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Episode 13,674
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sarah praises Eric’s good session with a patient. He is heading to the pub and adds he is considering getting a dog since life is suddenly quiet. She loves King Charles spaniels. He suggests she get one with Rex. Alas Rex is not a canine fan. She offers to help with his new hound. Eric suggests she go home and rest after working so hard. She sighs a girl can dream. He bids her goodnight. Rex watches … Sonny talks dinner at Kiriakis mansion but Will has Ted the liar on his mind. At least he told Hope but Ted is such a smooth talker …Ted gushes he loooooves Hope and calls the diamond necklace a symbol of his love and commitment. Then he kisses her … At DiMera mansion the new Mrs. Stefan DiMera is most miffed Shin did not return her call. Meanwhile Nicole complains about Shin not calling back. Tony suggests a toast. Brady fumes the marriage is fake. Nicole asks him to get the car and gushes this is all for him. Once he leaves Tony leers she is so in love. Kristen feels triumphant … Ted wants to take Hope somewhere special for dinner. She smiles his place … Rex lets Sarah know he saw her with Eric. She is just concerned cos he moved out. Rex wants to head home with his wife for a hot bath …

Nicole paces and pouts about Shin. She hisses at Tony not to call her Kristen. Brady comes in. Kristen covers Tony was just saying he was sad about Kristen. Nicole now gets a call. Shin is Salem bound. Time to go … Gabi panics Nicole might marry a DiMera. And what if the board is against her? Stefan is quietly confident. She hopes the wedding was not for nothing. He gushes his feelings for her are real and strong. He sensed she felt the same and grins they are hubby and wife. Until death do they part. Gabi blinks … Sonny points out Hope might protect Ted on some level. Maybe she worries about handsome reporter Will getting her boyfriend’s face plastered on the news. Will muses she might already be onto him … Ted talks seafood salad. He would love to shop at the market with Hope, who kisses him … Stefan asks Gabi her thoughts on their marriage. She stands and stammers she has to sell their union to Shin, then mentions the prenup that protects Stefan. He gushes she looks beautiful and suggests they consummate right now … At the square Tony admits Salem is the same but different. Kristen gets Brady to go find out if Shin checked in at the Salem Inn. Tony teases he does anything for her and reminds her she is a married woman. Eric appears stunned to see … He explains he is Tony and is a newlywed. Eric assumes he retook his vows with Anna. Nicole gushes they got married. Eric looks like he has been slapped a thousand times. What the hell was she thinking! Tony tries to usher her off. “Nicole” lies Tony saved her life at the warehouse and they developed feelings during rehab. When she uses the L word, Eric snaps to stop. She insists her dream was a real memory. Brady appears and Eric realizes he knew. He feels betrayed by his brother all over again …

Back at DiMera mansion Gabi has winning on her mind while Stefan has love on his. Time for their wedding night. They kiss and she gives him her hand with a smile. They head for the stairs until the doorbell rings. Tis Shin calling and he is not smiling … Eric exclaims Nicole says she just married Tony DiMera. Brady solemnly states he was there. Eric blasts him for encouraging her and accuses Brady of letting her make a bad choice. He cries he is devastated. How could his brother do this to him! Brady is sorry. Eric rages he will be and starts to rumble. Rex and Sarah arrive and Rex breaks it up. When he hears what happened he states Tony is dead. Tony drawls the rumors of his demise were grossly exaggerated. Nicole rages at knight in shining armor Eric and reminds him what happened to Holly. Eric wants to go somewhere to talk. She hisses leave her the hell alone and waltzes of with Tony. Brady starts to explain. Heartbroken Eric decides they are done. Sarah is sorry Nicole was so cruel. Rex is sympathetic. Eric is sorry they witnessed the mess. Sarah insists he spend the night at their place. Rex gives her a side glance … Hope admires the artwork in Ted’s swanky apartment. He boasts he is French and believes in beauty. They unpack their groceries and he suggests she be his sous-chef. But they have no basil …

Shin wants a word alone with Stefan, who insists Gabi stay. The heavy informs him as per today’s meeting of the board, the unanimous decision is that he be fired … Rex agrees Eric should come over when Sarah notes he has only ketchup in his fridge... Suave loverman Ted leaves for the market to pick up the basil. He will be back soon and suggests Hope chop tomatoes. Once alone she starts to search … Sonny surprises Will with all his favorite spicy Chinese food. They have the house to themselves tonight and kiss. Will loves having time alone. So does hubby Sonny. Rex, Sarah and Eric now arrive and apologize. Sweet Sonny insists they all join them. There is lots of food … Brady rejoins Nicole and Tony outside the pub and sighs he is worried about brother Eric. Nicole has no sympathy and he suggests they discuss that another time. He heads home and tells her to find Shin fast. She gushes she will be in touch. After he walks away Tony chides her for not acting like a married woman. She claims their connection is still there. He wonders why not reveal herself. Not yet. When their teamwork is a success and he realizes how much he loves her … Shin cuts Stefan short and states they are already searching for a successor. Difficult to find a DiMera. Gabi smiles the search is over since she is a good business woman and now a DiMera. Stefan confirms they tied the knot ...

At the Kiriakis mansion the gang read fortune cookies. Rex asks Sarah to read his. It is about smiles … Sonny wants Will to open theirs. Love conquers all. Sarah suggests Eric open one and it refers to his companion. Sarah exclaims like a King Charles spaniel. Eric grins it is about his great companions here. However he is taking up Rex and Sarah’s alone time and should go. Rex stops him and takes Sarah upstairs for some rest. Eric offers to clean up. Sonny and Will help … Hope opens more drawers until she finds a stash of cash … Gabi and Stefan insist they were secret lovers for a long time. Shin smells a scheme. Stefan boasts how successful Gabi was with Gabi Chic and adds when the charges against him are dropped he will be back. Shin must meet with the board. Gabi boasts she is the only Mrs. DiMera … until Nicole arrives. Nicole taunts she is Mrs. DiMera too … Ted returns having forgotten his wallet and catches Hope with his cash … Rex massages sleepy Sarah and gushes he loves her. She replies “I love you too Eric … “ Downstairs Eric thanks the guys for dinner and blows off Brady as he enters … Triumphant Nicole introduces her new hubby, not Andre but Tony DiMera. He gives Stefan and Gabi a cold stare ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, August 1, 2019