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Episode 13,681
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara has burnt steak for flirty Ben. They sweet kiss on the sofa. She gathers Gabi being CEO is a concern for Ben, who fears he might be fired for he is Stefan’s faithful chief of security. Gabi now calls … John greets doc at the office. She gushes she has got time for him now. He announces Tony DiMera walks the earth … Kristen drinks and discusses DiMera. Tony, however, fumes she is forbidding him to go back to his beloved Anna. She gave her word she would help them. She leers no Anna now … At the pub Anna acts annoyed Roman and Kate hugged. Kate notes she must be in town for Tony … At the club Brady confesses to Chloe that Kristen is in his head … Ben explains to Ciara that Gabi wants more security cos Stefan sneaked in. Stefan now comes to the door asking for his assistance. Ben apologizes for having to work for his wife and agrees to help Stefan, who mentions Hope … John brings up Rolf to bewildered Marlena. Rolf saved Tony who saved Nicole, who claimed to forget until she had a dream. Then she wed Tony. Marlena wonders about Anna, the love of his life …

At the pub pretty Anna points out she came to town for Tony and gets out his ashes … Chloe finds Brady’s tale tangled. He recounts Eric’s reaction when Nicole got married, not to him but to Tony … Tony hates the never-ending plan. Kristen pouts she will win DiMera and Brady. He argues he missed his Anna for years. Kristen dares him to make a run for it. She would finish him off before he got to the door. Tony leans on his cane, livid …Ciara demands an explanation and gets one from Stefan about Hope and Ted. She hisses Ted was a snake with enemies that include him … Marlena worries how Anna will feel when she hears Tony wed Nicole and worries more about Eric. John smoothly suggests they have a bite to eat and then catch up with their boys. She agrees and hopes for answers that make sense … Brady informs Chloe how Nicole’s plan did not get her in with Shin. He comes clean about their deal. Last night he realized how much she risked and they wound up in bed. Then Kristen come to mind! Chloe is confused. Brady believes his subconscious was trying to tell him something about her tattoo …

Kristen blames Tony for Ted’s death and leers if not for her he would be in jail … Roman and Kate are baffled by the urn. Anna gushes the Salem P.D. got her sweetheart’s ashes from the floor of Andre’s office. She is here to inter him at the DiMera Mausoleum. Kate deduces she does not know. Roman notes those are not Tony’s ashes. Kate announces he is alive … Brady informs Chloe of Kristen’s phoenix tattoo. Oddly Nicole now has scar tissue on the same place. Here come Marlena and John, wondering about Mr. and Mrs. Tony DiMera … Tony hyperventilates he cannot have Anna hear he wed another. Kristen threatens to off her too and sips her wine … Anna gasps her Tony is actually alive? Kate and Roman confirm. She cannot believe them … Stefan assures Ciara he only wants Ben to investigate what Hope told him about Ted’s unmarked stash of cash and his diamond necklace which ended up in the trash at the park where a mystery woman dropped an unmarked hundred dollar bill and took off. The clue is the woman. Ben gets it but needs more. Ciara has seen that valuable necklace. Stefan knows the trash can and time she was seen and suspects the woman offed Ted. Ciara thinks or she knows who did. Ben wonders about a motive …

At the club Brady updates John and Marlena on Nicole marrying Tony as a business move. Marlena muses now that it is over Anna and Tony can romantically reunite. It would kill Anna to think Tony only came back for Nicole … Kristen keeps drinking and tells Tony they can be with anyone. He exclaims his Anna would neva accept it …Kate explains to Anna how Rolf’s serum saved Tony’s life. She asks Roman whether he has seen Tony. He has not but Kate claims she has. Anna gets emotional but loses her cool when Kate adds he was in her room all night long. Roman calms her down. Kate insists it was innocent as he had nowhere to go. Anna fears he forgot her. Roman assures her he did not. Kate now has to tell her that his wife kicked him out … Tony warns Anna would never agree to share him with anyone. Kristen calls them soulmates and orders him to avoid her or she will have to off her. Tony calls her evil. She threatens to tell the cops he shot Ted point black. He reminds her it was an accident. She warns they would not believe it. He must do as ordered or there shall be consequences …

Marlena approaches Chloe and quietly asks for a surprise anniversary party for herself and John. She means the anniversary of the first time they wed and seeks to surprise John with a romantic celebration … Back at the table John is horrified to hear Brady slept with Nicole. They boy wonder believes this time will be different … Ben complains he cannot get to the necklace if it is in the evidence room. Ciara offers to speak to Rafe. Ben notes it would not be enough. Stefan suggests they focus on finding the mystery woman who might be … Chloe has reserved Marlena’s private event and now swears her to secrecy about her concern for Nicole. She fears for her friend’s state of mind and hopes she can talk to her. Having heard she got closer to Brady, the blonde agrees … Brady toys with his blue mug and muses it was only a night. John reminds his kid of the history and hopes he will be careful … Kate explains Tony being declared dead did invalidate his and Anna’s marriage. Anna suspects Nicole held a gun to him to get back at her for helping steal Sydney. Kate doubts it. Anna demands their whereabouts. Kate replies the Salem Inn. Anna storms off … Tony accuses Kristen of not caring about him and Anna getting back togetha. She talks DiMera empire. He fumes she is no family and walks out the door. She warns his Anna will be toast if he turns against her … Stefan updates Ben and Ciara on Nicole knowing that Ted and Kate were held hostage. She could have been the mystery woman who killed Ted or knows who did. He hopes Ben and Ciara are on board to help him. Ben clasps his hand and lets him know he has his loyalty. He vows to find the woman. Ciara is also in. Stefan looks forward to taking his rightful place back at his father’s empire … Kate and Roman have a martini. He considers Anna the good woman a friend and he is concerned about her. Kate swallows an olive and muses one must worry for Tony … Anna walks and talks to herself upset about Tony hiding from her. She comes face to face with him at the square. He smiles … Kristen summons Brady as Nicole … Marlena has left early for a patient so John gushes to Chloe he wants to surprise his beautiful bride with an anniversary bash right here … Knock knock! Kristen hopes for Brady but tis arch enemy Marlena at the other side of her door.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, August 12, 2019