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Episode 13,673
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club Ted the snake demands stylish Chloe give him his diamond necklace … At the square café Will starts to interview Hope about Stefan as she sips her tea …Gabi believes Nicole is marrying … Brady walks into room 9 followed by nervous “Nicole.” He sees the telling pic of Tony Anna and makes an assumption. Nicole frowns and wonders where Tony went … Lani teases Commiss Eli, who agreed to accept the job after she insisted. However, Rafe did not exactly rejoice when he heard … Gabi believes it is Brady because Nicole is after him. Stefan asks how she knows so she covers. Abe notes it is not Brady but he was with her when they raced off. Stefan looks worried … “Nicole” remembers her last phone call with Tony, how she cut him off when he claimed he had concerns … She starts to call the cops cos something might have happened. She sends Brady out to search outside, then calls Tony, hissing he had better not have double crossed her by going to Anna or else … Hope politely points out she is no longer on the force. Will brings up smooth talking Ted the blackmailer. Hope will not discuss his character for the press. Will questions whether Ted was really the innocent kidnap victim he says he was … Ted insists it is his necklace. Chloe wants him to go. He states it could be stolen property used as evidence in a criminal trial. Chloe explains the necklace went from Xander to Sarah to Rex to her … Ted claims it is his and he was bribing his kidnapper into releasing him when he handed it over. What would Kate say? Chloe asks him to help with the clasp …

Back at DiMera mansion Ben refers to the wedding being a corporate move like this one. Ciara supports his view. Ben adds Nicole does not seem to be in love with anyone else. Gabi needs another drink … Tony enters with his cane and a friendly hullo. Nicole wonders where he went … Lani and Eli suspect Gabi marrying Stefan has stressed Rafe. Eli boasts this is his big day even though he has yet to confirm with Jack he is accepting. Lani wants to celebrate at the club and believes Julie will love his news. He sighs she will feel for Hope … Will informs Hope that he watched the cc footage of the docks and there was no sign of Xander or Ted on the day that Ted claimed the creep kidnapped him there. Hope asks if he is certain. He is and is sorry to say she has been lied to … Back at the lavish DiMera mansion Gabi starts to scream about Nicole trying to marry a DiMera. Stefan sits her on the sofa. She asks Abe about Theo …Dapper Tony gasps he had a walk as he is still recovering from Nashville. He was ready to rise from the dead but the explosion was a setback. Nicole asks if he rescued her. Brady seeks details. Tony drinks his water. He saw her and carried her to safety but things later went black. Nicole thanks him. Brady asks if there were any others in the warehouse who made it out - like Kristen. Has he had contact with her? Tony lowers his voice. He has indeed. Kristen cringes underneath her Nicole mask …

Smooth talking Ted has been summoned by Hope but she wishes to speak with him alone. Will smiles he will be in touch with both of them and heads off … Tony tells Brady that his contact with Kristen was before the warehouse collapsed. She was walking into the flames. No mortal could have made it out. Brady gets she is gone. Nicole is sympathetic but Brady denies having hope. Nicole now announces they need Tony’s help. He leers like what … She states they have to save the DiMera legacy from Vivian’s bastard son … Abe is astounded that Stefan and Gabi suspect Nicole is marrying Theo. He spoke to him and also Brandon the other day. They wonder who the DiMera Nicole wants to wed might be … Tony scoffs and asks about the fatha of Viv’s spawn. T’was Stefano and his name is Stefan. Nicole believes she can save the empire for Tony. He questions why she cares cos she is no DiMera. She wants a new life with control over DiMera but she must marry into the family. She smiles and waits for his to answer since no other DiMera male is available … Elegant hostess Chloe greets Lani and Eli. Julie is not at the club today. They share his good news and Chloe congratulates the commiss. Even she knew Eve was not right for the job. She admires Lani’s engagement ring. Another Salem wedding …

Ciara is busy making Gabi a pretty wedding bouquet. Ben quips tis a fake wedding but Ciara knows love when she sees it. He kisses his romantic sweetheart and she giggles they have to get back … Abe indicates Stefano’s portrait and points out he could be somewhere out there. Stefan thinks he would get the power himself not help Nicole. Abe adds and there is Kristen’s brother Peter who went awol after he got out of prison. Ever since he has not been spotted. Gabi is convinced Nicole would be able to find the last living male DiMera … Tony refuses for Anna is the love of his life. Nicole argues to do it for her. After she saves DiMera he will be rich and powerful for Anna again. He can go to her when he has his legacy back. Tony agrees. Now Brady is sent off to find someone to marry them fast. After he leaves Nicole leers what kind of stunt was that and knocks over his framed photo with Anna. He eyes her with extreme distaste …

Outside the pub Will gets a call and repeats what he revealed to Hope. Alas Ted came before he could discuss details. Hopefully she will be able to expose him … Hope smiles and tells Ted he should not be surprised Will is not a fan. Ted the smooth talker takes out the diamond necklace that has travelled through may people and implores her to put it on … Tony is most miffed Nicole brought her boy Brady. She talks tough. He warns to watch her tone cos he calls the shots. She apologizes. He admits he was clearing his head on the walk for her idea repulses him. He knows this is all about wot Kristen wonts. She claims it is for him and adds she can help him with Anna. They must help one another. He agrees to go along with her cover story. Enter Brady, who wonders. Tony smiles slyly and suggests she explain her story. Nicole states they will claim they got close while in the hospital. Brady has a justice of the peace on his way. Their wedding is imminent … Back at DiMera mansion Ciara surprises nervous Gabi with the flowers. Gabi gushes how sweet. Stefan suggests they start … Chloe admires Lani’s lovely engagement ring but feels she needs a new necklace … Ted talks up a new start for himself and Hope. She remembers what Will said. She now knows he lied about being snatched by Xander and plays along. He happily places the necklace around her neck. She stops smiling … As Abe marries Stefan and Gabi a justice of the peace marries apprehensive Antony and Nicole. Stefan kisses his bride on the lips. Tony kisses Kristen on the cheek and looks longingly at his wedding photo with Anna …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 31, 2019