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Episode 13,672
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack approaches Eli and Lani, needing a new commiss… At the park Jen runs into Eve, who claims she was helping Jack. Jen notes she did not want him to remember. Eve hisses he will never memba any of them cos she destroyed the serum. Jen is just relieved Jack saw firsthand what a wicked witch she is … Sweet Ciara stirs in Ben’s bed and they kiss good morning. He is reading about boss Stefan, who might lose DiMera … In Rafe’s kitchen phone Gabi gloats she cannot wait to be Mrs. Stefan DiMera today. She bids her groom goodbye. Rafe is aghast … Nicole gets a call from Antony in Chicago. She insists he play along. He asks how she will explain he is even alive. Brady knocks so she hangs up. Then she opens the door, declaring she dreamt of the warehouse and had an epiphany. He falls for her story of remembering her rescuer … Ben hands Ciara her morning coffee and sips his own, sighing the board might make Stefan lose all his power. He wishes he could prove he held no one in the wine cellar. He would hate to lose his job. Ciara looooves his place and he gets frisky until … Knock knock! Tis Stefan … Gabi pouts about the lack of privacy. Rafe claims he can listen in the kitchen. When she confirms she shall wed Stefan, Rafe snaps over his dead body …

Lovely Lani asks all about Eve but Jack is tight lipped. He offers the top cop job to Eli … Eve threatens to slug Jen, who decides to be dignified. Eve drops her box and decides on a catfight … Stefan will fight. Ben wants to help … Rafe berates Gabi for her bad choices. She insists it is a biz deal but Rafe believes Stefan was a kidnapper. Gabi counters they only have Xander’s word. She will be acting CEO to save DiMera until Stefan’s good name is cleared. She assures her bossy big brother that she has not forgotten how Stefan framed her for Andre’s murder once upon a time. He fears she fell for the friend, then demands the whole story … Nicole reveals the man who rescued her was either Andre or Tony. That means one of them walks the earth. All she would need is to track him down and marry him. Then to the DiMera board she would be family and have a rightful claim …

Jack praises Eli’s excellent record. The dedicated detective pauses. Jack tells him to try and then make up his mind … Abe stands between Eve and Jen. Eve storms off with her box … Ben is baffled that Stefan is marrying Gabi so Stefan explains and adds he needs him as a witness. Ciara suggests Chad become CEO but Stefan snaps he would never give the job back to him. Ciara sips her coffee, not a fan of Gabi after what she did to Abigail. Ben also has questions for his boss about his so-called good idea … Gabi is looking out for Gabi Chic. Rafe argues with Stefan as a stepdaddy to Ari? Gabi hisses she is doing this to protect her own business which is part of DiMera and give Ari all she deserves. Rafe still thinks it is a monumental mistake … Brady asks Nicole how she could get Tony or Andre to agree to her scheme. She boasts she will succeed and babbles about the hospital having the name of whoever brought her in … Ciara shares Ben’s doubts about Gabi. Stefan states they are dating and developed a bond. Gabi is on his side. Ben cannot convince him otherwise. Ciara smiles he is trying to look out for him. Ben agrees to be his witness so Stefan goes. Ben sighs he seems to have fallen for her. Ciara cannot wait to witness the train wreck but before she gets dressed he steals a sweet kiss … Jen thanks Abe and admits their fight was about Jack. Speak of the devil! The dapper Devereaux arrives. Jen assures Abe she is alright and he steps away. She asks Jack how he feels. He laments Eve lied and he did not know. Jen notes she is a pro. He concedes the fair Jen was right all along. They sit together by the pretty pink flowers and he confesses he feels like a fool … “Nicole” calls Andre pretending he is the hospital where she was brought. She requests the name of the one who admitted her. Tony grins he was devilishly handsome. She wants to thank him in person. Brady wants the phone. Tony tells her to hand it over for he is a master of accents. However he has doubts about her scheme. She thanks him and hangs up, announcing to Brady she got a Chicago address! They are on their way. Nicole aka Kristen smiles like a cat that just swallowed a Kiriakis clan canary …

At the pretty park Jen does her best to make Jack feel better. Alas Eve got to him before he met any of his family. He calls Jen kind. She complains about the slimy corrupt political hack Eve made him … Lani believes Eli is the best man for the job. He smiles they could save for their kids. She teases they need a wedding venue first. Tis the season in Salem … Elegant Stefan calls Gabi radiant when she appears in her glam dress. Abe is en route and Stefan has rings. He gives her a box, gushes it belonged to Vivian, and places the lavish diamond ring on her finger. He declares he does have feelings for her and there is no one he would rather have a fake marriage with. Gabi shares the sentiment … Abe greets Nicole at the square. She stops with Brady. He was worried. She feels great and asks if he can still marry people. That is where he is headed. Nicole tells him not to drink too much, does not say who her groom is and gets going with Brady behind her …

Ben is happy to help shimmery Ciara with her necklace and kisses her neck. She smiles they might not make it … He would rather stay in bed with her. Her too! He tells his honey she looks beautiful. She teases he is romantic. Always. They kiss like a super couple … Lani cuddles with Eli and explains she shared their news with her elated mother. Eli told Val who is all for it. He points out their wedding will be perfect. Rafe comes in having heard a rumor about Eve getting fired. Lani adds Jack just got a replacement … Gabi and Stefan toast and she teases he would do well to avoid Rafe. Stefan presents her with the prenup. She pouts but agrees to sign. Done. Ben and Ciara arrive. Ben greets the happy couple ... though Ciara and Ben would outshine even the brightest star. Gabi gulps her drink … Rafe congratulates Eli, who grins he is gonna be the new boss … Jack stands up, indignantly states he is still proud of his work as mayor and storms off to run Salem. Jen is stunned … Abe arrives at DiMera mansion and mentions Nicole plans to wed someone today too. Stefan freezes. Gabi wonders what her game is … Brady warns Nicole to be careful when she knocks on suite number 9 in Chicago. The door is unlocked. Brady enters with Nicole behind him. He notices the framed photo of Anna and Tony and deduces which DiMera it was. Alas it appears no one is home. Kristen fumes under her Nicole mask, feeling foiled …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 30, 2019