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Episode 13,677
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack happily shakes new commiss Eli’s hand … Giddy Gabi downs champagne at the mansion. She summons Brady and gushes she now has DiMera … Stefan leaves Ben an upset message about Gabi and runs into concerned Hope … Replay of Ted and Tony struggling for the gun which goes off and kills the Frenchman. Tony hates the sight of it but not cold hearted Kristen … Eli hopes him being engaged to detective Lani will not be an issue. Jack asks whether he will be more loyal to cousin Hope. Eli goes by the book. Jack reasons he can be engaged to a detective cos he used to be married to the commiss. Eli thinks he was right to end it with Eve. He wonders whether Jack and Jen might reconcile … Abe greets Jen, over the moon the mayor fired his wife. Jen, however, is sad Jack now has no chance of regaining his lost memories … Gabi boasts to Brady she is Mrs. Stefan DiMera and she is gonna take everything … At the square Stefan is stressed he might lose everything but needs answers. Hope asks from whom so he snaps to mind her own biz … Kristen confirms Ted is dead … Back at the club Abe is sorry to hear Eve destroyed the last of the serum and the diary … Jack drawls Jen sees him a slimy politician so there will be no reunion. Mayor Jack wants the lawlessness to end now. He seems to feel like a cowboy in a movie of his own making …

Stefan is off to see Nicole and sarcastically suggests Hope ask her boyfriend Ted all about it …Tony believes death is temporary so Kristen warns there is no more serum. She teases why did he fight with him. He feared he would use that gun against her. She cackles but when he starts to call the authorities, she explodes … Stefan suspects Nicole of framing him, which led to Gabi kicking him to the curb … Brady teases Gabi about her antics and adds the board must have been impressed. She laughs Nicole lost even after digging up a departed DiMera to wed … Kristen reminds Tony they cannot trust the cops as DiMeras. Tony spies the blood on the floor. She laughs to call housekeeping. He exclaims if that shot was heard the cops could be en route. Ted’s phone rings with another message from Jack about wanting him to be D.A. Tony is rattled while dead Ted’s phone frantically rings … Back at the station Eli sighs Stefan left him a message about Tony coming back from the dead to marry Nicole as a conspiracy against him. Jack gets himself a coffee and suggests Eli investigate as the DiMeras have a bad history. Talk to Tony and ask him and Nicole some questions. Eli notes that sounds like harassment. Jack drawls but the man will break the law again … Kristen DiMera dabs at bloodied Ted and calls him a jerk … Smilin Jack sends Eli on his mission …

At the Salem Inn, Eli knocks. Tony opens and greets the detective. He confirms he is Tony DiMera. Eli is rather rattled he resembles Andre and asks to enter for a word with him and his new wife … Jack enters the club and walks by Jen. Abe wonders why the cold shoulder and approaches Mr. Mayor. He is sorry Eve betrayed him but Jack thinks he is gloating … Stefan suspects Gabi is working with Nicole and updates Hope on her marrying a DiMera … Gabi is grateful that Brady made a deal with Nicole and notes nothing is personal. Brady points out it is always personal. She sips more champagne and he likens her situation with Stefan to him with Eve. He fell in love for real …. Hope is shocked Tony has returned to the land of the living. Stefan is desperate to clear his name. Kate and Ted are lying and it is connected to Nicole. Hope agrees Ted has not been honest … Tony suavely lets Eli inside. Kristen is taking a trunk into a room. Tony smiles to Eli that Nicole is taking his trunk to the dump. Eli will not mind waiting and wants to talk to him. Tony’s eyes darken … Hope shares that both Ted and Kate are hiding something but Ted is not talking. Stefan vows to handle him … Brady has a club soda and condescendingly offers Gabi severance after Titan takes over. Gabi goes DiMera on him and claims she will continue the family legacy …

Tony realizes Ted’s blood is on the rug and goes into polite mode, offering the detective wata. Eli accepts. Tony covers the stain with his designer shoe and pleasantly asks what he can do. Eli warns he was ordered to check into him. Tony pouts tis profiling … Jack refuses to discuss his personal drama with Abe, who loathes Eve. Abe adds he is available to consult. Jack thanks him and adds Eli accepted the job. Jen soap stares … Eli warns Tony that the new mayor has a tough stance on crime. He then stops himself and congrats him on his marriage. Tony chuckles and alludes to himself and Nicole as soul mates. He agrees she is grieving … Kristen has taken Ted home and opens the chest … Purple tie Abe praises Eli as the new top cop. Jen jumps up and hastily agrees. Jack bitterly adds the slimy politician got it right. Jen tries to make nice. He stammers he will not allow his personal feelings to affect his judgment again and goes. Abe senses he wants to be the man he once was … Gabi threatens to take down Titan. Brady boldly toasts her and wishes her luck at the top cos it can be lonely … Tony sees Eli to the door and explains Nicole is honoring Holly’s life by moving on. He too hopes to move on. Eli hopes he will make the most of his new life. Tony smiles but after Eli exits he grimaces …

Gloved Kristen rolls dead Ted on the floor, cackles it is his good side and starts to set the stage for it to appear a botched robbery brought about his demise. She finds a fallen bill on the floor and hunts high and low until she finds more. She shoves them in her bag and then admires the diamond necklace. She drops the gun, gets her sunglasses back on and goes after telling Ted he was no match … Eli explains to Jack that he spoke to Tony but not Nicole. Jack did not hear back from Ted and asks Eli to come with him to visit the man and try to convince him to accept the job. Meanwhile Stefan steps into Ted’s dark apartment and finds him on the floor … Triumphant Gabi toasts papa Stefano’s portrait and promises to make him proud. She is already drunk with power … Stefan rolls over Ted, sees the gun and gasps who did this … Tony rubs the stain with his hanky and then hears someone at the door. Tis Brady who asks for Nicole. Tony asks what his intentions are with his new wife … Kristen pauses at the park. She accidentally drops one of the bills, intending to keep all and then sighs what a shame, deciding to dump the necklace in the trash. Here comes Hope, who picks up the hundred dollar bill and lets Miss know she dropped it. Kristen freezes with her back to her. Meanwhile Stefan mutters who did this to Ted and takes the gun in his hand. Enter Jack and Eli, who gets out his gun. FREEZE!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, August 6, 2019