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Episode 13,671
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kristen enters a Chicago room. The dapper man in the wheelchair wearing the jacket with A.D. initials turns around stunned to see Nicole … Xander teases Brady as he rubs fake Nicole’s lipstick from his cheek …Jen rushes into the hospital asking Kayla to return Shaw his forgotten phone. Their date ended cos Jack decided to take the serum. Sweet Jen has high hopes but … Jack implores Eve not to destroy the serum and ruin everything. He talks love … At DiMera mansion Stefan downs his drink as stylish Gabi declares she must be Mrs. Stefan DiMera to temporarily take his place. Otherwise another could take over. He could lose his company forever. Abe agrees … Kristen teases Tony for not recognizing his adopted sis and removes the Nicole mask. She felt Nicole was the safest best since she did not survive. He coldly asks why she came. To check on him. She reminds him Rolf saved him. He states he likes being simple Tony and smiles a sly smile. Dangerous music plays. He wishes he were back to … himself. He is grateful she pulled him from the warehouse fire though it is hard being away from his beloved Anna. Kristen talks comeback …Abe grins Shin likes and trusts Gabi. He asks Stefan what he thinks. He reminds her of their bad history. Abe suggests they take their time deciding. Gabi pushes. Stefan warns if the board goes against her she could lose Gabi Chic … Back at the Kiriakis mansion muscular Xander knows Nicole kissed Brady. He recognized the lipstick and suggests he go for it … “Tony” would rather not rush his recovery. Kristen complains about Stefan, how she will get full power with her plan … Tony has no interest in becoming DiMera CEO … Jen admits to Kayla that Jack was her one true love but now there is Eve. Just because Jack remembers her, will he want her?

Eve woefully asks why Jack needs to know his past. He argues he has kids. She argues there could be new memories and besides look what happened to Will. He talks antidote. She warns it might not work and cries she cannot lose him. He begs her not to break the vials of serum and shatter his dreams. Then he kisses her. But she breaks them all anyway. He calls her a beech. She weeps this is the real way he feels about her. If she cannot have him neither can Jen …Jen has stars in her eyes as she discusses Jack with Kayla, sighing he does not seem to like her … Abe offers to officiate as he still has the license to do so …. Xander suggests Brady wed Nicole. Brady suggests he stop harassing her like with the weird wrestling mask. Xander puts it on and muses Nicole liked him in it. Brady walks away. Sonny walks in and gets spooked but wonders why he still has Susan’s mask cos she wanted it back …Tony does not do DiMera Empire stress. Kristen cackles cos she had something else in mind. He wonders wot she wants. For him to marry her. Tony looks utterly repulsed …

Xander suggests Sonny use his spicy mask. Sonny will give it to Susan. Xander goes and Brady comes back, baffled that Sonny will send said mask to Susan … Jack holds a piece of broken glass. Eve used him! She loooooooves him. He stares at her in horror and declares she destroyed their marriage. They are done and he demands a divorce. He coldly walks out. Eve sobs … Stefan and Gabi discuss a marriage of convenience. She declares she does care as does he. But when Stefan and Abe talk prenup she gets testy. He can have his lawyer draw one up and wonders what is the matter … Kristen explains she can be CEO if Tony takes over DiMera. He would appear to be wed to Nicole. He loathes that idea. She argues Stefan is stealing their legacy. He flat out refuses to play … Brady would rather not hear about Susan. Sonny is keen on him going against Stefan to get Titan back on top … Gabi plays along with the prenup. Stefan senses something. She acts testy about his lack of trust. Abe states it is a standard. Stefan talks biz. She reminds him she is the only one who stood by him but he does not seem to trust her … Tony snaps he is married to Anna! His heart belongs to her. Kristen rages he was declared dead so he is married to no one and he owes her. He looks at a framed photo of him with Anne and sighs. He cannot devastate his beloved blonde. Nothing will change his mind …

Shirtless sweaty Xander surprises sullen Eve at the trendy town square café. She complains about Jack. He acts sympathetic and warns her she left a loose end … Jen worries about serum side effects. Kayla suggests she stand by Jack. Speak of the devil! He slowly approaches and Jen blinks her baby blues … Gabi agrees to sign anything. Stefan thanks her. She now asks if he will wed her. Abe waits. Stefan smiles … Brady shares with Sonny that Nicole wants to be DiMera CEO and a mole for Titan to bring their power together. Sonny talks family rule. Brady quips Nicole mentioning marriage to a DiMera though there are none available … Kristen assures Antony it is only a business deal to get her in at DiMera. Tony knows she tried to off Marlena. She promises she will tell the world who she really is later and he will be able to go back to his Anna. Otherwise she kicks him out … Jack asks about Henry. Jen admits the date did not end well. She heard about his serum plans from JJ so …. Jack is sorry to say that Eve only gave him a placebo and destroyed the rest of the serum. She also admitting to stealing Rolf’s diary and burned it. Jen calls her cruel. Jack will never forgive her. He confirms he is getting a divorce. He asks Kayla whether there are any notes left from the original serum. Kayla gave it to Will and the rest was destroyed. Jack’s handsome face falls. Kayla suggests they contact the private lab that manufactured the serum. He calls for the supervisor and then hangs up. It seems he will never get his memory back. Jen meets his heartbroken gaze …

Eve finishes shredding as Jack and Jen enter her office. Jen accuses her of withholding medical treatment. Jack blasts her for closing the lab and asks about the formula. Jen is appalled she shredded it. Jack fires her on the spot. Now Eve has nothing … Stefan stops Gabi from walking and grins he will wed her … Tony appeals to the kinder gentler side of Kristen, who counters she cares about their legacy. He agrees to marry her and asks how she will spin the story of Nicole meeting and marrying a dead DiMera. Kristen already has that story ready …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 29, 2019