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Episode 13,683
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Glam Julie glowers at Eli and Lani as they enter the club … Adrienne and not so hungry Kayla dine at the square café. Kayla has not heard from Steve for a while. She loves his commitment to his mission but tis hard. Adrienne hopes she is not going to divorce the spy who loves her … Haley admires an old photo of cool Patch she found in Tripp’s box. JJ calls from the pub. He says goodnight cos he has a shift. She gushes she cannot wait to be with him in the morning … Jack runs into woman in red Melinda at the square. She teases he and Eve were such a perfect rotten match … Eve comes running to see Justin and announces she needs his help to take Mayor Jack to court … After Haley ends her loving call with JJ, she laments to Tripp she will be all alone in Claire’s room. He asks about the sedatives. So far they have worked. He suggests she speak with Marlena. She is in denial about her PTSD and pops another pill. Tripp knows she did not tell JJ. She would rather he not worry. She does not want to be a burden. Tripp offers her his bed for the night … Dapper Jack quips Melinda is in no position to judge as she lied for years and almost let her daughter get deported. She taunts his empire will come tumbling down and smiles as she shows him what Jen wrote … At the Kiriakis mansion Justin reminds Eve that Jack is his brother-in-law and turns her down. She claims Jack violated her …

Julie is curt with Eli, who assumes this is about Hope. Julie snaps she is upset about Eli and Lani … Tripp insists he can stay on the sofa. Haley thanks him with a hug and heads to bed early. She goes in her room to get her things first … At the pub, Jen the girl in the pink dress happily praises Haley to JJ. He asks if things are better with Jack. She sighs Jack claims he likes being the man he is now, never mind the memories. JJ sighs he is power hungry and not so nice. Jen admits she wrote an article about his administration that will make him see red … Jack storms up to Adrienne demanding a retraction. He reads Jen’s words about his troubled regime. Adrienne tells him it is all true. Kayla steps in. Jack snaps at her to stay out of it so she threatens to call the cops … Justin realizes Eve might not be telling the truth and asks her if it really happened … Julie is testy Abe knew about Eli’s engagement to Lani before her. They could have called! Eli points out they wanted to share in person. Lani flashes her ring and Julie almost forgives them … Eve screams she is still a victim. Justin asks her to look him in the eye and says so. She cries she lost it all… Jack snaps this is slanted spin. Adrienne argues Jen is a pro who loves him. He laments not the new Jack. Kayla suggests he contact the FDA about approving the formula for his memory. He just wants that woman to leave him alone and walks off … Adrienne asks about Steve again. Kayla is saved by a call …Jack stops Jen as she exits the pub and confronts Salem’s crusading journalist ... Tripp admires a photo of Haley and the sits on the sofa when JJ comes home early. The shift was cancelled. Tripp starts to say Haley is sleeping in his bed but the she comes tumbling down the stairs like a drugged ragdoll …

Justin hands Eve a Kleenex. She complains about losing it all again. Justin talks self-sabotage. She loathes being alone and unhappy. He hugs her and Adrienne walks in. She hisses what the hell is she here … Jen argues she made legit points. Jack leers she is out to get him. She lists his bad decisions, starting with making Eve commiss. Voices are raised. She hates this version of him and insists the good Jack she knew is still in there despite his denial … Julie is elated when Eli and Lani agree to let her throw their engagement party and heads off to get the champagne. By the door she runs into Melinda and gushes she is happy about Haley being with JJ. Melinda reminds her the girl is her daughter not her sister. Julie is certainly no stranger to family drama … Haley feels dizzy. JJ insists on driving her to hospital and goes to pull the car around. Tripp wants to go as well. JJ grumbles he expects his explanation as well … Justin explains Eve asked him to be her divorce lawyer. Adrienne blames her for ruining Jack. Eve reasons she made him mayor and he had no right to toss her aside. Adrienne thinks she belongs with trash but Justin argues Eve has some rights … Jack scoffs Jen and his sister are against him. Jen warns the fact is no one wants to work with him. He brings up Eli. Jen believes he will be the next one to quit …

Melinda congratulates Eli and leaves … Julie is dismayed to discover that Chloe has booked a special event on the day Eli and Lani want. They are fine with any other day … While JJ and Tripp are waiting for Haley at the hospital, Tripp assures him there was nothing between him and Haley. He will let her explain. Kayla lets the guys know they can go in. Haley assures them she is alright. Kayla asks if she is taking any medication that might have made her dizzy. Haley pauses. Tripp tells her to tell them and then admits to Kayla he got sedatives from Shawn for Haley not himself … Justin explains Eve is entitled to compensation for making Jack a success. Adrienne argues she was fired. Justin points out it was a personal reason not probable cause. Adrienne storms out since Jack is still her brother … Jen tells Jack he has no decent D.A. Melinda happens by and he offers her the job and a raise. She will not be bought but accepts after he ups the ante. Jen gasps and goes … Haley comes clean about her Claire hallucinations, how Tripp was trying to help. Kayla warns them it was unethical and risky. Haley begs her not to fire her for she needs her job to stay and get her green card. Tripp apologizes as it is his fault. JJ rages he could have killed her and shoves him against the wall …

Kayla breaks it up and takes Tripp outside. She lectures the former med student. He could not let anything happen to Haley! Kayla realizes he cares for her and Tripp comes clean about his feelings … JJ wishes Haley had confided in him. She loves him. He loves her and promises she can come to him with anything. They are in it together. Always. She smiles like an angel and he kisses her … Eli slow dances with Lani at the club. Julie congrats Jen on her Jack article. However she is sorry for this unrecognizable Jack. Jen sighs if only she could forget him as he has forgotten her … Adrienne is appalled when Justin announces he will be Eve’s lawyer … Jack drowns his sorrows alone at the pub. Here comes Eve with a declaration of war. She already has an attorney to sue him for wrongful termination not just the divorce Jack had wanted. She hisses she will take him for every dang thing he has ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, August 14, 2019