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Episode 13,676
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion,shirtless Xander is mad Rex upset Sarah. She laments she let him know she loves another. He hopes it is him but she snaps she meant Eric … At the apartment, visiting Rex sarcastically thanks brother Eric for ruining his marriage. Eric is shocked. Rex knows Sarah loves him … At the dark park Kate tells frantic phone Ted that Hope is not her problem and hangs up when the unofficial detective appears … In their room, Nicole - aka Kristen - tells Tony that Gabi has got to go or no DiMera … Gabi kicks Stefan out of her mansion and taunts him about her revenge game. His eyes mirror his confusion … Tony does not approve of offing Gabi. Besides Stefan seems to care for her. “Nicole” snaps he is supposed to help her. He does not believe she is capable of murda. That was then this is now … Gabi blames Stefan for her being barren and also for framing her for Andre’s demise. She began her revenge game by switching the DNA test results so he would love and then lose Charlotte. Love and hate are so close. Stefan puts down his champagne and doubts her story but she admits she set out to steal everything from him especially the money … Ted cannot reach Kate and decides to do something dramatic…Hope suspiciously asks Kate whether she knows about all the money Ted was hiding. She knows he did not tell the truth. Kate claims Xander did take them to the wine cellar. And then …?

Xander argues Eric will always love Nicole over anyone. Sarah shouts to go away. Maggie appears and agrees. He gushes she will see the light and he will be here. Exit Xander. Sarah cries on mama Maggie’s shoulder … Rex snarls at Eric about Sarah calling out his name and coming clean. A frown creases Eric’s brow. He did not want to hurt him. Rex throws the photo of the three of them together and the glass shatters into tiny bits. Eric did not plan …. But he and Sarah became best friends. Rex laughs. Eric reminds him he married them. Rex demands to know whether he was imagining sleeping with her … Hope updates Kate on Ted lying about Xander abducting him. Kate urges her to let it be but Hope seeks the truth … Tony warns Kristen she would be the main suspect. She talks accident. He quips Gabi would not fall on a bullet and points out she should be patient, trust in him. He makes her grudgingly hand over the gun. He alludes to someone finding out the truth and knocking on her door. Knock knock! Tis Ted … Gabi gets more champagne and gloats how long her plan was in motion. Stefan does not believe her but then realizes she was tempting him all along. She admits Chloe almost ruined her plan. Stefan realizes she made her catch them together. He calls her a manipulative beech and warns she cannot do this. She quips she just did …

Nicole admits to Tony she threatened Ted and he knows not she is Kristen. Ted persists with his knocking. She opens the door as Nicole and pleasantly points out it is her wedding night. Ted shakes hubby Tony’s hand. He suspects she is still doing Kristen’s bidding and believes they are both her victims. He blurts out Hope is starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together … Stefan pauses at the chess table as Gabi coldly continues. She claims her caring was an act but he shouts she wanted him too. It was no act … Sarah babbles about blurting out Eric’s name instead of Rex. She came clean about her endless feelings for him. The redhead wonders how Rex reacted. Sarah sighs she ruined his relationship with his brother … Eric insists Sarah loves Rex, who notes she loves him more. Rex is here to give him what he owes him and punches him in the face. Eric gets a cut lip … Rex rages to hit him back but Eric is a lover not a fighter. Rex sneers it was the same when he ruined Brady … Maggie asks Sarah if she wants to save her marriage. Or … Eric is now available, with Nicole blaming him for Holly. Maggie believes they can be together now … Ted gasps when Kristen discovers Hope has been digging he and Kate are as good as dead. He assumes Kristen is holding Holly, hence Nicole’s hesitation. He fumes they cannot live in fear …

Stefan speaks from the heart about his connection with Gabi, who is in denial. He snaps she even stood by him when he was arrested and went to bat for him. Why? ... Eric did not intend to … Rex lists those he caused unhappiness and loss. He leers Nicole’s rejection must make him understand what it feels like to lose the love of your life. He storms out … Kate warns Hope of the sting of a scorpion. Hope wonders what she is so afraid of … Tony agrees with Nicole it would be dangerous to double cross Kristen. Ted questions his role. Tony glances at Kristen and coos he is here to help … Gabi insists it was all an act. She was only after the DiMera power. She pouts Stefan was rich and decided to take her company cos he could. But now she has the money and therefore the power. He points out she signed the prenup which only gave temporary power of attorney. She declares she would drag the fight in court for years and orders him out … Sarah laments her lost marriage. Maggie tells her to be true to herself … Eric cuts his hand on the broken glass of the framed photograph … Gabi believes the board will like her direction for DiMera. Stefan warns he will fight. She threatens to have employee Ben throw him out. Stefan glares daggers … Kate warns Hope to walk away from Ted forever … Nicole notes she can do nothing. Ted wonders why she will not fight for her child. She warns him not to go against Kristen so he and Kate must stick to their story. He decides to go to the cops. Nicole warns him Kristen is deadly. Tony tries to calm her down. She quips Kristen might closer then he thinks. He decides she disappeared and opens the door so she removes her mask and hisses she is here. Ted freezes …

Rex and Xander drown their sorrows at the pub together. Xander is buying. Rex knows he wants his wife. Xander muses and she wonts his brotha. They both lost… Sarah knows Nicole will always be the love of Eric’s life. Maggie suggests she take a chance at their romance …Eric holds his picture with Sarah … Stefan warns Gabi he will be back. Furthermore, he knows for a fact that she fell for him and wants him still. When he throws her out she will feel the same rejection she made him feel on this day! He sends the chess pieces flying. Gabi blinks … Hope begs Kate for the truth about Ted and the wine cellar. Kate warns her loved ones' lives are at stake and takes off … Ted cannot believe Tony wed his sister. Kristen sweetly smiles he cannot tell anyone her secret now that he knows she is Nicole … Ted reaches for the gun. Tony stops him and they struggle. Ted loses with a BANG …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, August 5, 2019