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Episode 13,680
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Glam Gabi and furious Stefan face off at DiMera mansion … Chez Eric Sarah insists they were meant to be but it will be hard having to deal with Rex at work. She gasps still has her rings on. Eric drawls to take the day off. She feels she must face the music … Outside the pub Rex texts his folks to meet … Chloe runs into him, still rattled about Ted making her hand back the diamond necklace … At the park Rafe informs Hope he is sorry about Ted and notes she accepted the necklace after all. Tis tangled … Kate demands Tony come clean if he is in cahoots with Kristen …”Nicole” is back from her shower and asks Brady what is wrong, interrupting his memory of a conversation with Kristen … Stefan gets dangerously close to Gabi and calls her a conniving beech … Hope updates Rafe on Will sharing intel on lying Ted. She gave him back his necklace when it all went to hell. Rafe wonders what went down … Tony exclaims Kristen expired in the warehouse but Kate saw her with her own stunning eyes and smells a DiMera scheme. Designer Tony finishes getting dressed … Brady acts like he has work on his mind. Nicole knows better and talks honesty. He suggests she start …

Eric offer to accompany Sarah, who knows she needs to go alone. She opens the door to Roman … Rafe hears how Hope just found the necklace in the trash can. She updates him on the mystery woman who dropped a hundred dollar bill, was digging in the trash and then left in a hurry before she could see who she was … Brady would never hurt “Nicole.” She believes she belongs by his side. He confesses she made him remember Kristen … Leopard Gabi stands her ground. Stefan teases to hand over the poker cos he is no natural born killer. But suffer she shall. She points out it looks bad to the police cos they caught him in Ted’s room with the gun. Stefan leers she will never be rid of him regardless … At the pub Rex pours out his heart to Chloe about why he wants to leave town. She shall miss him. Ditto and they share a warm hug. He thanks her for being a friend …Roman frowns they already set up housekeeping. Sarah is sorry she hurt Rex. Roman asks the new couple to keep their distance from Rex. Too late for he found them together. Once Sarah is gone. Roman implies Eric is rebounding. Eric rages he will not wait for “Nicole” who went and wed Tony … Tony argues to Kate he could be DiMera CEO on his own as a DiMera. He would not need any Kristen in his corner. Kate gasps Kristen is indeed around. That wicked woman would not accept his marriage with Nicole and warns him he is in too deep …

Roman is aware that Tony loves Anna the same way Nicole loves Eric. Eric mutters she made him move on. He gets mad when Roman states it seems unfair to Sarah that he is only with her as he cannot have Nicole. Eric shows him the door …”Nicole” believes Brady looooved Kristen and gushes he wanted to get it right. She smiles she is now ready to tell him her truth … Hope and Rafe are on the same page. They both suspect Ted’s killer or someone who knows them was the one who hid the necklace … Stefan states Gabi was but a distraction. He vows to get back what she stole and leave her in the dust, then admits he thought they … He storms out and Gabi suddenly looks sad …Roman sits with Rex at the pub, already in the know. He is sympathetic. Here comes mama Kate, wondering what is wrong … Rafe reasons Hope has to hand over the necklace and/or let Eli know it is evidence. She points out they used to be perfect partners and tells him the whole story of how she tricked Ted, who caught her searching his apartment. She found the questionable unmarked cash and agrees with Rafe. She suspects the mystery woman was also at Ted’s apartment. Rafe wonders who she might be … Kristen is ready to tell all to Brady but Tony coldly enters seeking a word with his wife if Brady has had enough of her …

Hope wishes she knew who that woman was. Rafe starts to worry it was Gabi … Gabi wants Stefan to explain. He thinks all the matters is what comes next. She acts unafraid. He calmly states this is far from over for she lost her control over him whereas he did not lose his overs her. He takes her hand and she looks rattled … Hope wants the best for Gabi but Rafe does not trust the DiMeras. Hope decides Gabi might be right and Stefan might be innocent. Rafe concludes the real killer is walking free … Kristen hushes Tony. Brady appears, having gotten dressed, kisses Mrs. DiMera and departs. She exclaims Tony interrupted her moment of truth. Tony snaps she must have lost her mind … Kate is about to go confront betrayer Sarah, then sighs she just saw Tony. She asks Rex to call Kayla about keeping his job. Rex has no interest and announces he has decided to depart Salem. Kate feels it is unfair. He will be in Chicago near daughter Emily. He promises to see his parents. Roman explains Pittsburg plays at the park next week. They will meet there. Time for the farewell family hug. Kate sheds a tear and leans on reliable Roman …

Back at DiMera mansion Gabi taunts Stefan could be away a long time while she enjoys her new house. She hisses she is increasing security and wiggles away after warning he could wind up like Ted … Rafe and Hope hypothesize. Ted was a liar who was in too deep. They must find the mystery woman. Rafe deduces she offed Ted or knows the identity of his real killer … Brady sips coffee at the club and confesses to curious Chloe he was with Nicole all night … Tony is appalled by Kristen almost telling Brady who she was. Kate claimed she was alive and also seemed suspicious of him. Tis only a matter of time. He suggests they come clean about their marriage being a sham to Shin and go their happy separate ways. Kristen says no way. She has a different plan … At the square Sarah snaps to curious Eric that Rex just quit as he happens by. She wants to talk. He hopes Eric will not break her heart and walks away … Rafe calls Gabi from his desk and tells his sis that there might be some new evidence to prove Stefan was telling the truth … Hope runs into Stefan at the square and assures him she did not off Ted though he might have an idea who did …Kristen gloats that Gabi is gonna mess up at DiMera so she as Nicole will be waiting to replace her. She still needs Tony, who has his beloved Anna on his mind and sneers he will not see her anytime soon … Polka dot Anna enters the pub. Roman stops hugging Kate and speaks her name. She places a hand on her hip. Needless to say she is not amused …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, August 9, 2019