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Episode 13,684
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stylish pink Marlena calls Chloe to email her guest list. Chloe agrees it will be perfect. Now at the club John excitedly hands Chloe his guest list … Back at the pub Marlena soap stares as Roman sits Anna down and suggests coffee. She could use a blueberry muffin and more. Roman updates Marlena on her Tony heartbreak … Dapper designer Tony pauses in the square remembering Anna’s heartbreak, how he tried to explain how much he loves her … Kate stops his sweet memory and wonders about Nicole … Brady touches sleeping Nicole’s scar remembering Kristen’s tattoo. The phone buzzes and he curses. Nicole asks who it was… Xander leaves Nicole a mad message about people probing Ted’s murda. He threatens to send them her way … Romantic Ciara stirs. Ben is getting dressed to get to his mystery. She calls it a piece of cake. He vows to clear Stefan by tracking down Ted’s killer and kisses the girl he loves … Hope joins John at the club. He explains the one hundred dollar bill the mystery woman dropped had two sets of prints, those of Ted and also …

Anna complains to Marlena about the love of her life marrying a woman he loathes. Marlena knows the marriage was in name only. Anna worries Nicole wants more … Brady believed Xander was attempting to contact Nicole about that crazy mask. She changes the subject to her plan to convince Shin to let her in. Gabi is only a vendetta vixen. She confidently kisses him … Ciara gets coffee for herself and Ben as he makes notes on the case. They know Nicole is hiding something. Ben intends to break into her room. Ciara gets worried … Pink jacket Marlena points out Nicole is plutonic with Tony, who is helping her take over DiMera. Anna reasons it did not work. Marlena is convinced Tony will divorce her. Anna complains Nicole’s crowning could take a long time and asks Marlena to talk to Tony. She agrees to try. Anna is grateful … Tony is insulted by Kate’s tone. She muses Ted was put in the morgue by Kristen. Tony airily states one cannot be certain and warns against making waves. Kate counters Kristen threatened to kill her. He warns if she keeps nosing around Kristen could become a worse threat. With that he walks away. Kate decides to do something …

Brady helps Nicole with her gold necklace clasp and notes Marlena only wanted to help. Nicole reasons she is rock solid these days. Brady believes she might win with Shin and kisses her. Eerie music plays … Ciara worries Ben will get caught. He thinks she looks cute and reasons Stefan stepped up for him so he owes him. He kisses her, promises to be careful and goes but Bo and Hope’s daughter is no shrinking violet … Xander ends a biz call boasting it was the right choice for Titan can deliver betta than DiMera now … Hope and John appear on the Kiriakis doorstep. John drawls been a while. Xander quips make it quick and they step in. Hope warns him to answer their questions about dead Ted. Xander innocently replies Ted wanted to be a betta man for Hope. Hope notes he held Ted and Kate hostage. He counters he cooperated after the fact and brought them food and water. Hope feels his claim against Stefan was false so his immunity will not last. He insists Stefan was the master mind as stated by Ted and Kate. But Hope and John know better. John drawls the proof points to Xander as the last man to see Ted alive …Brady sits with Chloe at the club. She notes he is still with Nicole. He admits some are against them like Marlena. Chloe confesses she asked Marlena to speak to her as she had concerns … Outside the pub Nicole leaves Xander a mad message. She knows nada about Ted’s death and adds Stefan paid him to shoot the poor man. She now texts Shin she is on her way … Anna emerges and glares daggers at the dame who stole her husband … Tony is sad at the square café until old friend Marlena appears. They warmly hug …

Undercover Ben creeps up to Nicole’s door. Ciara is waiting inside the suite with a sly smile. The maid believed she was Nicole’s assistant needing documents. Ben is worried but she has his back and insists this will take the heat off him in case they get caught. They start to search the room … Chloe argues Nicole has been acting out of character and she worries about them both. Besides, Brady admitted he has Kristen on his mind. Brady pauses … Ciara and Ben have not found anything. They hear the door … Xander believes they are bluffing. John states a hundred dollar bill and the necklace Ted supposedly gave Xander had his prints. Xander points out that necklace made the rounds. John argues after it was polished by Ted the only prints were Xander’s …Marlena sits with Tony and states she was surprised by him being with Nicole. He calls it business but she heard the plan to make her CEO did not succeed, which frees him up for his flame Anna. Tony will only say he must protect the family legacy and he has responsibilities. He loves Anna more than anything though. Marlena urges him to do what he must to be with her. True love …

Nicole taunts Anna it was over after Tony was declared dead. Now he is with her. She makes a remark about her urn, Anna gets upset. Nicole smirks she can have him only after she has had enough of him. Anna threatens to make Tony a widower right here right now but Roman stops her. What da hell is goin on … Tony sighs he must stay with Nicole at the moment and asks Marlena to assure Anna he loves her although this cannot be their time togetha. Marlena woefully agrees and goes … Nicole taunts Anna as Roman pulls her back in the pub … Kate calls Nicole and taunts she is in her room. Time to talk … Nicole curses and sends Shin a text about something coming up … Ben and Ciara are hiding under the bed as Kate waits … Chloe can relate to Brady wanting his happily ever after. She sighs about the John and Marlena surprise hitting a snag … Xander insults John. Hope threatens to contact the cops. John suggests he start talking. Xander steps away to make a Titan call. John drawls they will be waiting … Brady wants to help Chloe … Marlena returns to Anna with Tony’s message about seeing it through. Anna assumes it is payback for helping EJ steal Sydney. Nicole will never let her Tony go … Tony elegantly sips his coffee and remembers Marlena mentioning love must conquer all … John and Hope wait for Xander … Xander listens to Kristen’s voice mail in the living room and leers she will not throw him to the lions. Then he lets in Hope and John. Let’s make a deal …Nicole returns to her room and accuses Kate of snooping. Kate claims she touched nothing …Chloe appreciates Brady’s help … Back at the pub Anna wants a martini. Roman goes to get her chowder instead. Tony arrives to talk. She announces she is marrying Roman. Tony looks like he has been slapped a thousand times … Kate reminds Nicole that Stefan did not lock her and Ted down in the DiMera wine cellar … Xander is ready to reveal the name of his real boss. John peers at him ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, August 15, 2019