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Episode 13,675
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Nicole announcing her and the not so late Tony’s marriage as Stefan and Gabi stand astounded at DiMera mansion. Continental charmer Tony shakes Shin’s hand and introduces himself to brotha … Roman wonders what has Eric so down at the pub … Brady and Nicole … Hope asks Ted how he came by the cash he was hiding in his room … Shirtless Xander opens the door to Kate. They are alone and she demands he arrange a meeting between herself and Kristen … Stefan stammers Tony is not dead? Tony credits Rolf. Gabi gets sarcastic when Nicole elaborates. T’was a miracle when she remembered him rescuing her in a dream. Gabi claims Tony is not capable of running the company. Tony coos his wife wants to. Shin is overwhelmed by two new Mrs. DiMeras. Tony cackles wot a coincidence. Nicole waits for Shin to make the right choice … Ted claims he had the stash of cash in case of emergency but Hope knows what dirty money looks like … Gabi and Nicole state their case. Shin demands a CEO who is best for DiMera and not ruled by pride, greed or big ego. Nicole states she is selfless. Gabi pauses … Roman wishes Brady had stayed away from Nicole …Sarah hyperventilates how tired she is but Rex does not buy her excuse for speaking Eric’s name when he her hubby touched her. He has seen their long hugs goodbye and cozy connection. He demands the truth …

Xanimal wants to know why the hell Kate wonts to see Kristen. Cos she is still jumpy about the threat against her family. At least the only child she has in Salem now is Rex. Xander scoffs he can watch his own back … Sweet Sarah is admittedly torn by her secret feelings for Eric which are returned. Rex gasps then why wed him… Roman cannot believe it when he hears Nicole married not Brady but the living breathing Tony DiMera. He knows Anna is the love of Tony’s life so it don’t make sense … Stefan shouts Nicole dug up Tony. Nicole plays it cool. He talks family legacy. Nicole reminds Shin that Viv’s bastard son only recently appeared. Gabi calls herself and Stefan a team whereas Nicole and Tony are a joke. Nicole suggests Shin, who is now having a much needed drink, boot the other couple out of the competition …Ted argues some of his clients are criminals and he takes the cash whatever way they want to pay. He offers to destroy it and then realizes the basil was in the trash. He connects the spicy dots and realizes he was set up. Hope does not deny it … Buff Xander ridicules Kate’s assumption that she will be able to reason with Kristen the deadly DiMera. He reveals Kristen is now off the radar though Kate should stick to her story. She complains Stefan came after her. He laughs he will soon be behind bars so stay on Kristen’s side … Nicole snaps Stefan will be Gabi’s puppet master behind bars. He insists he is innocent. Shin points out public perception counts. Gabi boasts about her fashion empire and goes as far to suggest she could keep Stefan out of her rule by stripping him of his power. Stefan raises his eyebrows …

Back at da pub, Roman sighs and sits with Eric. Tis truly a mystery that Nicole is with Tony. He must have an agenda. Eric growls Brady sided with Tony so he attacked him. He sips his iced tea and tells him of having Chinese takeout at the house with Sarah and Rex after. Both women he cared for are taken by other men. Ro suggests he stay clear of those two women. Eric decides on a break. Besides Sarah is committed to Rex … Sarah shakily confesses that Eric and her were gonna tell Rex how they felt but then Nicole showed up. Sarah decided to move on with Rex and their wonderful life. But then Nicole turned noble Eric down. She felt for him more and more. Rex looks like he has been slapped a thousand times … Ted asks why Hope distrusts him and suspects Will. She whispers there are details … Footage from the docks did not show him with Xander. Ted doubts Will watched every second from every dock. Besides Hope found him and Kate herself. She is a liar for accepting his necklace and acting like she cares … Stefan wants a word with Gabi. She argues it would only be temporary. Nicole seethes. Tony calls Gabi a clever girl … Stylish Kate asks if Kristen or Nicole hit her on the head. Xander muses it makes no difference and teases he did lock her up with Ted. She sighs he is sweet on Hope, who knows why. Xandy warns to watch out for that judgmental … Hope seeks the truth. Ted loooooves her. She meant the whole truth and looks him squarely in the eye … Gabi coos honey can trust her and leads him back to the group. Stefan announces he is signing it all over to his wife who will have full power of attorney … until he is found innocent. Nicole snaps what a stunt! As she loudly protests, Shin makes his decision … the more experienced Gabriella is new DiMera CEO as soon as the paperwork is done …

Kate decides to steer clear of Hope the armchair detective and Kristen. She snaps at Xander to go to hell … Hope implores Ted to trust in her and takes off the diamond necklace as he protests. Then she walks out … Nicole laments Gabi will make her lose her job. Shin orders Gabi to let Nicole stay at Basic Black. Gabi warns she will have to give her best. Nicole calls her a witch. Tony drags her off and bids them all good night. Gabi is grateful. Shin warns her not to disappoint or else. Now he is off for the paperwork. Stefan looks proud … Back at the pub Roman hopes Rex will never know that Sarah has strong feelings for Eric. Eric promises he will not … Rex straight out asks if Sarah loves brother Eric. Yes. He walks out as she pleads …Ted sends the necklace flying and makes a frantic call to Kate, who answers at the park. He needs help. It went to hell with Hope. She claims Hope is not her problem. Here comes Hope, having overheard … Sarah runs downstairs looking for Eric. Xander asks sweethot if there is trouble in paradise … Rex awaits Eric at his apartment and sarcastically thanks him for wrecking his marriage …Kristen rages in her room. Tony muses she met her match. Kristen gets out her gun and decides to make Gabi go bye bye … Stefan wants to celebrate with champagne. Gabi flashes back to her plan, Kate warning her she might fall for him. The plan was to destroy him. They toast and he suggests they celebrate upstairs. She hisses he can pack and leave her house instead …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, August 2, 2019