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Episode 13,682
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Shirtless Xander sighs at Sarah’s framed photo. He cannot forget his favorite brunette … Sarah returns home to romantic chef Eric. First a kiss is on the menu … Tony smiles at Anna, who smacks him … Brady has been summoned to see Nicole and informs John at the club … Kristen hears knocking and then Marlena’s voice, not her boy Brady. She gets out her gun as Marlena waits in her elegant plaid jacket … Tony is astonished Anna smacks him two more times for letting her believe he was dead, spending the night with Kate and marrying tramp Nicole … John updates Brady on his surprise party for doc … Marlena gasps Kristen is alive as the day dreaming DiMera hauls her in and aims her gun at her in her mind. She shoots and Marlena goes down … Eric gets back to his kitchen and Sarah teases him for spilling sauce before. She loves a lot of garlic and then wishes she had been honest with Rex back then … Xander hopes he hears Sarah come in but tis cousin Sonny with Will, who seeks his comment on Ted’s murder ... for his article … Knock knock. Kristen comes back to reality as Marlena asks to speak to Nicole. She opens the door wearing the Nicole mask and a sarcastic smile. Marlena shares her heartbreak over Holly and stops her from closing the door. She is here to speak of her grief. Nicole lets her in. Marlena the emotional healer explains the stages. Nicole already knows and again accuses Eric of not looking after Holly. Marlena lets her know her friends are concerned about her shutting them out, marrying Tony and turning to Brady …

Anna pauses by the flowers and laments she thought Tony was gone for ten years! She cried crocodile tears and even shot Steve … Tony sighs he hardly made it out alive from Rolf’s fire and wanted to find her when he was stronger. She thought their hearts were forever but there was no phone call! He wanted to tell her in person and takes her hand. She fumes he found comfort with Kate and now Nicole. He insists he only wanted to come back to her so she demands he explain why he wed that Nicole. Pause. She repeats. He explains it was biz but she believes DiMera was to blame for his first demise. She never stopped blaming Stefano for the fossil fuels disaster. He complains that Stefan made a mess so the DiMera legacy has to be saved. Anna reminds him ha hated Nicole so he states he saved her life and feels responsible. Anna cries this is the kind compassionate Tony she always loved. However … He points out Nicole lost her little girl. She complains he so called marriage of convenience is inconvenient to her and her heart is breaking. He dramatically declares he fought to come back for her, the only woman he will ever love. She touches his face and they romantically kiss…

Back at the club John informs Brady of his and Marlena’s first real wedding, never mind Kristen. Brady suddenly remembers she devil Kristen and her phoenix tattoo. John senses something. Brady makes light of his Kristen thoughts and departs … Hope arrives and announces to John she would like his help … Xander had no idea Ted was offed and emphatically denies any involvement. Will waits for his comment. Sonny also waits. Xander gets testy and tells them he kept Ted and Kate alive and assisted in the investigation. Will wonders whether he knows who did it. Xander flashes back to Kristen wanting Ted offed and states he knows another suspect … Marlena presses so Nicole claims she wed Tony for Brady. Marlena muses but she broke both Brady and Eric’s heart in the past. She worries Brady trusts her too much and suggests she help give her clarity as she is still grieving. Nicole hisses she needs no fixing, turns her back and considers shooting her after all … Eric gives Sarah a pep talk so she will not feel bad about the people they hurt. This is their romantic reboot. She kisses him on the couch ... Post kiss Anna gushes this is really her Tony! He speaks words of love and is sorry. She puts her head on his shoulder and gushes he can get a divorce. Not exactly ...

Hope updates John on the mystery woman who might be connected to Ted’s death. She wants to team up for the detective work. John is in. She adds the woman might also have killed Ted, had Kate and Ted kidnapped and set up Stefan. Her name is Nicole … Nicole turns back and threatens Marlena with a restraining order. Brady arrives, having assumed Marlena was with a patient. She smiles she assumed Nicole needed help. Nicole notes she was wrong. Brady looks baffled … Xander pulls on his t-shirt and states Sonny and Will could be the main suspects or Kate, who was mad at Ted. Bottom line is it could have been many but not him. Will wants to know why Ted would have claimed Xander kidnapped him at the docks when the cctv footage does not show any such thing. Xander stops … Back at the club, John questions Hope’s Nicole theory. Hope reasons she was after revenge and also threatened Ted and Kate to lie that Stefan held them in the wine cellar. John disagrees that Nicole might have murdered Ted for she is no murderer …

Marlena graciously goes after assuring Nicole she is here should she change her mind. Bathrobe Nicole loves her life because of Brady and kisses her hoodwinked honey … Chef Eric and Sarah get saucy in the kitchen … Hope talks mystery woman. John needs the police report on the necklace and Nicole’s prints. Hope will ask Eli. John now announces he is planning a surprise anniversary party for Marlena, based on the real day they first tied the knot. Hope is here if he needs anything. He appreciates it and adds Marlena can know nothing. Marlena appears and stands by her man … Tony sighs he has to honor his promise to help Nicole with DiMera. It shall not be for long. Anna laments one night is too long. He updates her on Gabi getting the CEO position from the board so the fight is not over. Anna urges him to walk away. So many wasted years! He is sorry to say he must see this through until Nicole is CEO. Anna refuses to play along … Brady gasps Nicole feels familiar yet different … Eric and Sarah skip dessert for the sofa … Will questions Xander on how Ted wound up in the DiMera cellar. He refuses to risk his immunity deal and walks away. Will and Sonny decide to do some digging together … Tony tries to tell Anna there are certain circumstances and asks for time. They will have their heart’s desire. But the feisty blonde will not wait and storms off. Tony curses Kristen … Fake Nicole believes her bond with Brady is unbreakable and suggests he not analyze. Then they head to the bed … Marlena greets Hope and John, who hugs her. She wonders what he is up to. He drawls he and Hope are working on a sensitive case. She gets it. He steps away to take a call so Marlena shares her plan of a surprise anniversary party for the hero she loves with Hope, who smiles knowingly …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, August 13, 2019