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Episode 13,679
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion leopard Gabi demands coffee from the butler and replaces Stefan’s pic with hers. Then she dictates a statement for Able to release about being CEO. She remembers kissing Stefan and states they have cut ties, then gasps and throws her recorder. Visitor Rafe ducks … At the pub Kayla is surprised to see Hope first thing in the morning and is sorry about Ted … At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie can smell the booze. Rex admits he drank last night and laughs she must know about her daughter and his brother. He decides the whole town knew before him … Sarah stirs with Eric and hopes he has no regrets … Kristen wakes up beside shirtless sleeping Brady … As Rex sips his coffee Maggie argues that Sarah tried harder than he did. Alas she had feelings for another. He is stunned to hear sweet Sarah spent the whole night chez Eric … Eric assures Sarah he was not thinking of Nicole, who wed Tony. She is not the Nicole he knew … Sleepy Brady stirs and maskless Kristen gushes what they have is still there. He agrees but then she wakes up for real with the Nicole mask. Soon she vows to reveal who she is to her lover …

Rafe is astounded when Gabi lists all she now owns of DiMera, having wed Stefan. Rafe had assumed it was a temporary fix to help him. She claims she thought he wanted her to kick him out. Rafe updates her on Stefan's arrest for killing Ted. Gabi insists he was framed. Rafe teases she sure is loyal to the fella she fleeced … Restless Kate wakes up in bed stunned so see the Andre lookalike on her sofa. Tony notes she told him to spend the night and has no text from Nicole. Kate admits she is stressed about dead Ted and fears she is next on the hit list … As she sips her tea Hope updates Kayla on Ted’s fall from grace and sighs if Stefan gets off she is the main suspect …Sarah suspects Eric is torn about Rex. He wanted to do right but could not live a lie and this feels so right. They kiss …Rex scoffs Sarah went straight to brother Eric’s bed and storms out. Maggie calls Sarah but she is busy in bed with Eric so mom leaves a message about hurricane Rex …The couple are later dressed and cuddling in the kitchen. They will not be together in secret. She cannot wait to have breakfast with him. He claims he is crazy about her and kisses her. Rex bitterly interrupts …Gabi insists to Rafe that Stefan did not kidnap Kate and Ted. She saw when he sent Nicole down to the wine cellar and the woman came back saying nothing about seeing hostages. She suggests Rafe focus on Nicole …Kristen sits up and admits to frisky Brady she feels self-conscious about her scars. He agrees this time was different than before but he cannot put it onto words. She whispers she should clarify … Red silk robe Kate gets herself a drink of water. Tony senses something. She sighs Stefan held her and Ted hostage in the DiMera cellar. But she is even more worried about … Tony probes. She blurts out they were threatened with death if they ever talked. Tony wants to help her. Kate confesses Stefan never kidnapped them, it was actually a very alive Kristen. Tony looks like he has been slapped a thousand times …

Kristen catches herself and notes she as Nicole is now over Eric and her body and soul belong to Brady. Then they kiss … Hope thanks Kayla for listening and insists on paying. Kayla has no change for a 100 dollar bill. Hope had forgotten she had it. A woman dropped it and took off at the park. She raises an eyebrow and agrees with Kayla it was strange … Red lipstick Gabi insists to Rafe she will still destroy Stefan but he could not have offed Ted … Rafe talks the thin line between love and hate. She exclaims she could not love Stefan … Sarah stammers she is so sorry. Rex calls her words garbage. Eric can smell he was drinking. He scoffs he did drown his sorrows with Xander … Brady apologizes for his path of the past and praises Nicole for coming out of the explosion but his head is spinning. Nicole notes her marriage to Tony is in name only and they will take back DiMera …Tony acts like Kristen could not possibly be alive. Kate argues many made it out of that warehouse. Kristen herself threatened to off her and Ted and ordered her to name Stefan as their kidnapper. She hopes Tony can help her … Gabi claims she hates Stefan cos he and his evil mother framed her for Andre … Rafe recalls how sweet his sister used to be and is happy on some level she still has a heart. Gabi believes Stefan is innocent. Rafe updates her on his arraignment happening this morning. He is not likely to make bail but he will get even with her in the worst way when he gets out …

Rex will pack his things and move out of Sarah’s mom’s home. Eric and Sarah cannot stop him as he storms out … Gabi trusts Stefan would never harm her. Rafe growls he better not and tells her to take care of herself. She heard about Ted. Rafe is actually relieved he is now away from Hope … Hope hugs Kayla and sits back down at the pub, pondering the mystery woman who ran away when she tried to return her money. Then she goes on her way … Tony wonders how he could help Kate. She suspects Kristen killed Ted and appeals to Tony to get in touch and ask her to let her live. He claims he knows not where she is but Kate can see he is lying … Sarah toys with her breakfast chez Eric. Time to face the music at work. Eric holds her hand … Rex approaches Dr. Kayla and quits on the spot … Hope walks back to the trash can where she saw the mystery woman and finds the diamond necklace. Rafe arrives and asks what she is doing … Gabi restarts her recording. She insists Stefan is innocent and warns Stefano’s smiling portrait she did not lose her killer instinct. Hmm says Stefan who is standing there. Neither has he … Kate informs Tony that Maggie told her she saw Kristen at Nicole’s room too. If they are partners Tony would have to know about it! She demands he come clean if he is working together with Kristen … Nicole heads for the shower. Brady suddenly flashes back to the Kristen who told the tale of the tattoo that was her spiritual and physical rebirth. Body and soul. Brady looks rattled …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, August 8, 2019