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Episode 13,670
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Stefan states he can only be replaced by another DiMera as per the charter … At the Kiriakis mansion Nicole informs Brady that an adopted DiMera has the rights of a blood DiMera … Haley gasps about Claire as Tripp tries to tell her she is gone. She is convinced Claire wants to off them … Julie greets Henry at the club and seems surprised his reservation is with Jen … JJ declares to Jen that dad Jack took the serum. She blinks her baby blues … Jack puts out the fire as Eve blames air conditioning repairmen. Jack picks up Rolf’s diary explodes, demanding an explanation for what she did … She confesses she did it as Rolf was evil. Besides he already tried the serum and has the antidote. She does not mind him not having his memories. Jack soap stares, still clutching Rolf’s scorched diary … Brady is baffled. Nicole refers to Kristen giving birth to Tate so he could claim she was his mother, which would make Tate … Brady bellows Theresa is his mother. He and Kristen tried to conceive but could not. He bitterly laughs he was a loon to believe he was anything but her pawn against Marlena and his da. Nicole remembers. He is glad Nicole is not Kristen cos that wicked woman knew no remorse. He risked it all for her and since then has had only bad romances. Even with Nicole. She wishes she could make up the hurt she caused. Brady claims to be fine but the mention of Kristen rattled him. Nicole notes Kristen must be in his blood … Gabi suggests Stefan change some board members’ minds …Tripp gives Haley water cos she could be dehydrated. She cannot handle having to live this way. He whips out the sedatives he got Henry to prescribe him for her … Jen snaps Jack just saw her and said nothing about the serum. JJ sighs that was cos she mentioned moving on. Jen sighs this is hard on her heart. JJ believes her heart still belongs to Jack. He even revealed to him that he wanted to remember him and Abigail. JJ is still mad about Haley but knows he spoke the truth …

Back in their suite Jack wants the truth. Eve wishes she had destroyed the diary eight months ago! He does the math and deduces she was the one who stole it, not Xander …Brady has not forgotten what Kristen did! They get back to the topic of revenge … Brady points out Nicole’s war on Stefan seems strangely personal. Did she set him up with fake kidnapping charges cos Gabi sure thinks so … Gabi summons Abe to the mansion to argue Stefan’s case to the public. Stefan believes the board might change their mind if he sways public opinion. First Abe wants to discuss … Haley hesitates with the pills. Tripp talks sleep so she takes one … Jen just wants to go on her date. JJ warns this is not the time to start something new but impatient Henry calls. JJ saunters off … Eve admits she did take that diary but then Xander stole it. Deceived Jack accuses her of keeping him in the dark. He is upset she used him to get revenge on Jennifer. She admits she does detest Jen but all she did was out of love for him. Jack’s blue eyes are as cold as ice …

Abe asks Stefan if he intends to press charges against Nicole. Gabi quips yes. Stefan concedes she was not herself at the time … Nicole acts indignant that Brady actually believes she could have foolishly kidnapped Kate and Ted …. Jen joins anxious Henry at the club and assures him this date will not be interrupted. He hopes the third time will be a charm … Eve admits she did want to use Jack against Jen but then when they worked together on his mayoral campaign she wanted to be his good wife, unlike judgmental Jen. She hopes he will never remember how mean Jen was to him and adds she wanted to protect him. She fell hard for him. Jack has tears in his eyes but are they for or against her …?! Stefan informs Abe he hopes to resolve his conflict with Nicole after he deals with the board drama. Abe is satisfied with the answer and will prepare the press release. Gabi warns Stefan that Nicole is still a threat. He knows it … Brady reminds Nicole her plan is not the worst but she is not a DiMera. She argues she could become one by marriage … Henry asks Jen if she plans to visit her daughter in Paris. She does. Tis his favorite city. Jen gushes Thomas can talk in French now. She misses her family more than she can say. She now remembers young Jack telling her they wasted too much time apart. Then he kissed young Jen. Sweet love … Back to the present. She did not hear Henry asking if she was ready to order dinner three times! He deduces she has thoughts of Jack on her mind. Meanwhile Eve waits for Jack to respond to her I love you. He leers she knows not what love is! She used Paige as her sob sorry. Eve denies it. He lets her know they are done. He is divorcing her. She screams nooo. He warns he will take the drug until he gets all his memory back so she and Rolf’s diary can go to hell. She taunts he will have no memories of the old days and sneers she switched his serum with sugar water …

Tripp helps scared groggy Haley toward his room since she cannot sleep in Claire’s room. JJ returns … Jen comes clean to Henry about JJ informing her Jack is taking the memory serum. However, they were already apart when he had his accident. Alas Henry opts out. He hopes that Jack remembers her and gives her all the happiness she deserves. Then he departs … Jack thinks Eve is lying again. She holds up the real box of serum … Brady scoffs Stefan would never marry Nicole. And she cannot get near EJ! Chad is happily married and Tony and Andre are not in the land of the living. Fake Nicole will only say she will find a way to get into DiMera and get Brady what he wants. She kisses his cheek and slinks away. Brady is momentarily mesmerized … Abe has released the statement. Stefan gets a call from board man Shin. But it is not good news. Stefan is about to be terminated. Gabi asks Abe to marry them on the spot …

JJ puts down his bag of groceries as groggy Haley hugs him. Tripp unpacks the groceries and they head to the bedroom – that used to belong to Claire … Back at the club Julie has a glass of red wine for herself and Jen. She is all ears when Jen tells her Jack is taking the serum … Jack implores Eve not to destroy his dream. She threatens to smash his past as he shattered her future … Gabi insists becoming Stefan’s legal wife would be the only way to save DiMera from the hungry wolves … Meanwhile Kristen the leader of the pack enters a secret room in Chicago. Room 9. In his wheelchair dapper "A. DiMera" awaits with sneaky eyes ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 26, 2019