up. Ben explains he is here for Stefan to find proof that he was set up. They now know Stefan did not kidnap Kate. She complains her family was threatened. Ben argues she should join forces with Stefan and fight back. Kate thinks Nicole is already reporting to the top banana so she is toast. Ben wants a name. Kate kicks them both out …. Roman stammers about second chances. Anna gushes her love for him grew stronger. Tony refuses to give her up and agrees to fight for her. She orders him to divorce Nicole … Nicole is at the square where Shin seems to be a no-show. In fact Stefan has walked him to the park to talk more. He asks for a little more time to get proof against Nicole. Shin ignores her call and warns he better find something soon since his wife will take the whole company down. Meanwhile Nicole leaves a message about Gabi doing damage … Rafe questions Gabi’s logic regarding Stefan. It sounds like she loves him. Gabi denies having feelings for the fiend. He warns her revenge will not make her feel better, sighs she does not listen to him anyway and wishes them both the best …

Stefan is pacing when Ciara and Ben meet him at the park. They update him on being in Nicole’s room and hearing … Meanwhile Nicole assumes Gabi stopped Shin from seeing her and storms off … Tony can see right through Anna’s scheme. She wants the man who loves her the most, whether Roman or Tony and taunts Tony not to take too long. He storms out. Anna applauds …John and Hope confer. Rafe might be able to help them. Hope informs Xander they will accompany him to the station and try to broker a deal … Tony runs into Kate in Nicole’s room. She complains Nicole refuses to help her with Kristen. He denies knowing anything and complains Anna ordered him to divorce Nicole or she shall wed knight in shining armor Roman. Kate calls her unstable anyway. Tony calls her the ardent woman he loves … Back at the pub Anna thanks Roman who is rather miffed. He warns her plan could backfire …

John and Hope escort Xander to Detective Rafe. Xandy wants another dandy immunity deal. Rafe accuses him of accusing an innocent man. Xander scoffs Stefan is no innocent and declares he was threatened by a devil … Ciara and Ben admit to Stefan they are still unaware of the identity of the mastermind. But it must be someone scary. Ben notes Nicole seems in synch with them. Stefan gets a summons from Rafe, thanks the dynamic duo and departs … Stylish Gabi returns to DiMera mansion remembering Rafe’s words about her love for Stefan. She considers texting him but then Nicole bursts in to confront her about Shin … At the club stylish Kate leaves a message for Xander about needing to see Kristen and drinks her dirty martini … Rafe informs Hope and John that Xander is now with D.A. Trask. Hope thanks him for helping. Rafe reasons the mystery woman must be stopped before she strikes again … Nicole accuses Gabi of hijacking her meeting with Shin and hisses she will get her fired. Gabi does the math and accuses her of killing Ted, pinning it on Stefan … Tony admires a photo of himself with Anna, then frowns about wicked Kristen and her not so idle threat to off the woman he loves. Such torment … Anna argues to Roman that Tony will come around and exits with her designer bag … Back at the club Shin joins Kate at the bar. He needs a drink too cos of the Mrs. DiMeras, neither of whom is good for the company. He grins there is another Mrs. DiMera and suggests Kate, who smiles in surprise …Nicole acts innocent. Gabi accuses her of killing Ted and setting up Stefan, plus she stole the necklace to make it look like robbery was the motive. Hope would probably pick her out of a lineup … At the square Hope complains to John she needs more. Here come Ciara and Ben with something more … Rafe informs Stefan that Xander is about to point the finger at another. Stefan cannot wait to get his company back from Gabi. Rafe stops him and explains she seems to have feelings as does he so why not grow up … Nicole denies everything. Gabi starts to walk away. She grabs her and they struggle. The Nicole face falls and Gabi finds herself face to face with the very deadly Kristen DiMera. BOOM!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, August 16, 2019