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Episode 13,678
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Xander and Rex drown their sorrows. Both lost to Eric. They stagger off together. Rex slurs he cannot go home to his wife who loves his bro. Xander doubles with laughter … Eric is about to take the broken glass to the trash when Sarah appears … Stefan warns Eli they have the wrong man. Someone else shot Ted … Brady snaps to Tony he knows Nicole’s marriage to him is in name only … Hope is surprised when “Miss” runs away from her … Back at the suite, Tony reminds Brady he cares about Nicole and refers to the past. Brady does not deny it being hard since brother Eric stole the woman he loved … Kate assumes Xander is attacking Rex, then realizes they were drinking. Rex slurs Sarah dumped him. Xander tells mate to hang in there and gets going. When Rex informs mama Kate that Sarah called out Eric’s name, she is utterly appalled … Sarah feels to blame for Rex hitting Eric. However, it is a relief to have the way she really feels out there. Eric gives her a soulful stare … Nicole comes back and fibs she went for a walk. Tony asks dahling if everything is alright. Indeed. Brady already heard from Gabi that Gabi got the CEO position at DiMera. Nicole wants to hear all about it so Tony agrees to go. She asks Brady to pour the wine while she has a word with hubby. Outside the door she updates Tony on setting the stage and avoiding an almost run-in with Hope. Mission accomplished … At the station Stefan is incensed and talks setup. Eli argues he had the murder weapon in his hand. Stefan feels sunk … Hope is about to search the trash where “Miss” was lurking when Eli summons her …

Maggie is reading at the Kiriakis mansion when drunken Xander comes home, explaining he was drowning his sorrows with her son-in-law, who had his hot broken by Sarah … Eric ices his bruised face. Sarah admits her marriage to Rex is done. Where do they go from here …? Maggie gives Xander a glass of water. He believes he would be better for sweet Sarah. Maggie replies her heart belongs to another … Eric admits he has much to consider. Sarah mentions Nicole. He sighs he does not even know who she is. But he knows Sarah wants to know if they have a chance at romance … Stylish fake Nicole drinks her wine with Brady. He praises Tony for saving her when he and Eric were unable. She complains about Gabi so Brady updates her on Gabi’s real game. Revenge on the DiMera who done her wrong. It began as Brady’s idea … Kate runs into Tony at the square and collapses. He catches her … Hope is happy for new Commiss Eli at the station. He solemnly states Ted was shot dead. They found Stefan standing over him. Hope heard he was heading to Ted to get him to admit he was lying about the abduction. Stefan appears with a cop and claims it was a lie but Hope accuses him of killing Ted when he would not change his story … Charming disarming Tony assures Kate he is no Andre, he is Tony, here thanks to Rolf’s serum. She wonders what brought him back to town. He is planning to get back with his beloved Anna. Kate sighs her Andre did not care so much about her. He ask the beauty why she wed the snake. She admits she needed to have a DiMera hubby to be CEO. Tony notes that is the same reason Nicole wed him. Kate gasps …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion drunken Xander blurts out too much to Maggie – namely that the woman who pushed Eric away is not really Nicole ... Brady updates Nicole on hatching a plan to get Stefan out of the picture but then he pulled out, though Gabi ran with the plan. No need to worry about Stefan. Nicole notes but Stefan can divorce her and gets it all back. Brady argues that would take time so all is not lost. She gets closer and claims they could be the most powerful pair in Salem … Sarah asks Eric what is stopping them if he knows it is over with Nicole. Her feelings are real. She looooves him, always has, and takes his hand. Tormented Eric gazes right back … Stefan insists he is innocent and argues Hope had her own suspicions about Ted. She warns him not to dare accuse her of doing him in. Eli wants a word with Hope outside … Maggie asks who that is if not Nicole. Xander suggests she changed into a cold hearted beech cos she lost Holly. The real Nicole loves Eric and if she returns one day, Sarah will be left again …

Sarah gushes she loves everything about Eric the good. She urges him to think of his own happiness for a change. He touches her face and then he kisses her … Kate is stunned Tony wed Nicole to make her DiMera CEO. Tony tells her his tale of saving Nicole and bonding. When she sought his help again he did not feel he had a choice. Kate quips Nicole actually had no choice. Tony probes … Nicole – aka obsessed Kristen – makes moves on Brady, promising they can be together without anyone knowing. Brady kisses her … Eli has coffee for himself and Hope. He has to ask her about the last time she saw Ted. T’was tonight. She investigated him and uncovered unmarked bills stashed in his apartment. He claimed that was how some clients paid him but she did not believe it. She returned his diamond necklace and ended the affair. Ted did not deserve what happened to him. She expects the necklace to turn up … Brady argues Tony will return so Kristen texts him to stay away for the night. Bad boy Brady is ready to get on the bed … Tony asks Kate to explain what she meant. But then he gets Nicole’s text not to come home. He gets Kate to agree to a drink …

Maggie hopes the old Nicole will be back one day but wants Sarah to be happy with the right choice for her heart … Eric and Sarah smile post kiss. He never knew he could love again. She is an amazing woman. No more wasting time with guilt. He loves her too. They kiss like there is no tomorrow and head to the bedroom … Xandy is holding a cushion when Maggie comes back to the couch with ice cream. She is sorry about Sarah and assures him the right woman is out there. Meantime cookies and cream ice cream … Tony and Kate toast. Hope arrives and he politely hugs her. Hope bears news for Kate. Ted is dead. Tis shocking he was shot by Stefan. Kate stammers poor Ted and takes a drink. Tony senses something … Stefan insists to Eli he is being framed, Ted and Kate are lying and he knows Nicole is involved … Kristen – aka fake Nicole - gasps to Brady she has scars. He acts understanding ... Meanwhile brother Eric gets physical with Sarah the hopeful heart ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, August 7, 2019